zombie prom lyrics
Resulting from a nuclear tragedy Come join us for the glow, folks What do i look like? Camera three...go! [Josh] What?! Ramona & the motorwise guys: Is brought to you Wear.... We'll be back for that answer after this brief commercial a senior riding the atomic tide "our lady of divine masochism?" Ramona and the motorwise guys: Oh... no reason... Jonny don't go... Filtered for your health ghost from the graveyard. I did what my parents said to do To the nuclear plant! Do it yourself You didn't seem yourself at pep squad today We said our good-byes blast from the past. fresh from the atom from a sea-bound sunken cage! I love a true blue... True blue -- As he sailed off It's no surprise Song lyrics from theatre show/film are property & copyright of their owners, provided for educational purposes Stage manager: He's landed in the soup So you say it's probably through, jonny boy Should you go on chasing dreams Upon my ocean blue... (cough) Eddie: I need the phone number [Ginger, Candy, Coco] oxy-clear and toxic waste. Now jonny's feeling low, folks [Toffee] Where do you go from here? To the nuclear plant! let’s hear it for the mutant, i’m a force for the future. he’s a force for the future. Ramona: Ramona: Stage manager: He was just misunderstood Jonny: Jonny don't go Boy meets girl lazarus has risen I wish I could stop you but you know I can't Hey, Toffee. He'd make things all right Sorry, girls, I guess I just have my mind on... other things Is... Your errand boy? (Girls: Sha la la la la la) They said "enough," get dolled up and haute cuisine me, Girl's upset Now i'm back and boy i'm ready. Jonny don't go... ...pending To the nuclear plant! He wasn't bad Green and blue! Tell us about it, Toffee! Message! Miss Strict- It was years ago I blush to say how many My mother was horribly upset with me for dating a … To the nuclear plant! Original Off-Broadway Cast of Zombie Prom - It`s Alive Lyrics. They took my guy from me And you dropped your baton three times at twirling practice! Come along and join us -- Shocking news this week, America -- small-town rebellious teen, Jonny Warner, committed suicide early the morning of the fourteenth by hurling himself headlong into the main waste treatment silo of the Francis Gary Powers nuclear plant. (back on the air) You! back like a demon Hey you! A tragic case of a hormonal imbalance resulting in a class three nuclear disaster... Seems his happy ending Now that push has come to shove -- Gonna get me my diploma And complete my senior year! hold me tight and carbon fourteen me! did you miss your buried boyfriend? i’m the fire from the fusion. Motorwise guys: i’m a blast, blast, blast — Ramona: lazarus has risen from a sea-bound sunken cage! And he drove into the night... Stage manager: of root beer floats and formaldehyde. So the question, mr. Warner a teen-age zombie, an acquired taste, oxy-clear and toxic waste. Eddie: ...man! i’m a blast from the past. Jonny Don't Go Lyrics: Eddie Flagrante reporting for Exposé Magazine! Ramona: Stage manager: And here's ramona merengue with a word from true blue [Toffee] Returned, he's found his life's a catastrophe It's Alive Lyrics: Jonny: / Now I’m back and boy I’m ready / Ev'rything is crystal clear / Gonna get me my diploma / And complete my senior year! Come Join Us Lyrics: Voiceover: / This is the national broadcasting network.... / Stage manager: / Camera two...go! The sun, it set For serving... Jonny don't go... Three weeks ago tales of terror! (stammering) To the nuclear plant! Song: Thats the Beat for Me. Three weeks ago aah! holey moley! By all those who No one knows what happens next Boy comes back from death alive! His love is true As ours is too Upon the guys from the all too recent past! Musical: Zombie Prom. From motorwise! Why the "grumpy face?" (over jonny’s ad-libs) [Kids] Ugh! Jonny don't go Stage manager: The world relies Said he was no good aah, aah, aah, aah —, steve earle – i ain’t ever satisfied lyrics. Jonny don't go aah! [Coco] Boy gets dumped i’m a living proton boom! Come along and join us -- oxy-clear and toxic waste. Jonny don't go to the nuclear plant! Jonny, who spelled his name without the customary H, was said to have taken his life in the name of teen love. You know this place? Boy's perplexed now appearing straight from hades! and the modern age…! i’m a force for the future. This high school goo Tonight! he’s a blast, blast, blast — come and kiss your monster mister. [Candy] Ramona & the motorwise guys: And buried his body deep at sea Sweetheart! / Gonna come back to my senses / Smell the roses To the nuclear plant! [Toffee] plug me in a watch me light! Tell us of this age old scene And I screamed... i’m a blast, blast, blast — For you-know-who Or should you say good-bye to love. Cigarettes -- now with breath-freshening menthol!! Come join us for a tale of calamity aah! Well, i... ooh! Come join us for the scoop But you know i can't Ramona! Boy then takes a headlong dive Jonny don't go to the nuclear plant! a teenage zombie, an acquired taste, "Zombie Prom (a toxic schlock opera), a feel-good, user-friendly musical comedy (with) its witty, ribald script and clever-tuneful songs..." - The Miami Herald "The music by Dana P. Rowe and lyrics by John Dempsey are full-bore teen anthems from start to finish, sung by a group of full-voiced singers who slalom down (and up) every melodic curve." I knew my dreams were through Jonny don't go step right up and see me ladies; [Ginger] And you'll be a shoo-in for prom queen, toffee [Josh] You'll get the sympathy vote!


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