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y x The curve has inflection points at . a From MathWorld--A Wolfram Web Resource.

y The witch consists of all the points P that can be constructed in this way from the same choice of O and M.[1] It includes, as a limiting case, the point M itself.

1 Before Agnesi, the same curve was studied by Fermat, Grandi, and Newton. 5 Smith, D. E. History of Mathematics, Vol. These oversized pages were to be opened outward enabling the reader to view the figures while also reading the text.

[15][17] Coincidentally, at that time in Italy it was common to speak of the Devil, the adversary of God, through other words like aversiero or versiera, derived from Latin adversarius. ( Basically just a nice curve I found in a book. 1987.

In it, Fermat computes the area under the curve and (without details) claims that the same method extends as well to the cissoid of Diocles.


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[14] [27][28]

+ {\displaystyle 4a^{2}} Unlimited random practice problems and answers with built-in Step-by-step solutions. The Cartesian equation can be obtained by eliminating in the parametric .

2: Special Topics of Elementary Mathematics. 6 x ( Show that parametric equations for this curve can be written as x …

Yates, R. C. "Witch of Agnesi." . [5][14][15][16], In 1748, Maria Gaetana Agnesi published Instituzioni analitiche ad uso della gioventù italiana, an early textbook on calculus. equations, giving. 2 / , and integrating term-by-term.

Before Agnesi, the same curve was studied by Fermat, Grandi, and Newton. 1

1 2 /


p The curvature and tangential / History of Mathematics, Vol. Knowledge-based programming for everyone. The Instituzioni has plates of carefully numbered illustrations attached at the back of each volume. in the original work as avversiera ("witch" or "wife of the [9], The curve has two inflection points, at the points, corresponding to the angles This is the probability distribution on the random variable

1 {\displaystyle y=1/(1+25x^{2})} {\displaystyle 4\pi a^{2}} [29][30], A version of this curve was used by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz to derive the Leibniz formula for π.

That is, this point is the only point where the curvature reaches a local minimum or local maximum.

{\displaystyle [-1,1]} d'Agnesi or agnésienne, and had been studied earlier by Fermat and Guido Grandi

Witch of Agnesi. a The area between the witch and its asymptotic line is four times the area of the defining circle, and the volume of revolution of the curve around its defining line is twice the volume of the torus of revolution of its defining circle.

1. a = 2. Witch of Agnesi. . The area between the witch and its asymptotic line is four times the area of the fixed circle,



The line is an asymptote Starting with a fixed circle, a point O on the circle is chosen. The volume of revolution of the witch of Agnesi about its asymptote is

A Handbook on Curves and Their Properties. [11] ] Log InorSign Up. In it, after first considering two other curves, she includes a study of this curve. The Latin term is also used for a sheet, the rope which turns the sail, but Grandi may have instead intended merely to refer to the versine function that appeared in his construction.

[20][21] Struik mentions that:[17]. intersection of the extension of line with the line

[25], The cross-section of a smooth hill has a similar shape to the witch.

Hints help you try the next step on your own. {\displaystyle x} intersection with the circle and the coordinate of the ) sin x & Cos x; Quadratic rotation around y-axis; One Variable Statistical Analysis https://www-groups.dcs.st-and.ac.uk/~history/Curves/Witch.html.

New York: Dover, pp. angle in the second parametrization are given by. ⋯ In mathematics, the witch of Agnesi is a cubic plane curve defined from two diametrically opposite points of a circle. , and let
[3], The Witch of Agnesi is the title of a novel by Robert Spiller.

In mathematics, the witch of Agnesi (Italian pronunciation: [aɲˈɲeːzi]) is a cubic plane curve defined from two diametrically opposite points of a circle. x

"Witch of Agnesi."

90-93, 1972. Witch of Agnesi. [26] Curves with this shape have been used as the generic topographic obstacle in a flow in mathematical modeling. surviving mathematical work written by a woman). This is typical of 18th century mathematics books. As the probability density function of the Cauchy distribution, the witch of Agnesi has applications in probability theory. ,

The curve had already appeared in the writings of Fermat (Oeuvres, I, 279–280; III, 233–234) and of others; the name versiera is from Guido Grandi (Quadratura circuli et hyperbolae, Pisa, 1703). [10], The largest area of a rectangle that can be inscribed between the witch and its asymptote is The name "witch" derives from a mistranslation of the term averisera ("versed sine curve," from the Latin vertere, "to turn") [14], A scaled version of the curve is the probability density function of the Cauchy distribution. θ

{\displaystyle [-5,5]}

237-238, 1952. The witch is tangent to its defining circle at one of the two defining points, and asymptotic to the tangent line to the circle at the other point. It was first discovered by Carl David Tolmé Runge for Runge's function

2 This paradoxical behavior is called Runge's phenomenon.

Catalog of Special Plane Curves. x 2 y = 4 a 2 2 a − y. [19] Different modern works about Agnesi and about the curve suggest slightly different guesses how exactly this mistranslation happened. [8] Because this is an osculating circle at the vertex of the curve, it has third-order contact with the curve. 4

{\displaystyle 1-x^{2}+x^{4}-x^{6}+\cdots } 1 The curve is obtained by drawing a line from the origin The #1 tool for creating Demonstrations and anything technical.

Discover Resources. Lawrence, J. D. A

[6] The defining circle of the witch is also its osculating circle at the vertex,[7] the unique circle that "kisses" the curve at that point by sharing the same orientation and curvature.

) Then the witch constructed from O and M has the Cartesian equation[2][3], This equation can be simplified, by choosing a = 1/2, to the form, In its simplified form, this curve is the graph of the derivative of the arctangent function.


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