while you were sleeping korean drama

It was first reported on September 27, 2017 but many netizens have commented that they can’t wait to watch it soon. Jae-chan overhears the conversation between Yoo-beom, So-yoon, and Geum-sook, and just before the accident happens, Jae-chan intervenes in the argument and promises So-yoon and Geum-sook that he will prosecute Jun-mo in every way he can. Ads; Coming Eps; Ongoing; Ads. While being interviewed by the media, her mother Do Geum-sook (Jang So-yeon) faints, causing confusion at the venue. Years ago, it was Yoo-beom who handled the case when he was still a prosecutor, and the case earned him an award from the Public Prosecutor General. Sensing that something bad is about to happen, Seung-won and So-yoon rush to the Park residence, located in a high rise apartment.

Inspector Choi refuses the offer and chooses to stay. Together with Hong-joo, Jae-chan, and their friends and colleagues, she attends the wedding party of senior prosecutors Ji-kwang and Son Woo-joo, who had been dating, unknown to their co-workers in the prosecution office.

Subsequently, Jae-chan escapes from the hospital to search for Hong-joo and reveal his feelings for her, despite the rain and his still sensitive gunshot wound. Even though she knew it was extremely evil, she injected her first 11 victims with fatal amounts of Vecaron and, after Myung Yi-suk's arrest, killed in the same manner the remaining eight.

Es entwickelt sich mit der Zeit eine Art Freundschaft zwischen den dreien und später verlieben sich sogar die zwei jungen Männer in Nam Hong-Joo.

While You Were Sleeping - Episode 32 Discussion. When Jae-chan seeks to be reconciled with him, the former policeman quits from his job as an inspector after days of tolerating the suspicions and rumors about him manipulating the evidences in the IV drip killing case. After the struggle with Dae-hee, Jae-chan and Hong-joo decide to recompense Woo-tak until his recovery for his efforts to keep Hong-joo safe. Jae-chan learns at the prosecution office that Dae-hee is already accused of killing his younger brother for the insurance, and that Dae-hee's younger sister (Cho-hee) is still alive. When Jae-chan speculates the possibility of poisoning, Inspector Choi recalls that the wounds and blood stains on the victim's corpse were pinkish and near orange (instead of blueish red), a sign of potassium cyanide poisoning.

Before Joo-an can defend herself, he pushed her off the building just as Woo-tak reached the rooftop. Jae-chan gathers all evidences of the crime, which also points Dae-hee as the culprit of the serial cat poisoning. Although incredulous, Jae-chan learns that he shares the same future-seeing ability as Hong-joo though they do not know why they have to see each other in their dreams. He sees himself and his police partner Oh Kyung-han (Lee Yoo-joon) going to Hong-joo's samgyeopsal restaurant. Drama: While You Were Sleeping; Country: South Korea ; Episodes: 32; Aired: Sep 27, 2017 - Nov 16, 2017; Aired On: Wednesday, Thursday; Original Network: SBS; Duration: 30 min. He had mixed his brother's herbal drink with potassium cyanide and crashed his car to make the scene look like a car accident. Coming Episode.

Jae-chan catches Seung-won, who rebukes him for being lax about Jun-mo's case. Da aber die meisten Träume schlimm sind, versuchen sie, die Zukunft zu ändern, um zu verhindern, dass ein Unglück passiert. Hong-joo, who instantly dreamt about what Jae-chan will do, rushes to the hospital and comes across him shortly after. She was a bed-ridden patient having Crohn's disease, and she utterly despised her fellow patients who were already being discharged from the hospital. Yoo Soo-kyung was later found alive due to some sort of miracle. Jung Jae Chan, a rookie prosecutor, and his younger brother, Seung Won, move in across the street.

Since Hong Joo was young, she has had the ability to see the good and bad events before they happen, however she, is often unable to do anything about it.

This article is about the 2017 South Korean TV series. As it unexpectedly started snowing heavily, Yoo-beom insists on driving Hong-joo's car and during the drive he gets into an accident in which a policeman is killed.
Lawyer Yoo-beom takes Jun-mo's case at once and falsifies evidence and testimony to make it impossible to prosecute the case. Feeling sad about it, Hong-joo reveals to Jae-chan what really happened at the lake, telling him that it pains her to see him, the boy she nearly killed. Yoo-beom also tries to persuade Hong-joo to make an online article revealing Hak-young's personal information so that she can "help" in finding evidence against Hak-young using social media.

Nachdem Klar wird, warum SIE diese Fähigkeit besitzen, suchen sie eine Person, die möglicherweise auch über diese Fähigkeit verfügt, und tatsächlich finden sie diese.


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