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Oh no!

Marlon James, Narrated by: After five long years of waiting for a new novel, Dawn’s millions of fans will fall in love with this tantalising story of motherhood.

Or been told that being obese is healthy, that there is no such thing as biological sex, or that only White people can be racist? Tips for being top of the class (sadly...I did none of these things). The tenth exciting story in the best-selling Tom Gates series... Look out! But he knows enough to record his daily thoughts in a manly journal - not some girly diary. John Ferris, Narrated by:

Ken Follett, Narrated by: Tom Gates Extra Special Treats is about hard work, annoyance and humiliation - and is as brilliantly entertaining as the rest of the series.

Sean Patrick Hopkins, By: Russell Tovey, Narrated by:

Simon Jäger, Autor: Alle Preise inklusive der gesetzlichen Mehrwertsteuer.

How can the term turn out any less than seriously amazing?

The wrinkles are KEEN on giving presents, AND they're planning a FAMILY OUTING, too, which is going to be EPIC! Having two sets of grandparents is turning out to be VERY GOOD for me. If you're prepared to take the risk.

I just hope the only surprise I have when I get home is the new pet that I hear Mum and Dad talking about.

In this probing volume, Helen Pluckrose and James Lindsay document the evolution of the dogma that informs these ideas, from its coarse origins in French postmodernism to its refinement within activist academic fields. 02-07-2015, Language: (Technically not a school issue - but still important.) … Antonia Beamish, By: The latest hilarious audiobook in the ever-popular Tom Gates series!

Tom's exercise book is full of his doodles, cartoons and thoughts as well as comments from his long-suffering teacher, Mr Fullerton.

Now uncover the story behind Britain’s most secretive intelligence agency in the first-ever authorised history of GCHQ. Harry is convinced that Malfoy bears the Dark Mark: there is a Death Eater amongst them. People who look after a close relative who is an addict or experiences long-term mental illness tell us their stories.

Great but you can't see the picture on Audible #good but could be much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jederzeit kündbar.

Und wer ist besser: Bud Spencer oder Terence Hill?

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates Tom Gates (Series) Book 1 Liz Pichon Author (2013)

Delia is already threatening to paint my room funny colours while I'm away.
Hugh Laurie,

Stig Wemyss, By: The Time Police do not have problems. Enjoy when you’re online, underground or mid-flight. Which is fine until the unthinkable happens. How hard can it be? Luke is an apprentice leather worker, training with his family to one day take over the business.


The highs and lows of Tom's life are funnier and more extreme than ever in this fourth wicked diary from the Roald Dahl Funny Prize-winning series!

Von Biografie bis Belletristik, Sprachkurs bis Sci-Fi – entdecken Sie die größte Auswahl an Hörgeschichten.

It was from his daughter. Have you read that certain people shouldn't practice yoga?

Helen Pluckrose, By: Troy Denning, Narrated by:

After avenging the deaths of his family and team members, Reece emerges deep in the wilds of Mozambique.
The 13th hilarious audiobook in the ever-popular Tom Gates … It has been a year since the renegade artificial intelligence Cortana issued a galaxy-wide ultimatum, subjecting many worlds to martial law under the indomitable grip of her Forerunner weapons. The United States government has an asset who can turn the Iraqi commando against his masters: James Reece, the most-wanted domestic terrorist alive. Outside her view, the members of Blue Team - John-117, the Master Chief; Fred-104; Kelly-087; and Linda-058 - are assigned from the UNSC Infinity to make a covert insertion onto the ravaged planet Reach. By: Und wieso hat das dann tatsächlich geklappt? Exciting news!

Quentin Blake, Oh no!

In the audio production, copious sound effects take the place of the drawings in the print book, and the result is funny, silly, and charming.


Als First Lady der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika war sie die erste Afro-Amerikanerin in dieser Position und trug in dieser Rolle maßgeblich dazu bei, das wohl gastfreundlichste und offenste Weiße Haus in der Geschichte des Landes zu schaffen. Curated by Gaiman's devoted listeners around the world, The Neil Gaiman Reader: Selected Fiction includes excerpts from each of his five novels for adults - Neverwhere, Stardust, American Gods, Anansi Boys and The Ocean at the End of the Lane - and nearly 50 of his short stories. 20-10-2018, Release date: Download the Tom Gates audiobook series and listen anywhere, anytime on your iPhone, Android or Windows device. $14.99

How to have meaning in life.

Hape Kerkeling, Autor: Welcome back to the amazing world of Tom Gates!

Stephen Fry, Joanna, an ex-addict herself, tried everything she could to stop her son's fatal addiction to heroin.

Whether you’re doing housework, exercising or just unwinding, transform the moments when your hands are busy but your mind is free. And now Tom’s upset his grumpy sister Delia.

And even better, his awful big sister, Delia, won't be at any of those events! But hey - when it comes to keeping busy, Tom is never stuck for ideas.

Matt Bates, By: Sebastian Fitzek, Sprecher: Stay awake in lessons (it helps). In Traces, Professor Patricia Wiltshire will take you on a journey through the fascinating edgeland where nature and crime are intertwined. Get some sleep (tricky when you're being kept awake by loud noises). How will Tom manage to keep himself busy on the most boring campsite ever? Meet our team of editors and reviewers, For customer service or with your feedback, Let us help you reach audiobook listeners.

Reeves Wiedeman, Narrated by: EXCITING!


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