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Lexi Underwood played the role "Nice Nancy," on.


Mike Kowalski

Antoine Decker points out that someone needs to actually take the picture. Disorder in the Court

Hair color Hair color General Portrayed by Mr. Clark donated some items to Nia, Tess, and Danni's clothing drive in. Apologizing, Raven asks Andy if he is all right.

Tess is described as an adorable cute little urban tomboy. But Kema reassures Raven, that she'll be able to fix it, however, she does inform Raven that she has a babysitting job later. Power enters the apartment and instantly charms Raven with joyful demeanor and dancing moves.

As the Deckers resume their pose, Sheridan asks Booker if he would like to join him.


A  few minutes later Booker returns, with the music restored, and the crowd resumes dancing. Well listen, Mr. MeTube, you might tell nine million followers to keep, It's Showtime!


The script reveals her native language as Ugandan. Eye color This catches Bertha's attention, and she sits back down to hear "Babyman," out.

The character was described as "AN ANDY RICHTER TYPE MAN"  Indicating he was named after the famed actor/comedian/late-nite sidekick.

Allowing her son to introduce her as his "assistant," Loretta soon settled down with Raven, her assistant Sebastian, and LaTonya, the fashionNow event coordinator, to discuss the final details of the upcoming event.

Clearly offended for being attacked for simply being a clown, Diane collects Wally and departs, seemingly with  no intention of ever returning. Appearance The pleasant evening ended as Antoine, like the other fathers present, was given a rose to bestow upon his daughter, Sheridan, following their final dance of the night. Due to this ultimately deleted interaction with Raven, she was listed as "Female Bailiff," in the script.


Prior to Eighth Grade Poetry Week, the English teacher announces to her class that she is implementing Principal Kwan's Student Teacher Program, and that the classmate she selects, while precluded from partaking in the upcoming District Poetry Slam, will select the student who does participate in the event. Hair color

Beth Lacke

Gilbert "Quatro" Mutesa (son)Herbert "Pump-Fake" Mutesa (son) Lloyd "Lil Lo-Lo" Mutesa (nephew)


When Friday arrives, Mr. Patel arranges for Gabriel to attend the Math class so he can learn how at least some students actually appreciate their parents.

They film the music video in the school halls. However, Raven bumps into Brenda again, this time while she held a drink, causing it to spill over Brenda's outfit. Booker notes that it does look like fun with a dubious voice and just when Curtis attempts to hand over the vape pen to Booker, Mr. Clark arrives on the roof.


Andrea was a business student in Chicago that was frustrated with her internship at a circus, literally working for peanuts for a clown.

The older woman waits to hear what Nia has to say for herself.

Relationships Mrs. Mutesa warns her nephew Lloyd, that he cannot sweet talk his way out of trouble, and gives him her click of disapproval which her sons copy. Chris Spring-Lake then appears, proclaiming that he has beautiful eyes as well.

Afterwards, his dad suggests they rent out some ATVs to ride during the weekend.

"(to Duchess about Raven), "Sorry, do you mind clearing the space?


Sheridan treated him quite coldly, and they held a brief conversation.

Male Production

Appearance Pearl Saunders

Eye color

Gender LaTonya Croff As the twins corral a wayward Chelsea, their mother agrees to take them,  provided she is allowed to finish her hair weaving appointment in peace. Having finished eating, William reveals his "dessert" a vape pen imbued with creme brulee flavor. When her driver, identifying herself as Raven, offered to play some "tuneskis," the radio abruptly turned on and seemingly tuned itself until it happened upon an instrumental version of the Passenger's favorite song. As a parting shot, Camille declares that they won't even get any cake. Gender

First Episode Several weeks later, Gloria and the driver have another encounter, as Gloria accuses the driver of leaving the window open leading to Carmichael nearly being hit in traffic chasing after that falcon, but the driver jokes that Carmichael looks like he still has about eight lives left. In response, the vehicle speeds up and begins to swerve wildly out of control. Rob Smith George Washington Carver Community School Brown

Eye color Mr. Arthur was played by Charles Robinson.

Wendy Raquel Robinson After the awkward welcome by the dance organizer, Chelsea Grayson, Sheridan left to bring back some refreshments. Stepping out of the apartment building, he randomly walks by Maren's Mocha and curious to discover an apparent patisserie so close to his new abode, ventures inside to partake in its fare. Portrayed by However, after a few stretches, he drops the putty on the carpet, where, despite his efforts to retrieve it, the gray sticky substance becomes embedded in the fibers.

Danni pulls away her new partner to rehearse, and as he departs, Logan smugly shrugs at Booker with an extremely self-satisfied expression. The script named her mother as "Dreamweaver II.".


As the pair argue over the state of Raven's hair,  Raven hears a noise, and Chelsea emerges, stating that the passengers are screaming, and asks "Chaka Khan" to help her investigate.

Unknown Brown


From the transcript of Chelsea Grayson vs.Garrett Grayson:

That same night, Wally's mom discovers a blue balloon with a dinner invitation to the Baxters' tied to it.

The filmed scene also depicted puffed cheese sticks, as well. Resides in This elicits a negative response from the crowd.

Danni says that it is good that they are supportive of each other. Brown Raven agreed and took her to 352 Hauser Avenue. General Eye color

Taylor was a student at George Washington Carver Community School. However, Raven reveals she is not the only witness, announcing that there is also an additional expert witness present. Captain Rob Smith USCG Arriving on the main deck, she fails to find Chelsea, but does encounter a familiar face.

He informs her about what happened earlier, and hands over the vape pen as evidence. Brenda assumes Chelsea called her a dog and threatens both of them, and the pair try to calm her down so they can avoid a conflict  They manage to escape from Brenda, and the two end up hiding in the actual vault which, gave the establishment its name. Portrayed by Gender Sheepishly, Taylor explains to Nia and Tess that she accepted Zeena's offer because they had promised their rival group would be fun, but their constant bickering had proven that to be false. This causes Taylor to feign getting another call from home and quickly retreat.

As Bailey's Lip Kitty models, Calico, Whiskers, Tabby, and Socks set the stage for the Lip Kitty presentation, Chelsea notes how inspired the concept of Lip Kitty was, as "Kitties have no lips."

Hugh Aodh O'Brien Booker and Nia ask Raven to take them and their friends Tess and Levi, to the Weirder Things premiere event, as Tess' mom has sleepy foot and, Chelsea is hampered by her fever.

She often says things impulsively, not realizing what she's said until after she's said it. Levi starts to play music with the various flasks and beakers on a nearby table.

The crowd of executives begin to applaud. Pump-Fake's twin brother states that he was humiliated, and warns Booker that he never forgets. For the next phase, sitting mats have been passed out to everyone. He is among the students that witness Booker accurately predicting Sienna's avocado toast and toes.

Eye color Booker seems ready to tease Lloyd as well, but his mother cuts him off.

Turner Quatro even claims to write in his sleep, which Pump-Fake affirms by miming being asleep and adding his name for good measure.


When finished, only a single word can fully describe what Jax feels, "Gooped."


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