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[18], A mormo or a lamia may also be associated with the empusa, a phantom sent by the goddess Hekate.[19]. She was portrayed by Joanna Scanlan. Stardust Photos. Hobby Mormo watching Lamia gain her youth and beauty. She was crushed by the massive chandelier. In the end, how did Lamia die? Mormo is an evil witch in the 2007 film adaptation of the Neil Gaiman novel Stardust. Stardust is based on Neil Gaiman’s 1998 novel of the same name, which was released illustrated by comic-book artist Charles Vess. Stardust (2007) Joanna Scanlan as Mormo. Stardust Alias Mormo then made contact with the Witch Queen and told her they found the star's destination that she was headed to the village of Wall. You dare to steal truth from my lips by feeding me Limbus grass! The Lillim [13], "Mormo" and "Gello" were also aliases for Lamia according to one scholiast, who also claimed she was queen of the Laestrygonians, the race of man-eating giants. MurderAnimal crueltyTorture List of vampires in folklore and mythology, Infobox Chinese-language singer and actor, Articles containing non-English-language text,, Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, Lamia angrily reminds her sisters that if Yvaine crosses the wall she'll turn into metallic rock. Cuomo later named his band Mormos. Mormo then proceeded to run to the top of the staircase and used her physical strength to leap from the balcony to the room below growling. Script error [15], The name of "Mormo" or the synonymous "Mormolyceion" was used by the Greeks as a bugbear or bogey word to frighten children. It shouldn’t be missed. Mormo's maimed corpse on the castle floor. Mormo and her sister Empusa were fast asleep when their sister Lamia, the Witch Queen, wakes them up telling them a star has fallen. Mormo was well-known for her masculine, sturdy and robust exterior, which caused her to be very insecure and shy. Mormo is the middle sister of Empusa and Lamia, member of the Lillim Coven, and also a very powerful witch. According to Anton LaVey, in The Satanic Bible, Mormo is the "King of the Ghouls, consort of Hecate". They immediately began mauling, dismembering and killing her before escaping. After Lamia failed to kill the star, Yvaine, letting her get away, she made contact with her sisters. Mormo and Empusa waking up to hear a Star has fallen. Mormo Stardust is a 1997 fantasy novel by British writer Neil Gaiman, usually published with illustrations by Charles Vess. aerial operations manager: Flying Pictures Ltd. representative: American Humane Association (uncredited), assistant production coordinator (uncredited) / production coordinator Iceland (uncredited), picture double: Michelle Pfeiffer (uncredited), production assistant: Scotland (uncredited), studio production coordinator (uncredited), floor runner: visual effects unit (uncredited), assistant to director: second unit (uncredited), dialect coach: Claire Danes/Michelle Pfeiffer (uncredited), studio assistant: Double Negative (uncredited), travel and accommodation coordinator (uncredited), aerial operations assistant: Flying Pictures Ltd. (uncredited). Mormo listening to Lamia stating she'll bring Yvaine home. Mormo told her with caution to set up a trap to make sure her heart is glowing before it is cut out. "The Horror at Red Hook" by H. P. Lovecraft (1925), describes an inscription to Hecate, Gorgo, and Mormo, found in the raid of Red Hook. Mormo communicated to her sister through a grand standing mirror telling Lamia that using magic will cause her to age faster if she is not careful and to only call them in dire need. Mormo looking at organs telling Lamia that the Star is barely shining. With Lamia young again, Mormo and Empusa helped dress her giving Lamia a knife and magic runes for her to use to find the star. The name mormo has the plural form mormones which means "fearful ones" or "hideous one(s)", and is related to an array of words that signify "fright". At the young age of seventeen, Mormo's older sister, Lamia, became mortally ill. Unable to bear watching her slowly suffer, the youngest sister, Empusa, attempted to use magic to cure her, but failed. | [7][8], Some of its instances are found in Aristophanes. credit. She is the middle sister of Empusa and Lamia, member of the Lillim Coven, and a very powerful evil witch. Mormo (Greek: Μορμώ, Μορμών, Mormō) or Mormon was a female spirit in Greek folklore, whose name was invoked by mothers and nurses to frighten children to keep them from misbehaving. After bringing the woman home, Empusa (knowing what the woman was) killed the woman and cut out her heart. Origin Full Name Doing her beauty regiment.Killing and torturing animals. [18], A mormo or a lamia may also be associated with the empusa, a phantom sent by the goddess Hekate.[19]. [3][2], The original Mormo was a woman of Corinth, who ate her children then flew out; according to an account only attested in a single source. Mormo lives with two sisters, Lamia and Empusa in the film. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Stardust (2007) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Mormo is a supporting antagonist in the 2007 film Stardust. Mormo and Empusa speaking to Lamia through a mirror. Lamia again makes contact with Mormo and Empusa who tell her she's very close to Yvaine. In the film The God Makers, anti-Mormon activist Ed Decker claims that Mormons are followers of Mormo, citing The Satanic Bible as evidence. [3][2], The original Mormo was a woman of Corinth, who ate her children then flew out; according to an account only attested in a single source. [12] Mombro (Μομβρώ) or Mormo are a bugbear (φόβητρον), the Suda also says. Mormo was also capable of projecting a scorching flame of a purplish-blue glow from her hands with an intensity to either injure or kill her enemies, while Lamia's energy discharges were green and Empusa's red-orange. [7][8][9] A mormolyce is one of several names given to the female phasma (phantom) in Philostratus's Life of Apollonius of Tyana. After bringing the woman home, Empusa (knowing what the woman was) killed the woman and cut out her heart. [4] Mormolyca /mɔːrˈmɒlɪkə/ (as the name appears in Doric Greek: μορμολύκα) is designated as the wetnurse (Greek: τιθήνη) of Acheron by Sophron (fl. [15], The name of "Mormo" or the synonymous "Mormolyceion" was used by the Greeks as a bugbear or bogey word to frighten children. [16][17] Mormo as an object of fear for infants was even recorded in the Alexiad written by a Byzantine princess around the First Crusade. Mormo again communicated with Lamia through the mirror and told her she was very close to Yvaine being one mile out of Wall and told her to hurry before she crosses the wall. Coven Witch of the Lillim Years later when Tristan Thorne stormed their castle, Mormo squared up, enraged by her younger sister Empusa's murder moments before at the hands of Septimus. This reference is primarily found in some of the plays of Aristophanes. Matthew Vaughn - Director. After feeding the shining heart to her sister, Lamia had later awoken more beautiful, healthy and powerful as ever. [1][2], The variant mormolyce translates to "terrible wolves", with the stem -lykeios meaning "of a wolf". model unit supervisor: Mattes & Miniatured Ltd. special effects technician: second unit (as Matt Veal), special effects technician: second unit (as Stephen Warner), special effects technician: second unit (as David Watkins), special effects senior technician (uncredited), senior special effects technician (uncredited), systems and data I/O: The Senate Visual Effects, scanning and recording operator: Framestore CFC, scanning and recording manager: L Framestore CFC, 3D artist: Double Negative (as Gia Sadhwani), 3D digital artist: Cinesite (as Chris Cash), scanning & recording supervisor: LipSync Post, research and development: Double Negative, visual effects coordinator: Double Negative (as Emma Larsson), digital compositor: Baseblack Visual Effects (as Martin Davison), compositor: Double Negative (as Mike Ellis), visual effects producer: Baseblack Visual Effects, digital artist: The Senate Visual Effects, digital artist: The Senate Visual Effects (as Vince Goodsell), 3d artist: Double Negative (as Vanessa Boyce), digital compositor: Baseblack Visual Effects, visual effects producer: Rushes Post Production Limited, digital artist: The Senate Visual Effects (as Metion Gungor), studio manager: Double Negative (as Peter Hanson), visual effects producer: The Senate Visual Effects, visual effects artist: Rushes Post Production Limited, motion control assistant: visual effects unit, visual effects artist: Rushes Post Production Limited (as David Kiddie), visual effects data wrangler (as Andy Koutsou), research & development: Baseblack Visual Effects, visual effects supervisor: The Senate Visual Effects, digital visual effects supervisor: Double Negative, lead technical director: Baseblack Visual Effects, visual effects executive (as Kimberly K. Nelson), scanning & recording producer: LipSync Post, director of photography: visual effects element unit, compositor: Double Negative (as Ivan Mena Tinoco), motion control supervisor: visual effects unit, compositor: Double Negative (as Mark Micheals), digital artist: The Senate Visual Effects (as Warren Mills), digital compositor: LipSync Post (as Humayun Mirza), 3D artist: Double Negative (as Nicholas New), digital compositor: Baseblack Visual Effects (as Alevandra Papavramides), 3D artist: Double Negative (as Aleksander Pejic), rotoscope artist: Double Negative (as Ana Mestre), visual effects line producer: LipSync Post, visual effects producer: Double Negative (as Matt Plummer), visual effects editorial: Double Negative (as Will Skellorn), compositor: Double Negative (as Daniel Snape), visual effects coordinator: The Senate Visual Effects (as Samantha Spacey), research and development: Double Negative (as Jon Stroud), compositor: Double Negative (as Mark Trantremble), visual effects supervisor: Baseblack Visual Effects, digital compositor: Double Negative (uncredited), 3D scanning assistant coordinator (uncredited), head of digital lab: Framestore-CFC DI (uncredited), previs artist: Fuzzygoat Ltd (uncredited), texture artist: Double Negative (uncredited), additional on-set matchmover (uncredited), visual effects coordinator: Rushes (uncredited), pre-visualization animator: Double Negative (uncredited), matte painter: Rushes Post Production (uncredited), production support: Cinesite (uncredited), head of 3D services: Plowman Craven and Associates (uncredited), technical support: Double Negative (uncredited), digital compositor: Baseblack (uncredited), visual effects production manager (uncredited), concept artist: Double Negative (uncredited), roto/paint artist: Double Negative (uncredited), senior texture artist: Double Negative (uncredited), compositing artist: Baseblack (uncredited), senior systems administrator (uncredited), texture painter: Double Negative (uncredited), render/data wrangler: Cinesite (uncredited), digital compositor (uncredited) / technical director (uncredited), stunt double: Michelle Pfeiffer (uncredited), stunt double: Rupert Everett (uncredited), stunt double: Robert De Niro (uncredited), camera operator: second unit (as Roddy Barron), first assistant photographer: second unit, camera technician: Wescam camera, Scotland, assistant chief lighting technician: New York, chief lighting technician: visual effects unit, electrician / electrician: second unit / second unit: electrician, on-set rigger: second unit (as Martin Goddard), chief lighting technician (as John 'Biggles' Higgins), second assistant camera: "a" camera, main unit, assistant chief lighting technician: second unit, grip: visual effects unit (as Matt Lopez Dias), electrician: second unit (as James Mills), director of photography: visual effects unit, camera operator: marine camera, visual effects unit, camera operator / steadicam operator: "a" camera, camera assistant: aerial unit (uncredited), clapper loader: effects unit (uncredited), aerial director of photography (uncredited), second assistant camera: second unit (uncredited), camera technician: Wescam camera (uncredited), first assistant camera: aerial unit (uncredited), assistant costume designer (as Charlotte Kay), costume assistant: stunt unit (uncredited), post-production assistant (as Andy Ryder), digital intermediate producer: Framestore CFC, preview digital intermediate colorist (uncredited), assistant location manager (as Finlay Pile), location manager: Iceland (as Arni Pal Hansson), additional score engineer / music scoring recordist, music score mixer / music scoring recordist, music performed by / performer: London Metropolitan Orchestra, music score mixer (as Steve McLaughlin) / original music producer (as Steve McLaughlin), script supervisor: second unit (as Lou Wade), script supervisor: pre-timing (uncredited), assistant: Matthew Vaughn / production assistant, map designer / title designer: main titles, head animal trainer (as Esther Murphy Kelly), production assistant: second unit, Scotland, helicopter camera pilot / helicopter pilot (as William Samuelson).


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