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Shattered his Rib cage skating on a Half Pipe while working on Grace Under Fire. He previously recurring roles in it series Opposite Sex in 2000, Grounded forever in 2003, and 8 Simple Rules in 2004. and Get away to Witch Mountain. او پس از فارغ التحصیل شدن از دانشگاه در رشته پزشکی، به سرعت جا پای پدر خود میگذارد و به یک جراح قلب و س ... داستان کمدی سریال در مورد یک زوج می باشد که باید شادی ها و تحقیر های مردم را در مورد رابطه شان تحمل کنند، در حالیکه امیدوار بودند می توانستند از آنها صرف نظر کنند... داستان در مورد یک بار هستش در بوستون که آدم هایی که اونجا کار میکنن و کسانی که به اونجا میان تجارب زندگی های خودشون رو با یکدیگر به اشتراک میذارن و همچنین در همین بین اتفاقات کمدی هم رخ میده ... سلینا میر (جولیا لوسی-دریفوس) یک سناتور ایالات متحده است که موفق می شود به مقام معاونت رییس جمهور آن کشور برسد؛ اما هیچ چیز آنگونه که او انتظار داشت نیست و همه چیز درست شبیه آن چیزهایی است ک ... یک گروه چهار نفره که در لندن یک بار را اداره می کنند در هر قسمت سعی می کنند یک فعالیت اقتصادی را شروع کنند اما با اشتباهاتی که مرتکب می شوند نتایجی کمدی را رقم می زنند.Ralph Brown در نقش Mi ... این وب سایت وابسته به هیچ گروه و ارگانی نبوده و هدف سایت تنها پیشرفت دید ایرانیان بر سینمای مدرن جهان است. When he was 18 and bodybuilding he could bench press over 400lbs. O'Neill has since spent the last 11 years starring in Modern Family, ... Sam Horrigan. Spends most of his free time doing charity work. Is a big fan of Magic Tricks and specializes in Card Tricks himself. [March 2011], SHARE's 57th Annual Boomtown Charity Event [June 2010], Los Angeles, CA: Host of the Burbank Town Center 4th of July Fireworks Festival. Horrigan in addition has made an appearance in episodes of it series Boy Meets Globe, One Tree Hill, Still Standing up, Joan of Arcadia, Desperate Housewives, Veronica Mars, Reba, CSI: Crime Picture Investigation, and True Bloodstream. Won the Comic-Con Superhero challenge on Beauty and the Geek with his comic superhero character Metro Man. Sam Horrigan was created in Sacramento County, California in August 1981. Horrigan offers starred in the films Getting Despite having Dad, Little Giants, Approved, and Bar Starz. Gloria Delgado-Pritchett (188 episodes, 2009-2017), Mitchell Pritchett (188 episodes, 2009-2017), Lily Tucker-Pritchett (138 episodes, 2011-2017), Pameron Tucker / ... (7 episodes, 2013-2017), Manny's Schoolmate / ... (3 episodes, 2013-2014), Wedding Guest / ... (3 episodes, 2012-2014), Principal Balaban (2 episodes, 2009-2010), Jilted Wife / ... (2 episodes, 2011-2013), Shirl Chambers / ... (2 episodes, 2012-2017), College Student / ... (2 episodes, 2016-2017), Man at Debate / ... (2 episodes, 2012-2015), Girl Scout #2 / ... (2 episodes, 2015-2016), Ronnie Jr. / ... (2 episodes, 2013-2014), Kindergarten Teacher / ... (2 episodes, 2012-2013), Defendant for Boating Under the Influence (1 episode, 2013), Husband of Pregnant Wife (1 episode, 2013), Stella (uncredited) (8 episodes, 2011-2012), Airport Passenger / ... (uncredited) (4 episodes, 2010-2012), Baby Lily (uncredited) (4 episodes, 2010), Fair Goer / ... (uncredited) (4 episodes, 2013-2014), Football Player / ... (uncredited) (3 episodes, 2011-2013), Adult Red Riding Hood / ... (uncredited) (3 episodes, 2013-2014), Baby Joe (uncredited) (3 episodes, 2013), Lilly's School Friend / ... (uncredited) (3 episodes, 2013), Wedding Guest / ... (uncredited) (3 episodes, 2014), Funeral Attendee / ... (uncredited) (3 episodes, 2016-2017), Fencer / ... (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2009), Boy at Dance / ... (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2010-2013), Girl at Dance / ... (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2010-2012), Appliance Repairman / ... (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2011-2015), Community Worker / ... (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2012-2017), High School Secretary / ... (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2012-2015), Birthday Party Girl / ... (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2012-2013), Dutch Fan / ... (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2012-2013), Doug-lympics Participant / ... (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2012-2013), Hippie / ... (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2012-2013), Baseball Pitcher / ... (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2012), Manny's Football Friend / ... (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2012), Charity Kid / ... (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2013-2014), Football Player / ... (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2013-2014), Fair Goer / ... (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2013), Architect / ... (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2013), Football Player / ... (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2013), Student / ... (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2013), Kid Pirate / ... (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2014-2016), Bar Patron / ... (uncredited) (2 episodes, 2016), Fencer's Brother (uncredited) (1 episode, 2009), Fencing Instructor (uncredited) (1 episode, 2009), Woman in Wheelchair (uncredited) (1 episode, 2009), Greensleever (uncredited) (1 episode, 2009), Bicycle Boy #2 (uncredited) (1 episode, 2009), Boy on Crutches (uncredited) (1 episode, 2009), Fencing Opponent (uncredited) (1 episode, 2009), Fencing Boy (uncredited) (1 episode, 2009), Son of the Glums (uncredited) (1 episode, 2009), Basketball Mom (uncredited) (1 episode, 2010), Pool Guest (uncredited) (1 episode, 2010), Basketball Dad (uncredited) (1 episode, 2010), Boy at Dance (uncredited) (1 episode, 2010), Diner patron (uncredited) (1 episode, 2010), Flash Mob Dancer (uncredited) (1 episode, 2010), Guest at engagement party (uncredited) (1 episode, 2010), Airport Hostess (uncredited) (1 episode, 2010), Creepy Diner (uncredited) (1 episode, 2010), Little Phil's Aunt (uncredited) (1 episode, 2010), Jenna B. [July 2013], Signed with Sovereign Talent Group. “Modern Family” stars Ed O’Neill as Jay Pritchett, Julie Bowen as Claire Dunphy, Ty Burrell as Phil Dunphy, Sofia Vergara as Gloria Pritchett, Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell Pritchett, Eric Stonestreet as Cameron Tucker, Sarah Hyland as Haley Dunphy, Nolan Gould as Luke Dunphy, Ariel Winter as Alex Dunphy, Rico Rodriguez as Manny Delgado, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons as Lily Tucker-Pritchett and Jeremy Maguire as Joe Pritchett. 1 Plot Summary 2 Episode Description 3 Main Cast 4 Guest Starring 5 Trivia 6 Continuity 7 Cultural References 8 References 9 Gallery Jay's favorite place in the world, and only refuge, may be losing some of its charm when Phil considers becoming a member. Runs 5 miles every morning except Sunday. Grew up in Northern California in a town called Davis with his brother Joe.


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