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EARHARDT: Can you believe people do that? We're gonna be working for a long time to fulfill all of these orders. We don't sit here and take kindly to the country being needlessly, erroneously criticized and ripped to shreds, or our founders or Betsy Ross or the great American flag. But in the process, you guys, they are lying to the American people about what happened. Nationally syndicated by Premiere Networks, The Rush Limbaugh Show broadcasts on more than 650 stations and is heard by millions of people each month. EARHARDT: Look at that. The only real ones are at After the Florida recount they tried to say that George W. Bush's administration is illegitimate because he was the winner by virtue of a Supreme Court rig. You know why --. RUSH: Their constituents are as unhappy today as they were 50 years ago. He's actually trying to draw us out of military conflicts we shouldn't be in. Any time you try to convince the American people that a presidential election is illegitimate -- they did it after 2000. “Rev. They need to be honored. I said on Fox today that if the charity beneficiary here happened to be a left-wing charity, I would be all over the Drive-By Media. It’s at People are tired of this, guys. I mean, Elijah Cummings and these guys can have a free run at Trump? And nobody talks about this Rosenstein sound bite.

This is ordinary Americans doing an extraordinary thing here. We are so gratified and heart warmed over all of this. RUSH: This is the Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirt, the only real one, the one that I'm holding in my hands. They're tired of this. EARHARDT: We remember 9/11. Bill Owens, a former Memphis pastor who heads the socially conservative Coalition of African-American Pastors is urging Nike to end its relationship with former NFL player Colin Kaepernick over his criticism of the Betsy Ross flag. I asked to appear today, and the Fox & Friends people were gracious to make room for me, because today I'm wearing one of the new products that we've added in the past six weeks. That's not the objective here. It's just great to be back with you guys. Wages are up. No. Meanwhile, Trump keeps plugging away. RUSH: -- have a great T-shirt of quality. Today, we're gonna announce that the donation to Tunnel to Towers is now up to $3 million and counting. Congratulations on this amazing effort. We're talking about basically two weeks here. The objective here is simply to stand up, stand up for America. It's not just Baltimore. And $5 million, you guys --. We had so many more sales over the weekend that we have upped the donation to Tunnel to Towers from one $1.5 million to $2 million. EARHARDT: Congratulations. HEGSETH: Yeah, indeed. That's just another indication of on how overwhelmingly poignant, timely, and popular this is. The thing is, they're gonna fail, and it's gonna redound to their presidential candidates badly. And predictably, Rush, the left-wing media -- the Drive-By Media as you call them -- have been calling President Trump a racist. Trump's answering, "I didn't fire Mueller. The vendor is running 24/7 to make these. So you're not allowed to criticize them. Bill Owens, a former Memphis pastor who heads the socially conservative Coalition of African-American Pastors is urging Nike to end its relationship with former NFL player Colin Kaepernick over his criticism of the Betsy Ross flag. I normally saying no to the prospect of TV. But I tell you, I'll give you an example of this. Every day they plummet. She said yesterday in that press conference -- and, look, the hate is dripping off of these people.

That was the original goal. Girls are so easy to buy. There was no collusion any more than there always is. RUSH: I think they're through the roof, aren't they? $1.5 Million! They hate him because they and their allies in the media -- who usually, if they want to take a Republican out, they can do it inside of six months. Not one. There are no other legitimate sales websites or locations, only ours is legit. EARHARDT: We love having you on, and last time you were here you said the Betsy Ross T-shirt -- and you can tell us what it is for folks who aren't familiar with it -- that it raised $2 million, and you are donating that to Tunnel to Towers. You're right, Ainsley. How much does Rush donate to his local drug dealer?

You know what we found out over the weekend, by the way? RUSH: The Democrats need people unable to provide for themselves.

It still hasn't happened, and it's really frustrating to me because they've convinced the American people in large numbers otherwise. It was on parade with those three so-called witnesses, those law professors. RUSH: You bet. KILMEADE: Hey, Rush, the other thing that really bothers me and should bother most Americans -- it will bother many in battleground states -- the USMCA doesn't look like it's gonna get a vote before Christmas.
I just happen to have one right here. Two million in two weeks, folks. Remember, he’s a former pastor in Memphis who heads the Coalition of African-American Pastors, and he’s saying this guy Kaepernick doesn’t represent us or anything that we believe in. Trump's job approval numbers are up. He's saying Article II lets him do anything. I appeared yet again at 8:30 a.m. Let me tell you what we've had to do. We owe a debt to the people who have participated in this -- and it's not a profit center here for these items. In 2020, a portion of all proceeds from The Rush Limbaugh Show Store will be donated to families and small businesses impacted by the pandemic. And there's this little story.

We’ve gotta get 140,000 out. Doubtless he will do more of that. Nowhere on their website did $1,500 appear. They're into this, and it's a wonderful thing to be part of. So you realize how bogus all of this has been, starting at the central contention that the Russians somehow changed the outcome of our election when they didn't and when even Obama says it's not possible. This effort would be acknowledged for the size and the scope and the compassion and the love that it is all over Drive-By Media. It's great to be here. Isn't it funny, though, that Pelosi invokes her Catholicism on everything but abortion? Betsy Ross didn’t do anything to anybody.

I didn't expect -- and we're not doing it for that anyway. KILMEADE: Good luck on your show a little bit later. They've launched everything they've got.

It's about Russia." So this report was geared, it was written for Congress.


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