rumpelstiltskin once upon a time

Gold is later visited by Emma when in his pawn shop, she tells him that Regina is setting Mary Margaret up and he is not surprised, pointing out she has no evidence that's court-worthy. On her return, Belle brings home an old friend, Samuel, whose wound she wants to heal. She is understandably furious but she refuses to let Rumple harm Gaston by throwing him into the River of Lost Souls; instead, she wants to help him resolve his unfinished business so he can move on. As they wait at their departure gate, Mr. Gold enters a restroom stall, and in a fit of rage caused by his earlier nervousness, he pounds a toilet roll dispenser until cutting his knuckle, but is not able to heal using magic. Let’s backtrack to when Rumpel, Henry, and Emma arrive in New York City. Shoving him to the floor, Rumple stands over Pan as he is eradicated and sent to the worst place in death, coldly bidding his loathsome papa goodbye. He goes to heal himself with magic but realizes that he can't, discovering that he's powerless outside of town. He goes to David to ask him how he managed to fall in love with Mary Margaret when cursed, and David says that Snow and Charming were still within them, just buried. He is then unable to use anything against Hyde to prevent him from taking the necklace. Emma says "A week. ("Swan Song"), Prior to his leaving, Mr. Gold tells Belle about the trip he must take, and how essential his blood is for opening the Underworld portal, because he's the only person who has been to the Underworld and back. Eventually, Isaac admits he took away Cruella's power to kill, and that's why she wants him dead. When he asks what she desires, she kisses him, while he does nothing to stop her. "Leaving Storybrooke" Once there, Belle admits she needs a Sorcerer's hat from the hideout so the Snow Queen will divulge Anna's location. She is confused as to why he wants the shears, considering they're designed to cut away a savior's magic which has little to do with him, but he assures that they can do much more than that, leading the Queen to realize that he wishes to use them on Belle and his unborn child; to change his fate and have them no longer despise him. As Cora continues to try and break the barrier, Gold asks for his cell phone so that he may call Belle. An enraged Ingrid then freezes all of Arendelle, to which Rumplestiltskin appears before her asking for the sorcerer's hat. While Mr. Gold is researching some books, Belle returns, revealing her plan to undergo the sleeping curse to pause her pregnancy, giving him unlimited time to destroy the contract.

Mr. Gold promises to try and asks her to tell Belle that they will be seeing each other again. She asks why she shouldn't be and goes onto explain that she's practically a prisoner married to a king who still loves his dead wife and his insipid daughter. Emma explains that she needs Gold's help as, even though she doesn't approve of his methods, she approves of his results and remembers that the only time she overcame Regina was when he had helped her in the sheriff's elections. He intends to bring Beowulf back to the village and reveal the truth to everyone, however, Beowulf mocks him for his naiveté, especially since the villagers are scared of him and likely won't believe him. He comforts her, and everyone else is called, all of which worry for the new Dark One's safety. Now controlling Rumple, he has him retrieve the broken sword, then demanding to know how he can repair it. Rump tries to win over his long-lost boy by promising to bring him to Storybrooke and make him 14 again. She then sends Mr. Gold away and waits for Gaston's return. However, he soon sees her kissing Will Scarlet, apparently having entered into a relationship with him, and is deeply hurt by the revelation.

Rumple asks what happens when they leave Storybrooke, Charming tells him that people lose their memories of their magical selves and their Storybrooke selves becomes their only identity. Mr. Gold is moved up to the apartment for resting, though he himself knows the poison is incurable. ("Where Bluebirds Fly"), After Gold wakes Blue for good, the Black Fairy kidnaps her, but the Dark One is able to put a cuff on Gideon in this time and tie him up.

He relates what occurred with Moe earlier as a possible reason for the robbery. Milah admits feeling guilty about her choice, which she made while miserable in the marriage with Rumplestiltskin. Emma is horrified to discover that what Gold had wanted her to procure for him was Ashley's baby, which she had promised to him in an obscure deal. To make up for the error of his ways, he seduces Zelena, though this is just a ploy to distract her long enough so he can reach the dagger. When Henry, Regina and the savior Emma try stopping the wedding of Robin Hood and Zelena - which would end the book's narrative and solidify its contents as truth - Rumple arrives to stop them. Later that night at the police station, Weaver is amusing some officers with a story about how he broke a man's finger when he is introduced to his new detective partner, the recently promoted Officer Rogers. When he awakens, Zelena offers to give him the elixir if he has the Author write her a happy ending.

("Heart of Gold"), When Anna, the young princess of Arendelle, travels to the Enchanted Forest on a secret mission to find out what it is her parents died for, she stops at the farm of David and Ruth in order to seek refuge, knowing them to be friendly. Mount Olympus[1]Seattle (formerly)New Enchanted Forest (formerly)His Edge of Realms house (formerly)His Storybrooke house (formerly)Underbrooke pawnshop (formerly)His cabin (formerly)New York City (formerly)Zelena's farmhouse (formerly)His castle (formerly)His cell (formerly)His farm (formerly)Spinsters' cottage (formerly)His cottage (formerly) She looks onto her boat to see Rumplestiltskin sat in it. He later returns to the backroom to find Emma, Regina, and Zelena with Belle as they have a way of reviving the nun. ("Heart of Darkness"), Rumplestiltskin has further success in creating the Dark Curse and places a single drop of true love on the spell parchment as "a little safety value". ("The Broken Kingdom"), Emma lets Gold go, saying he'll need his strength if he's going to draw Excalibur, but he assures her that that's not going to happen, begging to be let go so that he can see Belle. However, the Dark One reveals that he cannot bring James back from the dead. Mr. Gold then confronts his father, but learns that Pan switched the box in Rumple's hands for a fake, having the real one himself, being able to do so with the power of his belief. After getting the dagger back, Mr. Gold brings the nun's body to the pawnshop, where he tells Belle that Mother Superior can be revived once Gideon is defeated and her magic restored. Rumple explains that his situation is temporary, and he goes into the fact villains never win also applies to himself, but also states there's someone who can change that called "The Author".

Ingrid accepts his offerings and prepares to leave, but Rumple points out that that's not how deals work, wanting something in return. Afterwards, he instructs she must put the liquid into her eye so a temporary bodily connection with Regina can be breached. ("Lost Girl"), Rumple applies some face-paint over his eye, leading the vision of Belle to comment on him putting back on the mask of a monster. Mr. Gold busts the door open with magic. 30 essential albums from the last 30 years. Robin Hood has no choice but to comply, and Mr. Gold departs, heart in hand, for Zelena.

He wishes her happiness with Will, but she denies loving him. In the hospital, Gold kisses an unconscious Belle, waking her up, however, he does not get the reaction he expected when she screams and he is asked to leave the hospital. He stands ominously over the water, having brought the Dark One's dagger with him, and Emma eventually orders him to "do it".


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