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[294] The non-Hispanic white population was 6.6 million in 1940. Manhattan Island is linked to New York City's outer boroughs and New Jersey by several tunnels as well. QuickFacts provides statistics for all states and counties, and for cities and towns with a population of 5,000 or more. [597] The city's municipal water system is the largest in the United States, moving over one billion gallons of water per day. [12] With almost 20 million people in its metropolitan statistical area and approximately 23 million in its combined statistical area, it is one of the world's most populous megacities. [496] Many of the world's most lucrative art auctions are held in New York City. By 2020, it is estimated that the current population of 19.795 million will increase by nearly a quarter-million, pushing the population over 20 million. [110] The opening of the subway in 1904, first built as separate private systems, helped bind the new city together. The city was a haven for Loyalist refugees and escaped slaves who joined the British lines for freedom newly promised by the Crown for all fighters. [184] Pelham Bay Park is the largest park in New York City, at 2,772 acres (1,122 ha).[185]. [101], In the 19th century, the city was transformed by development relating to its status as a national and international trading center, as well as by European immigration. [484] Wealthy business magnates in the 19th century built a network of major cultural institutions, such as Carnegie Hall and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which have become internationally renowned. New York City partially-reopened in its first phase on June 8. It had a population of 1,636,268 as at 2014 and covers an area of approximately 23 square miles. [55][56], A permanent European presence near New York Harbor began in 1624—making New York the 12th oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement in the continental United States[57]—with the founding of a Dutch fur trading settlement on Governors Island. Brooklyn is famous for the Brooklyn Bridge, a unique hanging bridge. All maps, graphics, flags, photos and original descriptions © 2020 worldatlas.com, The Boroughs of New York City – NYC Boroughs Map. [313][314] A Little Sri Lanka has developed in the Tompkinsville neighborhood of Staten Island. [399], Major attractions in the boroughs outside Manhattan include Flushing Meadows-Corona Park and the Unisphere in Queens; the Bronx Zoo; Coney Island, Brooklyn; and the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx. [48], The first documented visit into New York Harbor by a European was in 1524 by Giovanni da Verrazzano, a Florentine explorer in the service of the French crown. The New York City Administrative Code, the New York City Rules, and the City Record are the code of local laws, compilation of regulations, and official journal, respectively.[610][611]. [22], New York City traces its origins to a trading post founded by colonists from the Dutch Republic in 1624 on Lower Manhattan; the post was named New Amsterdam in 1626. Schoharie County reported the largest loss in population at 4.15%. New York was one of the 13 original States. [385], The biotechnology sector is also growing in New York City, based upon the city's strength in academic scientific research and public and commercial financial support. New York has been described as the "Capital of Baseball". [53] He made a ten-day exploration of the area and claimed the region for the Dutch East India Company. New York's total population of African Americans ranks as 2nd in the nation, while it ranks 13th in terms of percentage of African Americans. In 1614, the area between Cape Cod and Delaware Bay was claimed by the Netherlands and called Nieuw-Nederland (New Netherland). New York City (NYC), often called simply New York, is the most populous city in the United States. New York City is also the most densely populated major city in the country. [196][197][198], Stone and brick became the city's building materials of choice after the construction of wood-frame houses was limited in the aftermath of the Great Fire of 1835. This state has a lot of diversity as well. But foreign immigration has also plummeted and even the NYC region’s population growth is flat, McMahon said. The population of New York in 2017 was 19,589,572, a 0.22% decline from 2016. [478][479] New York has also frequently been ranked the top fashion capital of the world on the annual list compiled by the Global Language Monitor. In soccer, New York City is represented by New York City FC of Major League Soccer, who play their home games at Yankee Stadium[527] and the New York Red Bulls, who play their home games at Red Bull Arena in nearby Harrison, New Jersey. Uniquely among major American cities, New York is divided between, and is host to the main branches of, two different U.S. district courts: the District Court for the Southern District of New York, whose main courthouse is on Foley Square near City Hall in Manhattan and whose jurisdiction includes Manhattan and the Bronx; and the District Court for the Eastern District of New York, whose main courthouse is in Brooklyn and whose jurisdiction includes Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. Among those working part-time, it was 15.88%, and for those that did not work, the poverty rate was 24.83%. Each borough is coextensive with a judicial district of the state Unified Court System, of which the Criminal Court and the Civil Court are the local courts, while the New York Supreme Court conducts major trials and appeals. Congregation Emanu-El of New York in Manhattan is the largest Reform synagogue in the world. [371]:31–32[372] New York also leads in hedge fund management; private equity; and the monetary volume of mergers and acquisitions. No other metropolitan area has had this happen more than once (Chicago in 1906, St. Louis in 1944, and the San Francisco Bay Area in 1989). [157] The Hudson River separates the city from the U.S. state of New Jersey. Staten Island is the southernmost borough of New York. Why are these population data important? [108] Eleven black men were lynched over five days, and the riots forced hundreds of blacks to flee the city for Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. New York City has more than 2,000 arts and cultural organizations and more than 500 art galleries. [23][24] The city was regained by the Dutch in July 1673 and was subsequently renamed New Orange for one year and three months; the city has been continuously named New York since November 1674. Only West Virginia, Alaska and Illinois saw their populations fall at a faster percentage clip. [citation needed] Chinese and other Asian restaurants, sandwich joints, trattorias, diners, and coffeehouses are ubiquitous throughout the city. This story has been shared 159,334 times. Albanian Americans are most highly concentrated in the Bronx. [208], Winters are chilly and damp, and prevailing wind patterns that blow sea breezes offshore temper the moderating effects of the Atlantic Ocean; yet the Atlantic and the partial shielding from colder air by the Appalachian Mountains keep the city warmer in the winter than inland North American cities at similar or lesser latitudes such as Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, and Indianapolis. Their homeland, known as Lenapehoking, included Staten Island, Manhattan, the Bronx, the western portion of Long Island (including the areas that would later become the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens), and the Lower Hudson Valley. The annual United States Open Tennis Championships is one of the world's four Grand Slam tennis tournaments and is held at the National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Queens. The county is ranked third as the most densely populated county in the United States. In the most old-fashioned and extreme versions of the New York dialect, the vowel sounds of words like "girl" and of words like "oil" became a diphthong [ɜɪ]. Queens (Queens County), on Long Island north and east of Brooklyn, is geographically the largest borough, the most ethnically diverse county in the United States,[178] and the most ethnically diverse urban area in the world. New Yawkese An Endangered Dialect? The Fire Department of New York (FDNY), provides fire protection, technical rescue, primary response to biological, chemical, and radioactive hazards, and emergency medical services for the five boroughs of New York City. One office, at 11 Metrotech Center in Brooklyn, houses Manhattan/Citywide, Brooklyn, and Staten Island Fire Communications; the Bronx and Queens offices are in separate buildings. Since relinquishing its claims to Vermont in 1791, it has had substantially its present boundaries. [118] The difficult years of the Great Depression saw the election of reformer Fiorello La Guardia as mayor and the fall of Tammany Hall after eighty years of political dominance. [296], The European diaspora residing in the city is very diverse. The Padrón Real of 1527, the first scientific map to show the East Coast of North America continuously, was informed by Gomes' expedition and labeled the northeastern United States as Tierra de Esteban Gómez in his honor.[51]. The influx of non-European immigrants in recent decades has led to changes in this distinctive dialect,[508] and the traditional form of this speech pattern is no longer as prevalent among general New Yorkers as it has been in the past.[508]. [341] As of 2017, New York City was home to the highest number of billionaires of any city in the world at 103,[342] including former Mayor Michael Bloomberg. [273] The ten largest sources of foreign-born individuals in the city as of 2011[update] were the Dominican Republic, China, Mexico, Guyana, Jamaica, Ecuador, Haiti, India, Russia, and Trinidad and Tobago,[275] while the Bangladeshi-born immigrant population has become one of the fastest growing in the city, counting over 74,000 by 2011. [183] The Bronx is also the birthplace of rap and hip hop culture. The location at the mouth of the Hudson River, which feeds into a naturally sheltered harbor and then into the Atlantic Ocean, has helped the city grow in significance as a trading port. Mean monthly maxima and minima (i.e. It is the least populated borough with a population of 474,558 spread across an area of 58 square miles, the population density is 8,160, making it the most sparse borough in New York City. The Church of God in Christ is one of the largest predominantly-black Pentecostal denominations in the area. News 12 Networks operated News 12 The Bronx and News 12 Brooklyn. The FDNY is the largest municipal fire department in the United States and the second largest in the world after the Tokyo Fire Department. The city government pays the Pelham Public Schools to educate a very small, detached section of the Bronx. [439] The president of HHC is Ramanathan Raju, MD, a surgeon and former CEO of the Cook County health system in Illinois. The Great Irish Famine brought a large influx of Irish immigrants; more than 200,000 were living in New York by 1860, upwards of a quarter of the city's population. This means New York City is over 33 times larger than the second largest city in New York. New York used to be the 4th most populous state, but it was surpassed by Florida in 2014. The city of New York is the most densely populated in the US with a population of about 8.55 million spread over an area of 305 square miles. [291] Queens is the preferred borough of settlement for Asian Indians, Koreans, Filipinos and Malaysians,[292][281] and other Southeast Asians;[293] while Brooklyn is receiving large numbers of both West Indian and Asian Indian immigrants. [466], New York City has been described as the cultural capital of the world by New York's Baruch College. [271] The term "melting pot" was first coined to describe densely populated immigrant neighborhoods on the Lower East Side. [135], The area was rebuilt with a new One World Trade Center, a 9/11 memorial and museum, and other new buildings and infrastructure. [503] The Queens Night Market in Flushing Meadows–Corona Park attracts more than ten thousand people nightly to sample food from more than 85 countries.[504].


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