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[35][36], On September 18, 1975, Hearst was arrested in a San Francisco apartment with Wendy Yoshimura, another SLA member, by San Francisco Police Inspector Timothy F. Casey and his partner, Police Officer Laurence R. Pasero, and FBI Special Agent Thomas J. Padden and his partners, FBI agents Jason Moulton, Frank Doyle, Jr., Larry Lawler, Monte Hall, Dick Vitamonte, Leo Brenneissen, and Ray Campos. [42] Without a mental illness or defect, a person is considered to be fully responsible for any criminal action not done under duress, which is defined as a clear and present threat of death or serious injury. Phoebe was thrilled to see Europe in 1873, and took the attitude that she should make the most of it, in case she never went back. After the distribution descended into chaos, the SLA refused to release Hearst. The blindfold was removed, allowing her to see her captors for the first time. I just did it, and if I had not done it and if they had been able to get away they would have killed me. Patricia Hearst, who prefers to be called "Patricia" rather than "Patty",[3] was born on February 20, 1954 in San Francisco, California,[a] the third of five daughters of Randolph Apperson Hearst and Catherine Wood Campbell. The product found its market: an estimated one in five Americans, including many of the poor and immigrant classes, read Hearst papers. On May 16, the ‘FBI’ followed two members of the ‘SLA’ to a safe house and a shootout broke out, killing six terrorists, including their leader, DeFreeze. // cutting the mustard [74] She recovered full civil rights when President Bill Clinton granted her a pardon on January 20, 2001, his last day in office. When she died in 1919, the newspaper tributes included one calling her "a true woman of God who lived by the Golden Rule and not the rule of gold.". s.parentNode.insertBefore(t,s)}(window,document,'script', "[39][40], At the time of her arrest, Hearst's weight had dropped to 87 pounds (40 kg), and she was described by Dr. Margaret Singer in October 1975 as "a low-IQ, low-affect zombie". On April 3, a tape came out in the open and shocked everyone. /* fbq('track', 'PageView'); */ [8][37][38] While being booked into jail, Hearst listed her occupation as "Urban Guerilla" and asked her attorney to relay the following message: "Tell everybody that I'm smiling, that I feel free and strong and I send my greetings and love to all the sisters and brothers out there. The prosecutor James L. Browning Jr. used Harris' interpretation of the item, and some jurors later said they regarded the carving, which Browning waved in front of them, as powerful evidence that Hearst was lying. Ewing, Charles Patrick & McCann, Joseph T. AP. [33][34] Marked money found in the apartment when she was arrested linked Hearst to the SLA armed robbery of Crocker National Bank in Carmichael, California; she was the getaway car driver for the robbery. Hearst testified that "when it happened I didn't even think. [70], Superior Court judge Talbot Callister gave her probation on the sporting goods store charge when she pleaded no contest, saying that he believed that she been subject to coercion amounting to torture. Of course, that trip became the first of many. Sign up for the American Experience newsletter!


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