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Pour a cup of coconut milk and mix your dough. Your dough will look nice and smooth when ready. This banana bread is delicious. Make sure it is fresh. Collect all the juice into a separate bowl. It is also one of my staples to use as gifts during the holidays, especially when it is nicely packaged in a bottle stirring up the nice and nostalgic memories of home… Enjoy! Make sure all the chicken wings are clean from feathers. Preheat your oven and bake the bread for about 60 minutes. Take a spoon of regular flour and put into a small bowl. Break your coconut. 5. Put off the heat and transfer into a bowl; leave to cool a bit and mold into your shape of choice. here’s a video on How to Make Nigerian Coconut Candy, Afang Soup : The Popular Calabar Afang soup, How to Make Homemade Wonton Wrappers (Homemade …. Pour in the milk and keep mixing to make the dough. All the water has to be drained to leave plantain slices dry before cooking them. Everything you need to make this popular Nigerian snack is plantains, vegetable oil, and some salt. Turn on the heat and wait till oil gets hot. Add the nuts and continue to mix all the products. Take another bowl and peel bananas. I'd love to just have it in bits, like grains. Wash them. Tip: The sugar caramelizes faster at this stage, and can get burnt and ruin the recipe. 3. This way you can maintain their color. Each of us loves different types of snacks. Grate the coconut and set aside. Pour the sugar into a dry pot and spread it out. Turn on the fire on the stove and heat the oil. Rub your new mixture over the wings that are in the oven and let it cook for another 5 minutes. Here you go. All you will need are a single coconut, some salt and some sugar. Make sure your beef pieces are thin and have no fat. 3. Take the eggs out of the refrigerator so that they reach the room temperature by the time you will have to add them to this recipe. Place future chin chins into the oil and cook them until they turn a pretty brown color. Nigeria Food West African Food Indian Food Recipes African Recipes International Recipes Soul Food The Best Easy Food Porn Nigerian Moin Moin Recipe Thank you so much. While your chicken wings are cooking, you can wash mango, peel it and cut into small fruit pieces. As the sugar starts to caramelize (change to golden brown like honey), turn down the heat to low and pour in the grated coconut; mix thoroughly until well incorporated. Pour the water to slightly cover all the coconut meat. Ingredients for Nigerian Coconut Candy You have learned how to make snacks that are extremely popular in Nigeria. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Rinse all the pieces the next day (use new water each time). As we have already mentioned, Nigerians are in love with deeply fried snacks. What a lovely story and a fun recipe! Set the bowl aside for 10-15 minutes. I am Lois, and I cook, come up with the recipes, and take pictures of all the delicious dishes you see here on Yummy Medley. Nigerian Coconut Candy 1. The coconut shreds should be no longer be moist once it is done, Nigerian Coconut Candy Nutrition and Calories. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. You can mold into any shape of choice or simply leave it to cool completely and harden. Families travelling with children like ours would be only too happy to silence the raucous cries of “I want! Put chicken wings into a deep bowl and cover with all the ingredients you have blended in the first step. Sugar – 0.25 cup or more (how you like it), Oil (vegetable or olive) – from 1 to 3 cups (sometimes less, sometimes more). If you prefer adding green/red bell pepper, you can do this now, before you turn off the heat and let your filling rest for a while. To extract the meat from the coconut, hit the coconut in the middle (between the eyes and the pointy tip) over a bowl preferably with a hammer, or with a blunt heavy object. You need a bread pan. * 250 gram Coconut meat/flesh or 1 medium coconut. It was common to have many of our visiting relatives bring this along as a treat whenever they stopped by our house, since it was likely to be one of the many snacks sold along the roads linking major Eastern cities in Nigeria with cities in the west like Ibadan and Lagos (where I grew up if you’re not already aware). Femi is my husband, the techie, photo post-editor and taster of all Yummy Medley dishes. READ ALSO: How to make Nigerian meat pie with stove. Roll it out to create a circle 5-6 millimeters thick. If this is somewhat difficult to do, simply place the coconut in a 350 degrees Fahrenheit oven for 15 minutes, and the shell should come off easily with a butter knife once it is out of the oven. Nigerian Coconut Candy is the Nigerian style Chancacas(colombian coconut candy). This is one of those yummy goodness that brings back a lot of good childhood memories…oh! Add all other ingredients (the dry ones) and keep mixing. Put a pan on the stove (use low heat) and add some oil to keep the pancake from burning. Get ready for coconut, plantain, flour, and meat snack ideas. Use a cutter (any shape you like) and rub each piece with a beaten egg from one side. In the end, add an egg and prepare to cook the popular Nigerian snack. This candy is so easy to make and highly addictive(SUGAR ALERT!!!). Add the coconut and mix thoroughly with a spatula, until it is well incorporated. You can make delicious Nigerian snacks called coconut candies. Put the dough on it and decorate the top with the leftover nuts. hi pls how do i get d grainy type not d moulded ones. Place all these ingredients in a bowl. Remove extra oil from your chips with the help of paper towels and enjoy the delicious snack. Then cut into square or rectangles. Keep mixing everything. 4. * 200 gram White Granulated/castor sugar Now you can fry the puff puff. Bake your beef for 14-18 minutes, but remember to flip all the pieces over several times. Among many Nigerian snacks, puff puff is extremely popular and well known even outside the country. Close every piece sealing it with a fork or your fingers. Below you’ll find two (2) recipes; one recipe makes use of water, while the other doesn’t include water. Put coconut flour in this bowl, salt it and add milk. If you prefer videos, here’s a video on How to Make Nigerian Coconut Candy. Your snack is ready when each puff puff turns into pretty golden-brown color. You will notice the coconut shreds begin to dry as the moisture is slowly absorbed. You need to rub it into the flour creating a crumb-like mixture. Pepper (red, green, black) – to your taste. Note: I prefer the recipe with water because you can easily control the caramelization of the sugar. Though some work goes to grating the fresh coconut meat into tiny pieces, the snack itself is very simple to make. Once the coconut begins to brown at the tip, turn the heat down to low, and continue to stir and toast until it turns golden brown. On some of the family trips from Lagos to Benin along the Ore-Benin highways, I remember seeing bottles of coconut candy being sold usually beside the toll gates where hawkers would race and compete with each other in the sweltering sun to earn travellers’ attention and the possible promise of a sale. There is a classic version and different extras for people who like sweet, spicy food, etc. Salt the water and stir. Grate the coconut flesh and set... 2. READ ALSO: Top 3 African garden egg recipes. This is one of those yummy goodness that brings back a lot of good childhood memories…oh! Add the coconut and mix thoroughly with a spatula, until it is well incorporated. Enjoy! Shred the coconut meat, using the medium side of a box grater. In another bowl, break the eggs and gently whisk them. Nigerian coconut candy can be eaten by itself, or can be served as a topping for ice-cream, yogurt, and even with garri. You should get a powder-like mixture. Keep mixing periodically and later add the crushed cube along with thyme and black pepper. Also, grind the ginger into a nice paste-like mixture. This candy is so easy to make and highly addictive(SUGAR ALERT!!!). Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Without stirring. For a crispier coconut, use 300 grams sugar. Also while you’re here why not take a quick second and subscribe to my newsletter to get email notifications on new recipes, click the links to FOLLOW ME ON PINTEREST or INSTAGRAM? Stir continuously. Reduce the heat to low. Also, add sugar and mix it. Remove the tubers from water and slice into 3 millimeter-thick pieces. I dnt like the moulded ones. Break the coconut and pry out the meat/flesh (that’s if you’re using whole coconut). Place the tray into the oven at medium heat for half an hour. So take a frying pan and add oil. Heat up on medium heat and watch it closely. Before eating this popular Nigerian snack, you should put puff puff balls on a paper towel to remove excess oil. 3. Do this with a spoon or rolling pin. Your mango chicken wings are ready to be served. Do you like desserts? Chin chin is a bright example of such a meal, and it is simple to make if you follow our recipe. The batter for your pancakes is ready. Sweet, savory, spicy, salty and even bitter, all can be found on the right street corner or roadside. Cut the meat into small pieces along with mushrooms (if you are using them), carrot and onion. Below we will list some of the most popular snacks to make at home. Add pepper plus spice to your mixture called Kilichi, stir and put away for a while. Place them into a deep pot and cover with water. 3. I’m feeling nostalgic ..… just reminiscing. Take a deep bowl and put flour along with sugar, salt, nutmeg, and yeast inside. You will love these recipes because they are simple, delicious, and extremely popular in Africa. Heat up on medium heat and watch it closely I want!! It is necessary to mix all these ingredients really well. Mix everything together. Reduce the heat to low. How do I make d cocnut cripsy'not merging 2gether'like snacks I can bottle.tnx God blss, we respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously, Hi, I'm Nky-Lily Lete and welcome to my little space. 1. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Transfer  the coconut candy into a wide tray/plate, spread it out and leave to cool a bit. Stir your ingredients. Carefully add yeast to your milk and mix this mixture. Keep on stirring until the mixture is a ”browner” color  and feels ”kind-of” grainy on your spatula. Lol…Just thinking about it makes me hungry for some right now! If you don’t have this machine, pre-heat the milk on a stove. You can make this bread on the weekend and enjoy throughout the week with jam, honey, and other extras. 5. You’ll need to put the chopped onions first and let them fry alone for 60 seconds. If you would like to cook something Nigerian-like, you can learn how to make snacks from our guides. I wnt my coconut cripsy & dry like chinchin,hw do I go abt it done? The more sugar you use the harder and crispier the coconut will be. Keep stirring for a while. It is a popular homemade bread for banana lovers. Let it rest for 15-20 minutes. In a large dry pan on medium heat, place the shredded coconut with sugar and salt. If you followed the recipe as it is, then maybe you should check the expiring date on the tinned tomatoes you used or use another brand next time. Separate white from yolk in eggs and add the whites into the bowl with oil. Learn how your comment data is processed. So watch it closely. Break the coconut and pry out the meat/flesh(that’s if you’re using whole coconut).


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