cameroon diaspora population

Over the years, the hospitals have been reduced to consultation clinics with many Cameroonians ending up in the mortuary for little health issues such as constipation and seasonal flus. Among them, we can find scientists, engineers, researchers, teachers, medical practitioners, writers, lawyers, artists, etc. 2006). 2001. Defining Diaspora, Refining a Discourse. Whiteman Country and the Enduring Allure of Modernity among Cameroonian Youth. [1][3][4][4] According to the 2007-2011 American Community Survey there are 33,181 Cameroonian-born people living in the United States. The Cameroon Diaspora has, over the last two decades, grown exponentially as many people from Cameroon seek new ways of kissing goodbye to the humiliating poverty that has become the hallmark of their country. This, coupled with the grinding poverty, unemployment and despair is making many Cameroonian to simply bid farewell to formal education which was in the past, the region’s hallmark. In 1994, 675 Cameroonians received French resident permits. Le Monde Diplomatique 477 : 25. Many developing countries have realized the important role played by the Diaspora remittances in the socio-economic well-being of their people and country. There are many Cameroonian organizations in the US. Redistribution of Cameroonians living abroad in 2005.

However, the 2010 population or demographic census in Cameroon acknowledges that 2.2 per cent of the total population, approximately 200,000 Cameroonians live and work abroad. For instance, according to statistics from OECD and the World Bank, the financial remittances from the Cameroonians living abroad stood at 11.0 million US dollars (about 6.600 million francs CFA) and 60.6 million US dollars (about 36.360 million CFA francs) in 1980 and 1990 respectively (Ibid.). There are also many Cameroonians who are blue collar workers. Furthermore, CAMSOLA premiered in 2011 the Scholarship Fund Youth Development and Youth Leadership Club in Los Angeles. Other Diasporic communities such as those of Kenya and Ghana and Nigeria are already making the most of these opportunities.

This visit was negotiated by an association known as Biagne.

Paris: La Découverte.

However, despite all the valuable benefits they dispense, the Cameroonian Diaspora in the Europe and North America still operate at the margins of the society because of their weak social, economic and political position. Fourth, compared with other migrant organizations, the Cameroonian associations are linked marginally with the mainstream development agencies. In this perspective, the elaboration of a status becomes indispensable if we really want the Cameroonian Diaspora to serve as a veritable partner for local development.

Financial remittances also act as a safety net to the poor in the rural areas where the government lacks the means to make such provision. In many families and localities in Cameroon, these remittances constitute the principal source of revenue. Our preliminary findings also identify the areas in which further research and policy intervention is necessary. Regarding the scale, there are roughly 20,000 citizens of the Cameroonian descent in the USA, with a collective purchasing power of $ 10 billion per year (Samba and Le Masson 2005: 15).

They should rather look at the merits and good such projects will spin out to the people in the Cameroon. DIASPORA The Community Cameroonian Professionals Studying in Belgium Student Population and Issues University Cooperation Associations Events .

Instead, the Cameroonian Diaspora groupings are formed through ethnic or community linings. They have, for example, learnt and adopted the idea of a voluntary association from the Western societies and they are now transferring it to their homeland, Cameroon. 2004. The mainstream development organizations begin to adopt a new approach towards the African Diaspora organizations which are set up to help to promote development in Africa. The advent of television in Cameroon after 1985 allowed the Cameroonians through television serials and documentaries to have a virtual access to western societies and their economic and social well-being which is far off from their daily realities (Assogba 2002). 1 illustrates the official flow of remittances as a percentage of GDP from 2000 to 2006 (left diagram) and the amount of remittances received in millions of USD in 2000–2006 (right diagram).

‘To fall bush’ implies trying against all odds to leave the country, (i.e. Consensus building is an idea whose time has come.

However, if the country has to benefit from its large population abroad, the numerous Cameroon organizations abroad have to work hard to bring the Diaspora together. Among the Cameroonians living abroad, 42.3 per cent are highly educated. 2002. The Diaspora, it should be recalled, constitutes a huge treasure trove of development information, experience and investment resources. After his success in Chicago, the SDF party eventually established several subsidiaries in other US cities. 1 Group discussion with the Notables of the Bali Traditional Council, Bali, August 21, 2012. The amount of remittances in USD has more than tripled from 2000 (US$53 million) to 2006 (US$172 million) (Ibid.). Hence, the states are in better position to provide protection for migrants. The Cameroon Diaspora has to wake up from its slumber and indifference if it has to be counted among the important Diasporic communities across Africa. The Cameroonian Diaspora in Europe and America feels that they are strategically placed to undertake such development activities in their respective communities or regions of origin.

The first Cameroonian immigrants in France came in the 1970s, like the Congolese, some years after the first immigrant wave from Black Africa (Senegal Valley) in France. The Cameroonian Diaspora promotes private (voluntary self-help) development projects in Cameroon. – The stakeholders in Cameroon's development should recognize the potential impact of the Cameroon Diaspora remittances on economic development, savings mobilization and productive investments in Cameroon. The distribution according to host country indicated that France had the lion share with 36,000 legal migrants from Cameroon of a total of 57,060 Cameroonians legally living in Europe.

The leaders out there must embrace new ways which are predicated on reliability and transparency. Cameroonian American are an ethnic group of Americans of Cameroonian descent.

It should be noted that the Cameroonian Diaspora is distinguished by a strong student proportion. This new sequential migratory model favored the departure of many Cameroonians to travel abroad. The Cameroonian Diaspora is linked to vast transnational networks at different levels. These relations can move from partial or complete professional and social insertion to precarious situations such as joblessness, social exclusion and poverty. Nouvelles Pratiques Sociales 15(1): 98–110.

According to the census of 2010, in the United States there were 16,894 Americans of Cameroonian origin.

While there are enormous opportunities available as a result of strengthening the partnership with the Diaspora, still there are some challenges that need to be addressed taking into consideration the interests of all concerned parties, that is the migrants, host country and country of origin. That research program should be managed and implemented in cooperation with the Cameroonian Diaspora experts. Informal trade is now, in fact, the biggest market economy in Cameroon currently generating more than 70 per cent of domestic wealth. : 70). Les migrants, coopérants de demain?

It is important that the Cameroon Government takes the lead in the partnership with other non-government stakeholders in working out the policy of engaging the Diaspora. Volgograd, Russia

Fig. Both individuals and groups within the Cameroonian Diaspora promote overseas business enterprise with their homeland counterparts. In the USA, the Bali Cultural Association usually sustains the traditional Bali Nyonga palace by providing accessories for the Fon and his traditional council. They believe that they ought to contribute either individually or collectively to the development, security and prosperity of their homeland.

Mamfe multipurpose centre donated by MECA-USA.

The association tries, among other things, relate and encourage respect among all Cameroonians living in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles and California, teaches them to respect the laws of the State and the United States of America, helps individuals and families need, helps communities, government agencies, social groups and various associations in the United States and other countries, working with them to improve the lives of Cameroon in particular and humanity in general and participate in charitable activities of other organizations. However, as Dembele Moussa says, ‘Diaspora should not be considered as instruments but rather should be understood as partners in development’ (Dembele Moussa 1999: 39). The fact is that, on paper the figures are amazing but in reality most of the Cameroonian Diaspora members are still unable to transform their homeland in a way that it would be commensurate with the amount of remittances and their capacity and abilities. 1995. Our people could be helped to understand that there are educational courses in life that can open more doors. The ability of the Cameroonian Diaspora to contribute to the development of their country lacks publicity. More importantly, the Cameroonian Diaspora as well as any other African one benefits the global transnational networks to which it is linked in many ways. Cameroon Diaspora: What role in our nation’s development? Le rôle des émigrés dans le développement national du Sénégal: implications socio-conomiques et perspectives. The Cameroon Diaspora must ensure that huge development opportunities do not pass the country by. They have to quit their old squabbling and bickering mentality to embrace collective effort which is a notion that is very much alive in their new countries. Members of the Cameroonian Diaspora have to understand that there is power in numbers and that their little contributions could, if well managed, turn things around for their beloved country. In 2006, there were 203 Cameroonians studying in Luxemburg, 590 in Canada and about 9,000 in France (Ibid. 2010. International Migration: Virtue or Vice? – Appropriate ways should be worked out so that the development projects promoted by the Cameroonian Diaspora can be integrated with the formal programs sponsored by the mainstream development agencies at the field level. Most often, the Cameroonian Diaspora is organized on the basis of host country and ethnic lines (Assogba 2002: 106). Diaspora 10(2): 189–219.


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