middle ages movies for students

(stopping by via the Ultimate Homeschool Blog Hop). When not blogging, Samantha can be found reading about WWII, trying to speak Hebrew, and wasting time on Pinterest. Also the Torchlighter series has great animated movies about Corrie ten Boom, Eric Lidell, Perpetua, John Bunyan, etc. More than listening to authority, I want my kids to do the right thing – whether or not it’s illegal. An alien is left behind on Earth and is saved by young Elliot who decides to keep him hidden. […] Historical Movies for Kids ages 6-12 […], […] List of Historical Movies for Kids (Ages 6-12) by Le Chaim (on the right) […]. Below are some of my favorite historical movies that have great values and lessons and minimal violence, making them more appropriate for more mature children. Parents who take their job seriously recognize that. Teachwithmovies.org is a Character Counts Free basic shipping on USA orders over $75! Thanks, will look into those movies as well, Rachel! Pastor Lee Jong-Rak and his wife have taken in and care for hundreds of orphaned and/or special needs children throughout South Korea. Samantha, Please try to view Night Crossing which is a Disney movie about a family that escapes East Germany to West Germany after WWII. This is a FANTASTIC starter list.

Thank you so much! The series has been completely worth it! I remember being irritated because it would not have been difficult to present the story accurately instead of making cuts that created errors. My dad is big into Civil War history and was able to watch with and explain it to him… The first time.) Whether you lived on a manor or in a castle or in one of the growing towns, daily life in the Middle Ages was deeply religious and often violent. This classic, starring Denzel Washington, is the true story of how a black football coach broke racial barriers. The shorter, edited version I show at school is for sale at Amazon, although I loved the longer original version. […]. If a fictional event in a historical movie encourages a child to look into what “really” happened and sparks an interest in a time period, then I would say it is a worthwhile movie. My children loved the three “historically” based movies featuring Fievel Mousecowitz, An American Tale is the first one (this one I liked most). All films are rated G unless otherwise noted. 1. The second one, Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian was my favorite, which includes historical figures like the Tuskegee airmen and Amelia Earhart. I like that there are so many people/things in it that would spark questions and curiosity in kids. You ought to consider adding “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” as well. As for Disney and parents, I do agree the newer Disney (ie Disney channel) teaches little other than bad examples. & Anne of Green Gables. Here is a list of historical movies for kids, ages 6-12.

Great post. I was pleased Merlin didn’t perform any witchcraft in the movie. I have Brother Sun, Sister Moon on the schedule to watch also. This amazing story has some profanity and violence, but nothing felt graphic or over the top.

(& the Book of Kells), Medieval Plays, Drama I haven’t seen any of them or know much about the plot, so I can’t really judge. The Book that Changed the World narrated by John Rys Daives, G-d’s Outlaw: The Story of William TYndale. Thanks! I appreciate the time you took to put this together. More than anything else in the world, I want my kids to be courageous and to do the right thing. One is THE BLACK STALLION, and one is ANNE OF GREEN GABLES SERIES. Or I Am David. My brother was all about it when he was 8 years old or so, having read all the non-fiction he could get his hands on. It is about the pograms in Russia and emigration to America (my favorite).

Though I haven’t seen it, it has a good cast. We happened to find it on TV soon after studying Jamestown, and my children and I were appalled at how inaccurate it was! I was big into the American Civil War during elementary school! Darla, Selma Lord Selma- the Disney version of the story. It has one scene that includes drunkedness so you will want to pre-watched so you know when to fast forward if you want. Through classic songs and Tevye’s humor, this film contains great lessons on traditions and is a great film for introductory to the Orthodox Jewish culture. In Mulan, they also used divination to summon their dead ancestor’s spirits- a big no-no in Christianity . The Torchlighters is an animated series featuring missionaries such as Jim Elliot, Corrie ten Boom and Amy Carmichael. The host is silly, but that’s part of what makes is so great. Sure, maybe my 10-13 year old can look beyond certain things knowing they are realistic, though wrong, and my middle to late teen can synthesize the information and come to their own conclusions (& accept consequences)even if their parents may have guided them differently. Samantha is an entrepreneur and a former homeschool student from Indiana, USA. Who’s the villain? When we watched Night at the Museum, my daughter then wanted to know more about Teddy Roosevelt and Sacajewea–so I would recommend, for 8+. October Sky. I was adopted from China, and my parents LOVE that movie. Night at the Museum During this time, he also loses his arm. True story of high school boys whose interest in rocketry was sparked by Sputnik. Adventures in Odyssey This film was originally in black and white, but there is also a colorized version available. The mayflower voyagers, the birth of the constitution, the wright bros at kitty hawk, NASA space station, building of transcontinental railroad, the great inventors, the Smithsonian and the presidency, and the music and heros of America. As for Disney, we tend to steer clear of them most of the time, due to the witchcraft, new age religion references, & rebellion promotions. about the Middle Ages, Free Games for Kids

Thank you again! I haven’t seen this movie yet, but many readers have mentioned it, so I thought it was worth sharing. Grab the movie guide here. Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total), Your Questions Answered: Questions about Dictation, Your Questions Answered: Favorite School Supplies for a Charlotte Mason Home School, This topic has 14 replies, 5 voices, and was last updated. And, I hope you enjoy these!

Students then can make crenellations in their keeps by cutting notches on the top of the walls and towers.

What a wonderful resource. Yeah, I was a bit shocked when I found out how young Pocahontas was! (No spam or junk. Hidden in Silence is the true story of a courageous Polish teenager and her 8-year-old sister who hid 13 Jews in their attic for 2.5 years. Ohh thank you! (Actually watching it now as I’m reading your list.)


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