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The "Maintenance Service" comprises all required maintenance for a period of up to six years or 150,000 kilometres. [14] Manufacturer's suggested retail price in Germany, incl. The first EQC will roll off the production line at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen. The EQC Edition 1886 therefore features an extensive range of optional equipment and offers a wide range of customer-oriented electric-mobility services. When the body, suspension and powertrain come together in automobile assembly, this is referred to as the "marriage" - in the case of the EQC this is when the two powerpacks are installed in the body. The "Wear Parts Package" includes the replacement of the most important wear parts such as brake pads, brake discs or wiper blades for a period of up to six years. So where are the electric models from Stuttgart?”. Usage of Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts and special tools ensures a smooth and reliable driving experience. Together with a market-specific charging installation partner, Mercedes-Benz additionally offers fast and simple installation of the Mercedes-Benz Wallbox and professional e-mobility advice. The dominance of Tesla in the U.S. market has continued to soldier on this year, even with an aging lineup and a handful of competitors entering the emissions-free segment. [2] Manufacturer's suggested retail price in Germany, incl. Electric: Power straight away, even from standstill. 19% VAT. It’s a complicated story why automotive giants such as Daimler cannot keep up with the future and just see Tesla cruise pass them. The optional AMG Line interior (€1,082.903) adds to the sportiness of the EQC - visibly and tangibly. Connected: Intelligently conceived operating concept with EQC specifics. Support arms raise the battery to the vehicle's floor from below. Its fully electric powertrain delivers quiet performance, along with the crisp acceleration that's part of the package with many luxury EVs. Release Date. While Tesla has been setting trends and transforming the auto industry, Germany’s giants might have been caught resting on their laurels and were caught by surprise how a young company from California can slay them in the electric vehicle race. The fully variable 4MATIC all-wheel drive improves handling stability, above all in challenging road conditions. With that, Mercedes-Benz will be delaying the launch of the Mercedes EQC in the U.S., a report from Automotive News states. Electrical consumption and range depend on the vehicle configuration. It’s very similar to the installation of an ICE in a conventional car – support arms raise the battery to the SUV’s flor from below and an employee monitors the automatic bolting. On the other hand, the electric crossover has been selling well in Europe. With its seamless, clean design and colour highlights typical of the brand, the Mercedes-Benz EQC is a pioneer for an avant-garde electric look while representing the design idiom of Progressive Luxury. The sports seats with AMG-specific seat upholstery layout ensure good lateral support. 692/2008. Other production locations for future Mercedes-Benz EQ models are the Mercedes-Benz plants in Rastatt (Germany), Sindelfingen (Germany), Tuscaloosa (USA) and Hambach (France). Since the vehicle was released in the country, registrations for the vehicle have only numbered 55. This will give access to the full range of Mercedes-Benz products, from a convertible for a summer weekend break, through to the V-Class for a family holiday. One unique feature is the voice control, which can even understand dialects and EQC-specific commands. BBAC is part of the global production network of Mercedes-Benz Cars. The batteries for EQC production in Bremen are produced by wholly owned Daimler subsidiary Accumotive at its site in Kamenz (near Dresden) and delivered partly charged. [6] In other European countries, country-specific mobility solutions are being planned for EQC customers. Its cabin looks appropriately deluxe, with high-gloss plastics, attractive textiles, and modern design. The production network for the mobility of the future is well positioned. The EQC was expected to hit U.S. showrooms by 2020 but with this announcement, American EV buyers who have been clamoring for the EQC will have to wait longer until 2021. 692/2008. No other system epitomises the "Connected" CASE field more than the Mercedes-Benz infotainment system MBUX – Mercedes-Benz User Experience. [1] Electrical consumption and range have been determined on the basis of Regulation (EC) No. The mobility package will be simple to redeem at Mercedes-Benz EQ partners, tailored according to individual needs and with the customary Mercedes-Benz Rent premium service. The charismatic EQC impresses with the sum of its attributes. MBUX infotainment system is standard equipment. Tesla appears poised to extend its reach into the heart of Das Auto, but it seems like Mercedes-Benz, a member of the old guard, may not be up to the task of meeting the young electric car maker’s challenge head-on. 2020 Mercedes EQC Pricing Announced, Cheaper Than Audi E-Tron ⠀ Mercedes Kicks Off Production Of EQC In Germany. Through access to a Mercedes-Benz rental vehicle with a traditional combustion engine, the customer will be able to travel further distances on holiday in areas that do not yet have sufficient charging infrastructure.[6]. Indicators that were specified only for the Mercedes-Benz EQC, such as the power meter in the right tube of the instrument display, which replaces the rev counter, augment the positive user experience. As a result of this decision, the US market launch date of the Mercedes‑Benz EQC will be rescheduled. [7] Electrical consumption and range have been determined on the basis of Regulation (EC) No. 692/2008. The extension of the vehicle warranty is the optimal addition to the standard battery certificate for the high-voltage battery, which is valid for eight years or 160,000 kilometres.[5]. The Mercedes-Benz EQC (combined electrical consumption: 20.8 - 19.7 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km)[1] is produced at the Mercedes-Benz Bremen plant – and can be ordered now. Special attention is paid to checking safety-relevant components and checking the functionality of electric components. The EQC-optimised navigation system automatically calculates a fast and comfortable route with short charging times and minimum charging stops. And at the last major e-car premiere that Germany experienced this year, numerous Tesla Model 3s drove through the area after just a few weeks. Automotive News via Bloomberg. We offer our customers progressive design and unique ride comfort – and this with a range absolutely suitable for everyday use," states Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG responsible for Mercedes-Benz Cars Sales. The staff in Bremen have many years of experience in the production of vehicles with a wide range of drive types. The touchpad in the centre console is likewise included as standard. Gigafactory 4 will open opportunities for Tesla in Germany by first producing the Model Y crossover, which happens to be a cheaper alternative to the Mercedes-Benz EQC. The high Mercedes-Benz production standards therefore ensure top quality across all vehicle models. "In a recent direction from Daimler AG, it is a strategic decision to first support the growing customer demand for the EQC in Europe," the automaker from Stuttgart said. Though final EPA figures haven't been annou… Local battery production is a major success factor in the electric initiative of Mercedes-Benz Cars. [11] The charging times are for 10-100% full charge when using a Wallbox or public charging station (AC connection with at least 7.4 kW, 16A per phase). 2021. German publication Welt noted that the veteran car manufacturer is hesitant to reveal information about the EQC’s sales, but data from the Federal Motor … The modular system design comprising two modules with 48 cells and four modules with 72 cells allows a particularly compact design. Production staff are irreplaceable, even in the age of electric mobility. 19% VAT. 402 horsepower. Customers benefit from an integrated payment function with simple invoicing. [10] Electrical consumption and range have been determined on the basis of Regulation (EC) No. Standard equipment for the EQC includes extensive digital services that allow worry-free electric driving and charging. In time for the Mercedes-Benz EQC launch there will be a "Holiday Mobility Package" available for customers in Germany. Thanks to EQC-optimised navigation, Mercedes-Benz customers can easily find charging stations, and Mercedes me Charge gives them convenient access to the charging stations of numerous providers in different countries. All in all, the company will be investing over one billion euros in global battery production with two factories each in Kamenz/Saxony and Stuttgart-Untertürkheim (Germany), and one each in Sindelfingen (Germany), Beijing (China), Tuscaloosa (USA), Jawor (Poland) and Bangkok (Thailand). An employee monitors the automatic bolting in place. A growing number of carmakers offer electrified transportation, and Mercedes-Benzenters the fray with the 2020 EQC. Pre-entry climate control ensures that the vehicle interior is at the desired temperature on departure. Vehicle Imagery licensed from EVOX Images, Audi E-Tron Vs Mercedes-Benz EQC Comparison: Current Contenders, 2020 Mercedes-Benz EQC400 First Drive: EQualizing Luxury, 2020 Mercedes EQC Pricing Announced, Cheaper Than Audi E-Tron, Mercedes Kicks Off Production Of EQC In Germany. We are building on this know-how in the electric age, too. With the EQC Edition 1886 (combined electrical consumption: 20.8 - 19.7 kWh/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 0 g/km)[8], which had its world premiere at the New York International Autoshow 2019, the inventor of the automobile shows that its idea of future mobility goes way beyond vehicles alone. This ensures a range of 445 - 471 km (NEDC)7 as well as high-performance electric drive. 692/2008. Check out the press release section below for more details. "With the Mercedes-Benz EQC, we are entering a new era of mobility. As it does for the C-Class and the GLC, Bremen acts as the centre of competence for production of the EQC in other locations. The EQC has a total output of 300 kW (408 hp). Vehicle Imagery licensed from EVOX Images, Why Mercedes EQC Doesn’t Have A Front Trunk Might Surprise You, Mercedes-Benz EQC Edition 1886 Adds Exclusivity To The Electric SUV [UPDATE], Mercedes Kicks Off Production Of EQC In Germany,, 2022 GMC Hummer EV Revealed: Pricing, Images, Range & Specs, We Finally Get To See GMC Hummer EV Show Crab Walk Mode In Action, 2022 Kia Sportage Rendered With Revolutionary Design, Enter Now To Win This Ultra-Rare 200-MPH Cadillac CTS-V Championship Edition, 2021 Mustang Mach 1 'Very Close' To GT500 On Short Tracks. In addition to the electro-aesthetics of the interior, the multifunction sports steering wheel in nappa leather, with flattened bottom section and perforated grip area, for example, enhances driving pleasure. 2021 Mercedes-Benz EQC Release Date and Price Although we are still waiting for the exact date, there is no doubt that the 2021 Mercedes-Benz EQC will come in the next couple of months. Production of vehicles with various drive systems can be adapted variably and efficiently in line with market demand. The plant in Bremen will also act as the center of competence for the production of EQC in China. Dynamic route adjustment is possible thanks to the inclusion of vehicle data such as the current battery charge level as well as information about the route, weather and available charging stations.


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