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From the age of ten, Dehbi attended the Académie Grétry [fr] theater and music school, which had been established in the hospital building where he had been born. #interview #netflixmessiah. Aside from the physicality, what scene or character choice did you find the most challenging to crack?

But it should come as no surprise that the first role Dehbi ever played as a child was — you guessed it — baby Jesus. But even without getting into the details of what you believed about him, you had to have a clear idea. When it comes to my work and how I approached the character, there was a pact I made with the creator, Michael Petroni, for me to keep all of the intentions, all of the inside work, to myself. I know that yogis let their hair grow for spiritual growth. More than a scene specifically, it’s really being with the character for a year and not getting out of character for a year. Of course, Dehbi wouldn’t let on whether Al-Massih is real or a fake — that’s for you to decide —  but he did tell us that he’s settled on an answer for himself, whatever that may be. The show doesn’t want to impose anything on anyone ideologically or politically. I felt like working on him required me to stay silent and to be within myself and to basically stay contained throughout the whole shoot. Mehdi Dehbi knows that people will probably compare him to Jesus when they see him in “Messiah,” out Jan. 1 on Netflix. 6:40. These people had beautiful faces and eyes and energies and were telling you incredible stories about their lives, and you are in the fiction of that, and all of a sudden you come back to a strong wall of reality, and that was beautiful and inspiring. To be clear, the Netflix series has no religious affiliation. I think that religion is interesting, but in the case of this show, spirituality goes beyond religion. Oh yeah, and that long, glossy mane that falls well past his shoulders in the show? Mehdi Dehbi (born 5 December 1985) is a Belgian actor and theatre director, known for his roles in La Folle Histoire d'amour de Simon Eskenazy [] (2009, English title: He is My Girl), L'Infiltré [] (2011), Le Fils de l'Autre (2012, English title: The Other Son), Mary Queen of Scots (2013), and A Most Wanted Man (2014). With this part, you can read the script and have stereotypes in your mind, so I had to get rid of all of the stereotypes and cliches and the skins that I didn’t need to play the role. “Where he comes from, his background, his intentions, why he’s going where he’s going… what makes him move, what’s his purpose.”, Groomer: Kristen Shaw at The Wall Group using Oribe for hair and Bobbi Brown for skin, Actor sits down for an interview and photo shoot, Hollywood Experts' Predictions for 2020: Netflix Gets Acquired, Apple TV+ Flops, Confused About 'The Witcher' on Netflix? © Copyright 2020 Variety Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. It requires you to do the work yourself. Also Read: Confused About 'The Witcher' on Netflix? And when I arrived on set on the day, I knew I was ready.

Fast Forward Europäisches Festival für junge Regie - In Braunschweig ziehen sich die Jungen in den Theaterraum zurück",, Articles with short description added by PearBOT 5, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles with WorldCat-VIAF identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Won – Golden Fipa at the Biarritz Film Festival for Best Actor (Mehdi Dehbi), This page was last edited on 27 August 2020, at 22:44. “It’s probably because Jesus is the most known figure in the whole wide world, that people would make the assumption that I’m looking to look like him,” Dehbi said in an on-camera interview with TheWrap, which you can watch above. We had the whole script. So my life really was pushed aside, and that was hard.

So, for example, whenever he said things like, “You have to shed your burdeons and you have to shed your fear,” how could I myself say those words without really understanding what they meant for me, personally?

And also with my fellow actors, I really wanted to be more available to them after set when they wanted to go and socialize and do things, but I couldn’t. What historical or other works did you rely on to help strip away stereotypes but still have him rooted in reality?

How were you able to formulate that? But working on set was not painful; I love working, and working on characters like that gives you so much understanding and strength about you as a person and about the world.

He’s since cut it, but he wants you all to know one thing. In the 10-episode drama series, Dehbi stars as Al-Massih, a mysterious man who emerges from Syria and quickly amasses a group of dedicated followers who believe him to be the second coming. “When I was 3 years old — I grew up in Belgium, and I was raised in a Catholic school — every Thursday we went in the church playing scenes from the Bible.

In 2020, he played the title role in the Netflix series Messiah How did you tackle the uncertainty around whether or not your character, Al-Masih, was a true messiah or if he was a manipulator? I didn’t know the day before, but on the day I was ready.

So whatever people want to project onto the character or onto the story, it’s totally valid, it’s totally fine. [2], In 2012 Mehdi directed his first play, Les Justes by Albert Camus at the Théâtre de Liège. Now, he has brought his career full-circle, in a sense, by taking on the titular role in Netflix’s “Messiah,” in which his character is believed by some to be to be a savior, while others think he is a con artist. The show toured in France and Germany in 2013 and in 2014 Mehdi Dehbi was nominated for the Découverte (Discovery) Prize at the 2014 Prix de la critique [fr] awards as a director.

And then I saw a lot of movies about Jesus and the Buddha, and I had to understand what I wanted to avoid doing. And in my mind I always knew and I always had somewhere there that I wanted to not specifically play Jesus but a spirit close to that kind of beautiful, vibrating love.

I’m very grateful for that, and I feel like after this, I’m very open and grateful for whatever will happen, but right now I don’t know how to answer that because I’m not finished with him. “It was never a goal to look like him or anybody else.”, Also Read: Hollywood Experts' Predictions for 2020: Netflix Gets Acquired, Apple TV+ Flops. I believe in the law of attraction, and when I was three years old I was raised in a Catholic school, and every Thursday we went to the church and we played scenes of the Bible, and the first role I ever played in my life was Jesus. Humanstry, I call it: the artistry of being human. Esquire ES 2,721 views. Whatever people want to project on him or on the story or on the show is part of the show itself. Michelle Monaghan stars opposite him as Eva Geller, a CIA officer hell-bent on finding out who he really is. He discusses his work, influences and what inspires him. So those were the two most painful things. To be genuine and authentic, it had to come from within me. Belgian actor Mehdi Dehbi is best known for appearing in “Mary Queen of Scots” and “A Most Wanted Man” on the big screen, as well as stage work in plays including “Romeo and Juliet” and “The Just Assassins.” But his very first role, at age 3, was playing Jesus when his parochial school staged scenes from the Bible. He trusted me with creating the storyline,” he said. Mehdi Dehbi … So I did that. I read a lot of books on figures from every religion and stories of yogis and more recent figures like Osho and Jiddu Krishnamurti. Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. It was challenging, and it was isolating, but the part required that. Related Videos.

And the first role I ever played was Jesus,” he told us. French actor Mehdi Dehbi is featured in our 3rd issue, "Acting French". Belgian actor Mehdi Dehbi is best known for appearing in “Mary Queen of Scots” and “A Most Wanted Man” on the big screen, as well as stage work … What does it take to get into that headspace and perform that physicality? With working on him, I pushed that even further. And it came.

Al-Masih is a very still, calm character who often spends scenes in perfect posture, not moving at all. The Hummer Has Been Reborn as a Zero-Emission, 1000 HP Supertruck. We were very fortunate to have real Syrians — real people who have fled the country, and who lived the war — and be connected to reality. NFL Turns to Digital Influencers in Fight to Win Over Young Fans, The Best Socks for Men to Rock No Matter Your Style. I had six months of prep and six months of shoot, and this is a long time to stay with such an intense character.


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