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McLaren 675LT in Monaco, Monaco Spotted on 2020-10-15 21:53 by Samuele Trevisanello How did McLaren manage to create such a lightweight vehicle? It bodes well for the 765LT that its name is simply an anagram of its predecesor! Body style: Coupé (two-door)Segment: Exotic. It is interesting that the limited edition supercar with the acronym LT (Long Tail – long tail) pays tribute to 2020 McLaren F1 GTR, which was constructed in 1996 to fight with Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR and Porsche 911 GT1. 2020 McLaren 765LT First Look: Fifth Longtail Model Is 720S-Based The driver-focused 765LT is designed to be quicker, sharper, more engaging to drive, and more exclusive than the 720S . The 765LT was more likely an upgraded version of the previous McLaren 720S. It was the exact number of units produced. McLaren has always tended to run slightly narrower tires than its rivals—indeed, the 720S at times feels as if it could use more mechanical grip—but D'Adamo says McLaren chose to keep the 765LT's tires the same size after back-to-back testing with meatier units. With four bazooka-sized outlets mounted at the center of the car, the 765LT certainly looks ready to rumble. © 2008-2020 SoftNews Net SRL.All rights reserved. The 675LT is still talked about as one of the best modern McLaren, a title for which the 600LT is a close competitor. For the record, the 765LT's tail, which features a new rear bumper and the "Longtail" active rear spoiler that boosts downforce by 25 percent, is longer—by 0.4 inch—than the 720S'. Customers could choose between 17 exterios colors, however, completely bespoke paint schemes were available. McLaren Beverly Hills.

The 675LT is still talked about as one of the best modern McLaren, a title for which the 600LT is a close competitor. Finding 176 pounds to pull from what is already one of the lightest hypercars in the segment—the 720S we tested tipped the scales at a featherweight 3,167 pounds—took some work. Search + More filters ... More McLaren 675LT spots. It gets a full Visual Carbon Fibre (VCF) body, built in Clear Gloss Carbon Fibre.

Accompanying the release are examples of the first cars designed by McLaren Special Operations (MSO). Also playing a part in helping the 765LT stick more tenaciously to the tarmac are specially developed Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires. The brake system has been lifted straight from the mighty Senna. As with the previous two LT models, there will be a Spider version, but it's not expected to appear until fall 2021. The Strata theme includes a three-colour design requiring 390 hours of hand painting and finishing. It also weighs 80 kg less than the 720S coupe upon which it is based. Sure does. The revised ratios of the seven-speed dual-clutch transmission help deliver 15 percent quicker in-gear acceleration. The 765LT looks ready to follow in their wheel tracks. The interior was fitted with an Alcantara wrapped steering wheel and dashboard. 9/30/20, 6:30 PM. In addition to being faster, the 765LT stops better, too. in Lamborghini. The front track has also been widened; this and the increased roll stiffness will deliver improved grip and greater precision and stability through corners, McLaren says. Back then, LT was simple shorthand for rear bodywork that had been extended to improve aerodynamics. Related news. 0 Saved Searches; 0 ♡ 2020 McLaren 720S $ 338,160 45 Miles. And by upgrading, i mean weight reduction, thus power increase. Home; McLaren; 720S; New Search. The New Ferrari Omologata is a Rebodied 812 Superfast!

For Sale by Owner; McLaren 720S Specs, Price, Photos & Review + Info. McLaren’s LT models are revered as the best of their generation.

"Longnose" doesn't have quite the same cachet, though …. McLaren will build just 765 units, each individually numbered, with deliveries starting in September. Global debut for McLaren Elva Gulf theme by MSO at Goodwood ; Mclaren's newest …

The McLaren F1 GTR ‘Longtail’ was created in pursuit of performance-optimised aerodynamics and higher downforce. The titanium exhaust is 40 percent lighter than a comparable steel system, and, according to McLaren Super Series vehicle line director Andreas Bareis, it "improves the quality and volume of sound." 43 cars within McLaren 720S For Sale. McLaren Specs (2020 Update) Written by Matt Pettitt. It now boasts the same forged aluminum pistons and three-layer head gaskets from the Senna, a higher-flow fuel system and recalibrated engine management system, and a new low back-pressure exhaust. It combines MSO Bespoke Tarmac Black and Tokyo Cyan paintwork with Visual Carbon Fibre components. © 2020 MotorTrend | MOTOR TREND GROUP, LLC. Fitting ultra-light forged wheels secured by titanium bolts saved just over 48 pounds. No word on price yet, but given the 675LT launched in 2016 at $353,600, we would expect something in the ballpark of $400,000. According to McLaren's figures, the 765LT can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in under 2.8 seconds and hit 124 mph in 7.2 seconds.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Especially as the 765LT has more power and torque and weighs 176 pounds less than a 720S. That means 15.4-inch CCM-R carbon-ceramic rotors all round, and the ability to haul the car down from 124 mph to standstill in less than 360 feet. Where from the nameplate of 765LT? The McLaren 765LT gets a total power output of 765 hp and 800 Nm of torque from its twin-turbocharged McLaren V8 engine. The brake callipers are Volcano Red and the rears Azores Orange, while the interior uses orange seat perforation and a push-to-drink system in Memphis Red.

This iconic race car’s elongated carbon fibre bodywork was the inspiration for the first modern McLaren ‘Longtail’, the 675LT. I’m a big fan of McLaren, let’s just get that out there straight away. . 9/2/20, 5:40 AM. The visual differences were few, such as new 10-spoke alloys, that were lighter by 22 kg, a new front bumper and a redesgined, more aggresive rear diffuser. But in the case of the 2020 McLaren 765LT, it's a statement of purpose, signifying a car that, like the original F1 GTR Longtail, is quicker, sharper, lighter, more engaging to drive, and more exclusive, than the predecessor upon which it is based. Search Spots News. 2018 McLaren 720S Luxury $ 239,890 12,065 Miles. Wherever possible, they used lightweight materials – the chassis contained components made of carbon-fiber, as well as the front and the rear bumper, the front floor, etc. First of all, the 4.0-liter V8 engine developed 765 hp. Now the new 600LT utilises this engineering-led recipe. Testing has resulted in a revision of the figures released earlier this year.

"We tried the car with wider tires," he says, "but we found it wasn't as agile.". But, ironically, aerodynamic upgrades at the front of the car that include a new front splitter, front bumper, and front floor mean the nose has been extended by 1.6in. The sports car could rocket to 100 kmph in only 2.8 seconds and reached a top speed of 330 km/h. Replacing the standard seats with the race seats from the million-dollar Senna accounted for another 40 pounds. The 200 km/h time is 0.2 seconds quicker than previously announced. Porsche has GT and RS.

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Program manager Filippo D'Adamo says that although the 720S will only reach Vmax in sixth gear, the 765LT will hit its top speed of 205 mph in seventh. The previous ones—the 675LT and 675LT Spider, and the 600LT and 600LT Spider—have all earned plaudits for being finely judged driver's cars. The true face of the 2020 McLaren 675LT was “exposed” to the public at the Geneva Moto r Show . Compared to its predecessor, the 2020 model came with a new aero package that offered around 25% more downforce. Second of all? McLaren 675LT in Rotterdam, Netherlands Spotted on 2020-09-21 21:45 by TheHagueCarspotter. The 765LT MSO Bespoke Carbon Fibre Body is available in a number of bespoke tints. It is a true ‘Longtail’. A second theme is based around a 3D honeycomb theme, called ‘GEOHEX’. McLaren’s LT models are revered as the best of their generation. F1-inspired caliper cooling ducts reduce pad temperatures by 122 degrees. And McLaren has LT. Those two letters mean a lot in McLaren iconography, invoking the 1997 McLaren F1 GTR Longtail designed by Gordon Murray to race at Le Mans. The mid-mounted 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 has been tweaked to deliver 755 hp and 590 lb-ft of torque, increases of 6.3 percent and 3.8 percent, respectively, over the 720S-spec version. We suspect these numbers are very conservative, given we've had a 720S nail 60 in 2.5 seconds in our testing, en route to a 10.1-second quarter mile at 141.5 mph. Strata’s Azores orange base colour is fused with Memphis Red and Cherry black. of .

9/6/20, 10:00 PM. 7/29/20, 10:04 AM. In fact, I’m so much of a big fan I’m looking to get one in the future. The supercar weighed only 1339 kg and measured 4.6 meters long and 2.2 meters wide. 1 McLaren F1 Gets 2021 Redesign, Looks Like a Faster Speedtail 2 McLaren 765LT Sells Out 2020 Allocation, Costs $358,000 3 2011 McLaren MP4-12C Has a … autoevolution® and the autoevolution® logo are registered trademarks. Lamborghini has SVJ. The 765LT is based on the McLaren 720S, the stupendously fast yet remarkably approachable hypercar that just got edged out of the MotorTrend 2018 Best Driver's Car by the Lamborghini Huracán Performante. Suspension upgrades include unique LT-spec springs and damper hardware, new software for the linked hydraulic active suspension, and a lower front ride height.

8/25/20, 9:50 PM. 10/15/20, 9:53 PM. 2020 McLaren 765LT First Look: Fifth Longtail Model Is 720S-Based, than the predecessor upon which it is based. Quite unique! 675LT; 675LT Spider; 720 S; P1 For Sale; 540C; 570S GT4; For Sale by Owner; For Sale By Owner.

The 765LT is the first McLaren with carbon-fiber panels from the company's new manufacturing facility in Sheffield, England, and advances in carbon material technologies helped trim almost 32 pounds from the overall body structure. McLaren 765LT Sold Out for 2020, Performance Statistics Revised, McLaren Elva Production Trimmed Down to 149 Cars Only. Does this resemble the 90s’ F1 GTR? McLaren has officially revealed the McLaren 765LT‘s performance figures. We can now reveal that the McLaren 765LT hits 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds, 200 km/h in 7.0 seconds and 300 km/h in 18.0 seconds. The 765LT is the fifth LT-spec McLaren of the modern era. The release also confirms that production of customer McLaren 765LT’s is underway at the McLaren Production Centre in Woking, Surrey, UK.

You have entered an incorrect email address! The production run is limited to 765 cars with the 2020 production run sold-out and enough expressions of interest to cover the rest of the production run too. Top speed is quoted at 330km/h.


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