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The feedback from the professionals and their personal wishes went directly into the new series.

Estamos de portar abertas, esperando por você! The new TG features a dynamic exterior design with highlights like LED headlights and the new radiator grille. All the facts about our company, our services, products and achievements can be found here. A visit to MAN's first hackathon. In the construction industry, urban distribution logistics and tanker and silo transportation, optimum visibility and light weight are crucial. Please enter your code.

More than 100 years' history of MAN trucks and buses prove the following: efficiency is more for us than just a trademark. The mobility of tomorrow, the smart use of commercial vehicles and innovative thinking are her mission. Direct entry Start out with the best we have to offer

Such issues as climate protection, sustainability and diversity must be made a part of strategic decision-making if a company is to achieve commercial success over the long term.

Some body units, such as car transporters, extend over the low cab. The newly developed turn assist helps to prevent serious accidents in urban traffic – four years before the legally prescribed introduction.

Likewise, the new MAN truck generation offers significant payload advantages for weight-sensitive application sectors. Originating in Germany in 1758, MAN remains at the forefront of global truck design and innovative transport solutions. MAN has involved customers and drivers in the development of the new MAN Truck Generation from the beginning, so that their requirements could consistently be made part of the new vehicle.

A empresa está a ampliar a sua presença no mercado, através de joint ventures e cooperação com companhias locais como na Índia, Polónia e Estados Unidos.

What does a hackathon actually achieve and why does it promote innovative thinking in your own company? So as to offer the optimum solution every time, MAN has designed its new product range in modular form to meet the diverse requirements of the different transport sectors and tasks faced.

At the same time, strict legal regulations are intended to reduce CO2 emissions by 15 percent by 2025 (with an additional reduction by 30 percent by 2030).

The developers compared this diverse input with the feedback from the driver interviews, and implemented the resulting core ideas into the numerous innovative features of the new MAN truck generation. MAN developed the new, 2.24 metre narrow cabs for the TGL, TGM and TGS series of the new MAN Truck generation specifically to meet such requirements. In order for series production of the new MAN truck generation to be ready to go and to be able to simultaneously offer the previous models during the transition phase until the end of 2020, MAN invested around 100 million euros at the Munich site alone, for example. Not least, appropriate driveline design is key in ensuring that the driver and vehicle can handle the transport task efficiently and in accordance with the assignment. A MAN em Portugal[6] é a filial portuguesa da Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-Nürnberg Nutzfahrzeuge AG.

In doing so, MAN is focussing on four core topics: the driver in their work place, the vehicle’s efficiency and its reliable usability, as well as the strong and competent partnership for customers.

MAN DigitalServices makes it possible to network the entire transport ecosystem - tailored precisely to your needs. Desenvolvido por Unicco Comunicação.

More than 100 years' history of MAN trucks and buses prove the following: efficiency is … Clean mobility in heavy-duty commercial vehicles: A transformation of commercial and public transport vehicles poses different challenges to those that are already evident for private cars. and

This will create new sales opportunities for manufacturers bringing commercial vehicle automation technologies to the market.

The introduction of the new MAN Truck Generation is the most ambitious project from the company in 20 years: Every transport task has its specific challenges. How “good” a truck is when it is in use largely depends on how efficiently and easily it fulfils its transport task. Models include TGX26.540, TGS, LE, TGA, and TGM.

With their 2.44 metre outer width, the GX and GM are the perfect choice for long-haul international transports. [9][10], «MAN SE - The MAN Group's History - Industrial Pioneering»,,,,,, !Portal:Economia e negócios/Artigos relacionados, !Portal:Economia e negócios/Artigos relacionados sobre empresas, Atribuição-CompartilhaIgual 3.0 Não Adaptada (CC BY-SA 3.0) da Creative Commons. With its 2.24 metre width, the new FM cab meets the requirement for light weight and compact design, but with the identical length and the same high roof as the GM cab it also meets the high demands of living and sleeping comfort. Comprehensive improvements in the production and sales process. The instrument panel in the new MAN TG series is oriented towards the driver.

Fleet management and drivers are supported through numerous digital functionalities and services.

There are three different options when it comes to the size of the cabin. The ergonomics of frequently entering and exiting the cab, as is part of the daily work routine in urban distribution transport or when operating municipal services, is another key aspect. There, up to 500 cabs from the comprehensive range of the new MAN truck generation and the previous TG series are produced a day. That is also the basic power unit for the MAN TGM range, which extends up to a 320 hp 6-cylinder D08.

Zwei neue MAN für den Verteilerverkehr: MAN TGL (rechts) und MAN TGM (links), beide mit dem CC-Fahrerhaus.

MAN Truck.

A Mason Trucks é a mais nova concessionária de Ônibus e Caminhões MAN – Volkswagem de Governador Valadares e Coronel Fabriciano, trazendo ao mercado soluções sob medida para o seu negócio, aliando tecnologia de ponta, garantia de qualidade e excelência em atendimento. This is why the new MAN truck generation sets standards in terms of user-friendliness, optimum ergonomics, operation which is more intuitive and reliable, networking with digital devices and applications and, last but not least, optimum space, a well-thought-out storage concept and perfect sleeping comfort – all this geared towards needs which were determined based on experience.

Renowned transport researcher Andreas Knie seeks ideal mobility solutions for large cities. Featuring such a variety of set-ups, the gross vehicle weight of the new MAN TGS ranges from 18 to 41 tonnes.

More than 36,000 MAN employees worldwide work on a daily basis to make the world of freight transport and commercial vehicles more efficient, more eco-friendly and safer. You may sort the ads of MAN trucks by price, year of production, meter readout or country. There is a choice of four new narrow cabs: short, long, high with a bed, and the crew cab.

Load configuration Enter MAN code. If you have a limited budget, you can take into account used MAN trucks.

Rudi Kuchta, head of bus sales at MAN, speaks about his secret for success and steadily rising sales figures. The improved aerodynamics of the new vehicle design also play their part in this reduction. Dump Trucks 2011 93,206 miles Poland, Karola Łowińskiego St. 11B; 31-752 Cracow, Poland, Flatbed Trucks 2007 33,058 miles Germany, Oerel24h, Box trucks 2019 14,737 miles Spain, Amposta-Tarragona24h, Boom / Crane / Bucket Trucks 2007 159,320 miles Austria, Nähe Wien (50 km)24h, Cab & Chassis Trucks 2017 248,548 miles Poland, Karola Łowińskiego St. 11B; 31-752 Cracow, Poland24h, Boom / Crane / Bucket Trucks 2000 Hungary24h, Cab & Chassis Trucks 2016 155,343 miles Poland, Karola Łowińskiego St. 11B; 31-752 Cracow, Poland, Boom / Crane / Bucket Trucks 2012 186,411 miles Poland, Karola Łowińskiego St. 11B; 31-752 Cracow, Poland, Reefer Trucks 2007 275,019 miles Denmark24h, Concrete Trucks 2015 111,847 miles Poland, Karola Łowińskiego St. 11B; 31-752 Cracow, Poland, Dump Trucks 2007 159,320 miles Austria, Nähe Wien (50 km)24h, Dump Trucks 2000 225,682 miles Italy, Lonato del Garda (BS)24h, Container Trucks 2017 248,548 miles Poland, Karola Łowińskiego St. 11B; 31-752 Cracow, Poland, Cab & Chassis Trucks 2008 381,547 miles Germany, de, Dettelbach24h, Concrete Trucks 2008 201,946 miles Poland24h, Container Trucks 2016 136,702 miles Poland, Karola Łowińskiego St. 11B; 31-752 Cracow, Poland. It is also important to choose the right body for the transport task at hand, for which the vehicle chassis must offer the optimum technical and electronic interfaces – whether it be a three-way tipper, a roll-off skip loader, a refrigerated body, a refuse collector vehicle or a timber transporter.


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