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Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast, Hassle in the Castle (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! Little Bill s 02 e 006. ", (The elephant still doesn't turn around. It's ruined! Because they have to stretch up high to reach the leaves. See? Kiku: Kiku is a Japanese-American friend of Little Bill's. When Andrew's family moved two doors down from Little Bill, they became fast friends. ", Little Bill: "But I already looked all over my room. ), (Little Bill puts the trophy down and joins the others chasing after Charles. ), Bobby: "What's going on? ", Little Bill: "Look at the way it moves its tail. The episode begins with the children still at school. Gotta shake, shake, shake. ", Alice: "That's okay. ), Dorado: "Hey, guess who I am." Let's line up. (giggles), (Little Bill trumpets like an elephant and Kiku imitates a monkey), Miss Murray: "Okay. Alice the Great - Gui Nai Nai (Ni Hao, Kai-Lan) Elephant - Tiny (Wow! We're going to the zoo. Wubbzy!) 0:37. Blast off! ), (Kiku imitates a monkey while Little Bill covers his ears. ", Miss Murray: "And the elephants are right here. Kiku appears in many episodes of Little Bill. ), (Kiku imitates a monkey while Little Bill walks towards the map. (shows Little Bill her lunchbox. Miss Murray : It's not the same thing, Little Bill. (Little Bill's kite flies in the air.) Little Bill heads over to April. 3:59. little girl kils alicia keys song. your comment and it will be It has to be hard, perfectly round, and shiny. Buds is an episode from season 2 of Little Bill.. Recap Edit. Fuchsia notices Kiku by herself watching the bush. ), Michael: "Are too. Pretty please with sugar on top? Little Bill : She messed up mine, so I messed up hers. Andrew: Aren't you gonna say you're sorry? I'm here! The penguins are up ahead. Wow! ", (April walks in the kitchen and sits in the seat next to Little Bill. ", (camera cuts to show the marble on Little Bill's hand. (Imitates an elephant using its trunk as a shower), (Kiku giggles. ), Andrew: "Did you see how that baby elephant got squirted? Topic is a specific subject of discussion. In fact, her ability to remember the rules of the games they play has saved many friendships. Fuchsia is assertive and likes playing games where she can be the mother or the caretaker in charge. ", Bobby: "Yeah. ", Little Bill: "Yes. Little Bill is still a little confused, and says that his walks on errands with his mother must be their private time, so his parents decide to just explain it to him when he's older. It just moves its tail. ), Andrew: (off-screen) "That one's really hungry. ", (The camera cuts to show a monkey swinging on trees. Who fixed it? Okay? The basketball is gone. ", Brenda: "Look, Little Bill, we have your favorite. ", Miss Murray: "Good." ", (Little Bill shakes his head "yes." Little Bill: [to Fushcia and Andrew] She messed up my picture first. You have to be patient. ", Little Bill: "I promise. ", (Bobby takes the trophy and looks at it. ), Little Bill: (off-screen) "Bye elephants." ), (Miss Murray and the children approach an elephant who is hiding. ), ", Little Bill: "Okay. ", Fuchsia: "I love monkeys. Madagascar Wiki. ), Miss Murray: "Hey everybody, watch how the monkeys use their tails to swing from the branches. ", Michael: "How come it won't turn around? "A giraffe eating an apple grape. Thanks. 1:52. Because you're my favorite brother. Alfredcherry37. Brenda: "Yeah, okay, honey. It looks great! Monkeys are my favorite animal. ), Little Bill: "A prince was riding his horse. ", Little Bill: "I broke my promise. In fact, her ability to remember the rules of the games they play has saved many friendships. She trumpets again, causing everyone to cover their ears. Hassle in the Castle (Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! Someone laughs. "Here's the entrance. Miss Murray tells them that it's playtime and Fuchsia hides behind Miss Murray so she won't get caught. ), (Fuchsia waddles like a penguin, making the children laugh. Oh my, my, my." (Little Bill and Kiku laugh. ", Fuchsia: "Please? ", Little Bill: "Uh-huh. They are amazed at them. Little Bill would say she is the nicest of his friends, if somewhat eccentric. ", Bobby: "But it was his idea to use his cat's eye marble. Andrew - Hoho (Ni Hao, Kai-Lan) Kiku - Kai-Lan (Ni Hao, Kai-Lan) Fuchsia - Daizy (Wow! They talk amongst themselves while boarding the bus. The Mama elephant trumpets, and the children are amazed. Big Bill - Walden (Wow! ", Little Bill: "Not to let anyone touch April's trophy. We have sent instructions to the email address you provided during signup. ), (Little Bill takes off the cloth, revealing the fixed trophy. (to Elephants) "Goodbye, elephants." Kiku is a main character in Little Bill. ), Fuchsia: "Ooh, Little Bill, can I hold the trophy? The giraffes and monkeys are over here. ), Andrew: "I think elephants are the very best. The Austin Thompson. I didn't keep it safe. ", Miss Murray: "Be patient, Little Bill. ), Kiku: "Uh-huh. Kiku wants to be president when she grows up, so her mediating skills will come in handy. (To children) "The elephants are next. 3:49. GO!A: Little Bill Gets Grounded On Veterans Day! Bobby is reading a book and April is cleaning her basketball trophy. They don't do anything. Little Bill and Bobby continue flying their kites as the camera pans upward. ) ", (Little Bill finds the trophy on the floor by the chairs. ", Children: (singing) "Tigers and bears, and monkeys everywhere. He then places the marble on the trophy. Private Time: The Glover family is cleaning the kitchen together when Big Bill mentions to Brenda that ""their song"" is playing on the radio and asks her to dance. Elephant? Kiku has Asian skin and black and blue hair. The children laugh and cheer for Little Bill. ), Little Bill: "Hey look, they eat leaves. ", Miss Murray: "Well, climb aboard and I'm sure you'll see an elephant at the zoo. ", Little Bill: "I was patient all day already. ), Little Bill: (to viewers) "The elephants are next!" ", (The children chatter as they enter the penguin exhibit. She debuted in "The Best Way to Play" and was last seen in "When Friends Get Mad.". ", Bobby: "Ooh. Let's give the elephant a chance guys. ), Alice: "Well that's a wonderful story, and a precious cat's eye marble. The fact that he is a boy and she is a girl does not come into question. ), Alice: "Come on now. In fact, her ability to remember the rules of the games they play has saved many a friendship. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Kiku: "It's so pretty." ), Little Bill: (to Alice the Great) "No peeking. ", (Miss Murray and the children watch the elephant), Little Bill: "I've never seen a real elephant before. ), (Fuchsia laughs and Little Bill walks up to her. And they're funny." Some users flagged this comment as containing a spoiler. Kiku giggles), (The children trumpet like elephants. ", (April and Little Bill place their hands up. ), Little Bill: (singing) "Tigers and bears, and monkey's everywhere. ), Miss Murray: "Okay, let's go. ", Miss Murray: "The elephants will still be there after we have our lunch. ), Little Bill: "Hello, elephant. Who's slamming doors? (trumpets like an elephant), Miss Murray: "Uh-oh. ", (We now fade cut to Miss Murray and the children watching the monkeys. He then starts to sob while sitting on the floor. Little Bill and Kiku imagine themselves riding on an elephant. ", Children: "Yeah! Little Bill: "Catch the frog!" Alice invites Clark to join them on their walk to the park, but they go to a different area than they usually do. (episode begins with Little Bill's class boarding a school bus. Kiku: [crying] I didn't mean to do it. ), Little Bill: (to Fuchsia) "Hey, you're not supposed to touch that. The children are once again amazed. The penguins. ", Kiku: (off-screen) "Charles got out of its cage! ", (Little Bill, Kiku, and Miss Murray board the school bus. We're going to the zoo. ", Miss Murray: (chuckles) "Yes, those penguins live in there, but where do they come from? ", Little Bill: (off-screen; singing) "We're going to the zoo. Little Bill is still a little confused, and says that his walks on errands with his mother must be their private time, so his parents decide to just explain it to him when he's older. Go like this. ", (Little Bill gets up and heads to his room and takes out his cat's eye marble and sighs. ", (Andrew imitates a monkey while two monkeys run. ", (Little Bill trumpets like an elephant to get the elephants attention, but it still doesn't move. ", (The children clap and cheer for Little Bill. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ", (The giraffe reaches for the leaf on the branch and eats it. WadePaula6734. ), Bobby: (looks at trophy more carefully) "Maybe we can put something here to replace the basketball. ", Big Bill: (royal accent) "In honor of your bravery, from now on, you can be the king of Marble Land. Wow! Do not forget to switch keyboard layout to the English. ), Little Bill: "Oh no. "), Little Bill: (refering to April) "She's gonna like this. Miss Murray and the children approach the giraffes. Little Bill smiles at the baby elephant. ), April: "Good. ), April: "My trophy. ), Little Bill: "Look, Alice the Great. Nobody touches it. Thanks, April. Fuchsia Glover is a main character in Little Bill. (imitates a monkey), Little Bill: "I'm a elephant. [Little Bill sits down; she does the same thing] Now I know that you're angry, but you shouldn't have done that to Kiku's painting.


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