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We have the Vader in front ofs us now. This research and testing has resulted in an 800 volt, 4.5kWh battery pack, making the Regera the world’s first 800V production car. Hi. Vidar is the second strongest Asagod and Only Thor is stronger. İlk başta söylemek isterim ki ben sizin ve arabalarınızın hayranı olduğumu belirtmek isterim. +46 431 45 44 60 9,228 Likes, 372 Comments - Mike Yin (@shinmikeyin) on Instagram: “I am so happy to be the new owner of Koenigsegg Agera RS Phoenix!The perfect spec for me …” Since Thor is the god for thunder and lightning. DISCLAIMER this dream of buying this car is impossible. Vidar wears iron shoes and is isnt big for words.. how do you buy one of these machines? Oden is Vidars father and the female giant Grid his mother. The final two Ageras, individually named as Thor and Väder and collectively known as Final Edition cars, have now been completed at the Koenigsegg factory in Ängelholm, Sweden. Question is…. Do you contact Christian himself or what? Various multiple straight-line and circuit speed records have been set by Ageras beginning with the Agera R’s 0-300-0 km/h record in 2011, rounded out by the 5 world speed records set by the Agera RS in November 2017. Koenigseggs are extremely powerful and very track-focused. PRIVACY POLICY, Copyright © since 1994 - Koenigsegg Automotive AB. Company. Fe is based on the agera rs so is the fe thor and vader also the fastest car in the world ??? The twist i guess is that to make it sound more international, the name is slightly changed and can be prunansed like vader – as in Darth Vader…. Who drives Koenigsegg cars: Koenigsegg cars are sold around the world. During the speed record run on 4 November 2017, Koenigsegg also broke their previous 0–400–0 km/h record by 2.57 seconds. Koenigsegg Jesko. “In some ways, the departure of the Agera RS from our production line has a tinge of sadness to it. good luck, Your email address will not be published. The production of Koenigsegg’s record breaking Agera RS has finally come to an end with the last of the production cars being set off for delivery to its owner in the United States. WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT, 2020 Koenigsegg Magazine – now available as a FREE download. My guess is that the name Väder is a twist of the Nordic Asagods name Vidar. info@koenigsegg.com, COOKIE POLICY But i think I am close , Koenigsegg you guys have done an awesome job designing these beautiful, and fast, cars I wish they could design one more model but make it super fast and make a lot of them so when I become a NFL player and have the money to buy one and have fun keep it up guys . Owner: Christian von Koenigsegg: Number of employees ~300 (November 2019) Website: koenigsegg.com : Koenigsegg Automotive AB (Swedish: [ˈkø̌ːnɪɡsɛɡ] ) is a manufacturer of high-performance sports cars, based in Ängelholm, Skåne County, Sweden. Required fields are marked *, 262 74 Ängelholm, Sweden They have been named as ‘Final Edition’ cars by their owners with the consent of Koenigsegg Automotive. Bay Koenigsegg. Thor is finished in two-tone clear carbon with diamond-flake in select sections of the paintwork. The company was founded in 1994 in Sweden by Christian von Koenigsegg, with … but i am sooooooo poor that i didn’t have a bike. The cars form part of the three-car Agera Final series first announced in March 2016. Earlier models are easier to find in Europe, Asia and the Middle East but select models, including new cars, can also be purchased in the United States. Both cars incorporate custom-designed front winglets, enlarged front and rear spoilers and the 1MW engine upgrade. To quote a famous individual in Australia/Melbourne, Mr koenigsegg you say that you will replace the AGERA line by another model of koenigsegg on 2019 Geneva motorshow but I would like to know how koenigseggs are bought before all the slots of the next gen are full, Post more pictures of Thor, features, logo, etc. The Twins of Agera generations. The Final Edition designation is, in effect, a series within a series. Väder is finished in traditional clear carbon with diamond flake and features two small rear winglets and highlights finished in white gold leaf. Trying to make 3d models of these beauties. They will then be shipped to the United Kingdom for activities at the 2018 Goodwood Festival of Speed. Väder in swedish means weather, but is that really what you guys refer to hear? The final two Ageras, individually named as Thor and Väder and collectively known as Final Edition cars, have now been completed at the Koenigsegg factory in Ängelholm, Sweden. Congrats though koenigsegg, you’ve shown the world who’s the best! my life is like hell. They are very nice. Jesko inherits the mantle left by the Agera RS as the leading track-focused, road-legal car for those looking for the ultimate in vehicle performance. Büyük bir başarı hikayeniz var . Maybe it is actually meant as Thor and wearher. “A replacement for the Agera line is due for unveiling…” I can’t scream hard enough. The Agera line has been Koenigsegg’s longest-lived model range, spanning from 2010 to 2018. Koenigsegg has unveiled an all-new megacar – the Koenigsegg Jesko – at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. The vehicles will be driven by their new owners for the first time at a company event in southern Germany on the weekend beginning July 6. Your email address will not be published. Today, Koenigsegg offers new cars from the 1160hp Agera RS to the 1500hp Regera. Başarılarınızın devamını dilerim. The Agera Final series is based on the Agera RS but with all options available to owners at no additional cost, including the development of bespoke aerodynamic solutions. What’s yhe value? my dream car. The body features a large LeMans-style central fin for high-speed stability as well as Koenigsegg’s traditional active aerodynamic solutions. The vehicles will be driven by their new owners for the first time at a company event in southern Germany on the weekend beginning July 6. This extreme battery technology will now provide an amazing 525kW of discharge and up to 200kW of recharge. Please can someone respond to me :)? The Koenigsegg Agera range of vehicles is now complete. Just a thought of mine an NOT the correct answer. The range inspired the development of Koenigsegg’s unique Triplex suspension system, numerous aerodynamic advances and the Aircore hollow-spoke carbonfibre wheel. SERVICE The enlarged rear spoiler is supported by strakes with bespoke cutouts that reveal the skeleton supporting the function of the active rear wing. Highlights from the Ghost Squadron Tour 2020, Regera Caption Contest: Second Run [WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT], Regera Caption Contest! Koenigsegg mentioned that during the record run, the car accelerated from 0–400 km/h in 26.88 seconds over a distance of 1,958 metres and decelerated in 9.56 seconds over a distance of 483 metres. The total distance used for the record was 2,441 metres. Koenigsegg has worked extremely hard to find the best performing, and safest battery possible for the Regera. Is it the fastest car in the world? Someday I’ll work here. A replacement for the Agera line is due for unveiling at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. I would be very interested to know what the name Väder refers to? The factory building in Ängelholm, Sweden. Real estate investor makes $11,875 a day in profit on Koenigsegg supercar he owned for five months Published Sat, May 25 2019 9:30 AM EDT Updated Tue, May 28 2019 5:33 AM EDT Ray Parisi The Agera marked Koenigsegg’s change from supercharging to turbocharging, giving rise to the 1,360hp ‘megawatt’ engine first used in the revolutionary One:1. The Koenigsegg Agera range of vehicles is now complete. Production of the Koenigsegg Agera RS draws to a close with the delivery of the Agera RS Phoenix. Arabalarınız diğer hiç bir arabaya benzemiyor.Hayranlık uyandırıcı bir model olan Agera yı çok beğeniyorum ama bir aradanda üzülüyorum çünkü Agera bir daha olmayacak.Ama Final Edition efsane olmuşlar.Son Agera olma ismini hak ediyorlar .


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