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This Swedish hypercar comes with an innovative nine-speed gearbox referred to as the Light Speed Transmission (LST). Koenigsegg works closely with Michelin to provide customers the absolute best in on-track and on-street performance. $4.95. It’s modern performance displayed in a beautiful, old-school setting. The name Jesko is a tribute to the company founder's father, Jesko von Koenigsegg. Classic Motors For Sale. A front splitter, rear diffuser, and massive wing are on hand to maximize downforce and minimize drag. The Jesko starts at roughly $3 million. With 1 megawatt of power, the One:1 was the world’s first Megacar. DISCLAIMER The Agera is available in a variety of versions and was ordered to bespoke specifications by many buyers. By continuing to visit this site you agree to our use of cookies. Koenigsegg Jesko hypercar for sale through Supercars For Sale. For Sale. The Koenigsegg Jesko is the spiritual successor of the now famed Agera series. We use cookies to enhance your experience. Koenigsegg the manufacturing guarantee for world record performances. LST is the latest in a long line of Koenigsegg innovations. If the driver is in 7th gear and wants 4th for maximum power, the DCT cannot pre-select 4th gear directly. Take advantage of our large network of sellers and buyers, on and off market. It now opens slightly outwards and upwards compared to the original. Shop; Koenigsegg Jesko. Built by Koenigsegg, the LST features a multiclutch design that, according to the company, provides quicker gearshifts compared with a dual-clutch. Rumor has it the car will be running in excess of 500 km/h. Swedish hypercar maker Koenigsegg made a name for itself with the Agera RS. His considerable business acumen helped steer the company through many early challenges. 539g CO₂/km (comb. Koenigsegg developed the Triplex Suspension system for the Agera in 2010. While the Smartcluster screen physically rotates with the steering wheel, the central zone – and the key information within it – always remains level. This process eliminates turbo lag and surge. The gear selector paddles and central shifter both have notched mechanisms that allow for two types of shifting. In 1997, the company unveiled the CC prototype at the Cannes film festival. https://supercarsforsale.net/vehicle/koenigsegg-jesko-for-sale">. Koenigsegg’s aerodynamics team has harnessed nature to provide unprecedented straight-line and lateral grip. The crankshaft is milled by small manufacturing house located in southern Sweden. This evolution led us to a design that remains visually stunning while delivering astounding aerodynamic capability. ‘Bird’s eye’ view parking assistance, front and rear parking sensors, proximity protection system for automated door openings. At the core of every Koenigsegg is its carbon fibre monocoque. That's almost as much as the car's claimed 3131-pound curb weight. Lighter wheels help to minimise unsprung weight – the mass that is not controlled by the vehicle’s suspension system. The screens’ default configurations enable functions such as audio control, phone control, ride height control and cruise control. The cabin benefits from Koenigsegg’s new, larger monocoque, with increased legroom and headroom, greater rearward visibility and an even more airy feeling thanks to a larger curved windscreen. Koenigsegg's Jesko comes with a digital audio system equipped with a USB port. Using inputs such as speed, throttle and brake positions, steering and slip angles and other parameters, the steering system can turn the rear wheels up to three degrees in either direction for quicker cornering and increased stability. Panel surfaces were designed, then flow-tested, re-designed, then flow-tested – again and again. Gearbox: 9-speed Koenigsegg Light Speed Transmission (LST) We may earn money from the links on this page. Our physical cars are either located in our showroom, partner showrooms or with the private owner. All our slot purchases are conducted through a lawyer-to-lawyer process, with full confidentiality and safe money transaction. We specialize in Build Slots & Off-Market Cars. 9 left. Modern sports car drivers are already accustomed to steering wheel paddles. UPOD is the brain that instantly selects and engages optimum gearing for maximum acceleration. Christian von Koenigsegg founded his own car company in 1994, with a desire to produce the world’s best supercar. Jesko has over 1,000 kilograms of downforce available. This is an important emissions reduction measure and fits with the Koenigsegg efficiency philosophy – using systems or parts to perform more than one function. The 9-inch SmartCenter touchscreen provides control over various infotainment and control systems installed in the car. Diecast Black 1:32 Scale Koenigsegg light&sound Collection Sport Race Car Model. On display at Luxcars.one you`ll find the record vehicle Agera, the luxurious Regera and even the newest model Jesko. It features a new compound, increased sidewall strength and a new tread pattern to provide a contact patch 10% bigger than the standard Cup 2 tire. ), approx. Controls for seat position and heating are available via the SmartCenter touchscreen. UPOD uses vehicle speed and engine speed to determine the correct gear for maximum power and directs the LST to engage that gear, no matter its relationship to the current gear. All models come with a rear-wheel-steering system that heightens performance. The SmartCluster has a circular central zone full of essential information – tachometer, speedometer, power, boost, gear selection and essential driver warning lamps. Equally revolutionary is the size and weight of the system. Our adjustable dampers are manufactured by the Swedish specialists at Öhlins, and then customised with new electronics at the Koenigsegg factory in Ängelholm. The physical package is less than 50% of the length of Koenigsegg’s previous-generation 7-speed CIMA transmission. This improves cornering performance on the track and provides increased stability on the road. That doesn’t mean one has to be uncomfortable, however. That figure rises to 1000 kg at 275 km/h before reaching a maximum of 1400kg. On E85, output jumps to 1600 horsepower. The Jesko is equipped with dihedral doors, and the Autoskin system uses sensors to prevent these doors from opening in situations where they are faced with an obstruction. In terms of cooling, air from underneath the front of the car is directed towards the intercooler intakes at the sides. The active front flaps can even assist with preserving the nose of the car, releasing downforce during braking to prevent the front of the car from scraping against the road. Where ‘traditional’ dual-clutch technology improved vehicle performance, this improvement came at a significant cost in terms of weight. The result of this focus on balancing maximum downforce with minimal drag is the most aerodynamically aggressive car ever to wear a Koenigsegg badge, as can be seen by the car’s amazing downforce numbers: Jesko delivers a downforce payload of 800 kilograms at 250 km/h at the car’s most aggressive setting. That makes individual cars extremely collectible and a great purchase for any collection! Here is a quick summary of the specs: Twin ceramic ball bearing turbo chargers with Koenigsegg response system. Both are designed to be as light as possible for their size, with the carbon wheels being the super-light option. SPECIAL REQUEST. It provides vastly improved performance and functionality, yet the 9-speed Koenigsegg LST transmission weighs just 90kg, including all fluids. The new tub is 40mm longer and 22mm higher, which allows for more legroom, headroom, a more spacious cabin feel and a clearer view through the wrap-around windscreen. 1.7 bar boost pressure (2.2 bar with E85 – in some markets). Koenigsegg has unveiled an all-new megacar – the Koenigsegg Jesko – at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show. The car also features the brand's Autoskin function, first seen on the Koenigsegg Regera, that opens every body panel with the press of a button. Many drivers miss the organic feeling of a manual shifter and how it makes you feel more engaged with the car. The application development framework used in development is Qt from The Qt Company. Jesko is equipped with a full suite of creature comforts and a level of convenience more befitting a grand tourer than your typical track weapon. Koenigsegg has equipped Jesko with an adaptive, active rear steering system that increases responsiveness and heightens the senses at both high and low speeds. DCT’s are designed to predict and pre-select the next gear based on inputs from the driver. All systems can be updated over-the-air via the Koenigsegg Cloud. Base models come with all the treats hypercar buyers expect. It’s both humble and assertive, but not angry. Jesko features a new, racing-inspired and very compact SmartCluster instrument screen. On market Seller network now 80 showrooms strong around the world! The air ducts at the front wheel are also similar. Inductive phone charging is standard, and there's a digital owner's manual on board. This small size keeps weight closer to the center of the car, improving weight distribution and handling. The engine mounts used in the new Koenigsegg Jesko are taken from the existing Regera. At just 540g – including bolts – they’re as light as previous generations made from titanium, but even stronger.


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