kappa cygnids meteor shower 2020

So, although you might not be able to see all of the happenings up there, there’s plenty of reason to look up tonight. The Perseids (PER) are active from a radiant located at 02:49 (042) +57.

Evening rates should be near 4 as seen from the northern hemisphere and 3 as seen from tropical southern latitudes. Observers viewing from urban areas will see less activity as only the brighter meteors will be visible from such locations.

This radiant is best placed near 0200 LST, when it lies on the meridian and is located highest in the sky.

It is a minor, relatively weak meteor shower, which at its peak it produces roughly six meteors an hour. According to Space.com, there will also be a meteor shower — called Kappa Cygnids — taking place, and there might be a chance to get an occasional look at one of those. The Kappa Cygnid Meteor Shower can be seen from July 26 to September 1, at the same time as the scene-stealing Perseid Meteor Shower. The positions listed first are located further west therefore are accessible earlier in the night while those listed further down the list rise later in the night. With an entry velocity of 21 km/sec., the average meteor from this source would be of slow velocity. © 2016, To get the best experience please upgrade to a new browser.

A new moon occurs whenever the moon is directly between the sun and Earth. The radiant is currently located at 21:01 (315) -07, which places on the western Aquarius, 3 degrees northeast of the 4th magnitude star known as Albali (epsilon Aquarii).

This is very close to the Perseid radiant and would be impossible to separate unless you are looking directly at the two radiants.

You might see more than meteors, too. This position lies in western Eridanus, 2 degrees northeast of the 4th magnitude star known as pi Eridani.

Rather they shoot outwards from the radiant, so it is best to center your field of view so that the radiant lies at the edge and not the center. At this time, the moon is located 90 degrees west of the sun and rises between 23:00 and midnight local summer time (LST on August 10/11) .

Two-to-three meteors per hour are expected. August 17: Kappa Cygnids Meteor Shower Though a very minor meteor shower compared to the Perseids, the Kappa Cygnids will take place from August 3 …

With an entry velocity of 21 km/sec., the average August Draconid meteor would be of slow velocity. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. Zenithal Hourly Rate 3. The kappa Cygnids (KCG) are active from a radiant located near 18:52 (283) +48. You took a photo of a meteor or fireball?
The August beta Piscids (BPI) are synonymous with the northern delta Aquariids (NDA). Activity from each radiant is best seen when it is positioned highest in the sky, either due north or south along the meridian, depending on your latitude.

This position lies in eastern Capricornus, 2 degrees northwest of the 4th magnitude star known as iota Aquarii. Your email address will not be published. This radiant is best laced near 2200 LST when it lies on the meridian and is located highest in the sky. Subscribe to PennLive.

There seems to be a seven year periodicity with these fireballs.


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