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Thrilled that this piece was published in a “mainstream” magazine. The Faculty of Homeopathy aims to provide a high level of service to members and members of the public at all times. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Disease proved to come from within instead from without. After qualifying in medicine in 1984, he trained in homeopathy. September 19, 2020. to you all; Keep it short and simple. 9940 Evergem My mission is to help you to improve your health and well-being! Here resides our strength, for our results speak louder than our beliefs, and stand the test of empiricism. Jonathan Hardy - Biography. The content of this website will be adapted soon. In the process of discovering remedies it became clear that remedies have an essence. He is currently working on a series of books on the Noble gases of which 'Helium' and ‘Neon’ have just been published. Glamour Magazine, UK interviews Dr. Jonathan Hardy about homeopathy. MI=";6F89DGEC<6@:71? Successive editions have been printed over 60 times in 6 languages, making it the most widely used homeopathic repertory to date. Approaching a case from various angles and still coming to the same point leads to the best results and to the deepest understanding of what is to be cured in disease, and what is curative in a remedy. Looking forward to welcome you on 13-15 October 2017 to the Homeopathy One conference in Bruges, The Repertory is an index to share knowledge for successful prescribing with the homeopathic community. It all started with picking up a copy of ‘Kent’s lectures on Homeopathic Philosophy’ in a waiting room. Any participant cancelling his/her registration before 15 August 2017, will receive a refund, less 100,00 Euro covering administration costs. ML="-oc@ypathrln\"e= f"; His practice as a homeopathic physician is in Hampshire, England. Since 1985 Jan Scholten has been practicing homeopathy. The word constitution means the way someone is functioning and these questions are established in the second series of the periodic table: Are we ready to leave our comfort zone and face the world? Creator of the HUMA Method and the "Candegabe Algorithm". Remember for a moment Dr. Kent’s words – A man dies with an illness he was born with. Your email address will not be published. He is the Head of The Other Song, International Academy of Advanced Homeopathy in Mumbai , India. Years later Laurie continues the journey of studying, practicing and teaching homeopathy. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. He practices classical Homeopathy, combining the time-tested traditional techniques with the exciting new methods developed by the well- known Homeopathic teachers of the last twenty years. for(j=0;j.

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