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Drive the getaway vehicle and try reaching the safe house before the police catches you. Triangle Button: When at a complete stop, press the Triangle Button to make your car jump into reverse. Either way, it's better than drawing attention to yourself by using guns. games. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The more damaged your character is, the longer it'll take him to fully recover from his wounds. It's basically impossible to not have the cops know it's Mark Hammond, just by the way he drives. ... Add this game to your profile’s TOP 3 loved list. Right Analog Stick: The Right Analog stick is a complex way to drive your car. And even the billowing smoke has the capability of hurting or killing your character. Pressing left will steer left, right to your right, et cetera and so on. Some missions call for one type, while others call for the other type. Through finding ample cover, you can make your character, whether it be Hammond or Carter, lean against a wall and rest, healing their wounds. They might flash when there's no roads to go down for a while - don't worry, you still need to take the first road that the blinker is pointing to. Exactly. With your weapons drawn and ready to go in most cases, however, will give you the heads up on the beginning of the battle, and perhaps an opportunity to take out a bad guy or two before they even know what hit them. You can only use the Square Button when your weapons are drawn, however, and you have either the R1 Button or R2 Buttons held down. Thank you, your vote was recorded and will be displayed soon. This wiki was automatically converted from the The Getaway Guide (PS2) guide at and may require cleanup. Another option is to choke them from behind and then do away with them from there by either (as Hammond) putting a bullet into the person's head or snapping their neck, or (as Carter) using a cuff tie on the person and pushing them to the ground to shut them up. 3. 5. It's good to know what to do and what to expect in a gun-fight. Play as both ex-riminal If you smash head on into a car a few times, you'll start to observe a whitish-gray smoke coming out of your car. Add to favourite. The Getaway follows the story of two men from opposite sides of the law, who share an obsession of bringing down London's crime supremo. In Getaway, you and your fellow criminals have just committed a heist and have made away with a ton of loot! The acceleration of your car depends on the brand and type of the car, and also the condition your car is in. A basic rule of thumb is that the sleeker the car looks, and the more rare it is, the faster the car goes. Take your time. Directional Pad (D-Pad): The D-Pad has no function in The Getaway. Try to avoid frontal damage at all costs - it's the most debilitating vehicle "injury" the game has to offer. Press Triangle with your weapons drawn to put your weapons away. Now go take care of Charlie Jolson and bring back peace to London. 1. 1. Press the Triangle Button with your weapons away to draw them. However, the bigger the vehicle is, the slower it is. videos. If you're walking or running, pressing the X Button simultaneously will allow your character to do a tuck and roll. Hammond-Carter Differences There are no real differences between Mark Hammond and DC Carter. by Otherwise, you'll have no idea where you're going. However, as a police officer, DC Carter can legally commandeer a citizen's car, and answer to no one about it. Hold down R1 and then fire your weapon to hit the targeted enemy. "The Getaway", a song by Hilary Duff "The Getaway", a song by American punk band Ten Foot Pole; Video games. That's usually all you'll have time for before the next enemy is on top of you and your location. Drive the getaway vehicle and try reaching the safe house before the police catches you. You'll know what cars are fast just by looking at them. Because of this, they get in the car on the other side, and drive on the other side. Not all cars accelerate or drive exactly the same, remember that! Frontal Damage: The most damaging kind of car damage in The Getaway, frontal damage will directly effect what's under your car's hood. If you try to keep driving the car in dark black smoke, it'll eventually erupt into flames, killing your vehicle's occupants, including yourself. points on If this happens, your car will start to favor one side or the other, and start automatically pulling in a certain direction, making the car harder to steer. Mark Hammond stealing a car is illegal, so it'll draw attention of the London citizens and cops. The faster your car is going, the slower your car will come to a complete stop, just like in real life. Driving well can make or break a mission, and some of the driving missions are quite difficult. Eventually, if all four tires take damage (which is common after going over spike-strips), or tires will fall off and you'll be driving on bare rims. This was, to date, the network's sole attempt at a game show. Circle Button: The Circle Button's function is simple. Healing in battle doesn't exempt you from being shot at/shot. We suggest to download the Y8 Browser to keep enjoying this content. Select your provider. On the otherhand, if you get to an intersection where you can turn or go straight, and your blinker doesn't come on, keep going straight. And in more than just a few missions in the game, drawing attention to yourself will end a mission automatically. Basically, there are a few main kinds of car damage. If this is the case, you must heal yourself immediately. By using this website, you consent to the. Plan your attack. Upgrade Your Weapons: Pistols are fine and dandy, but if enemies you are fighting are using machine guns and shotguns, then the battle remains a little un-even, wouldn't you say? you experience the same events from both the perspective of an ex-criminal Its most fundamental function is to get close to a wall and stay tight against it to avoid detection. Mark Hammond will have the cops on him once he's in a car cruising around London. Modern browsers will remove support for Flash in December of 2020. Circle Button: When your car is at a complete stop, pressing the Circle Button will allow you (and your passenger, if any) to get out of the car. of London has been genuinely re-created for the game, from the roads and Left Analog Stick: Move around the Left Analog Stick to move your character in any direction you press. If you don't like your target, let go of R1 and quickly press it again to get a new one. You'll play Mark Hammond (an ex-bank robber on the run for murdering his wife and kidnapping his child) and Frank Carter (a vigilante cop who was suspended from the Flying Squad) in multiple storylines set in London. Two things to keep in mind in reference to self-healing: 1. Square Button: The primary function of the Square Button is to attack. Triangle Button: The Triangle Button's function is another simple one. First and foremost, as I said in number 3, if you receive rear car damage and one of your blinkers (or both) are broken, it's in your best interest to get a new car. for all twenty-four in-game missions (twelve for Mark Hammond and twelve L2 Button: Pressing the L2 when your gun is out of ammo or almost out of ammo will reload your weapon(s). The Silent Kill: There are some missions that command you, if you want to be successful, to kill enemies in a silent way. Tire Damage: Tire damage is serious stuff. for DC Carter), information on weapons and vehicles, some basics to get you Did you know there is a Y8 Forum? Find the Time to Heal: Healing is a cool little option in the game. 2. buildings, to the landmarks and locations. This is the most notable reason of why smoke starts to come out of your car. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. The Great Getaway Game is a game show which aired on The Travel Channel from June 1, 1990 to April 1991, producing 39 episodes. See below for more on healing. However, playing as DC Carter, you are the cops, and they leave you alone. Drive the getaway vehicle and try reaching the safe house before the police catches you. Within the city's winding streets, indoor environments, and dangerous street corners, you must search for the manipulative crime boss and finally clear your name. You'll go slower, and most notably, your car will start to favor either one side or the other (and automatically go in that direction) depending on which tire or tires were shot out. Character Damage and Healing With no meters in the game telling you your character's health or how much damage he's taken, you're going to have to observe this for yourself. 3.Know Your Car's Damage: The beauty of The Getaway in comparison to "similar" games is its realistic take on car damage. R1 Button: Pressing the R1 Button will allow your weapons (if drawn) automatically focus on the enemy closest to you and most in your line of view. If you need to left, your left blinker will flash. There are ways to know if your character is damaged. Boobs vs Butts An analysis on how America went from a boob to an ass nation. 2. Woohah.


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