isabella justice hartley age, Early 1990s (Unknown birthplace, Age 29-30), Bella's full name is Isabella Hartley. Entering the Irish Moon Pool alone, Bella was gifted with the powers to turn water into a jelly-like substance and to harden water into another substance similar to glass. Before her transformation, Bella had all the typical weaknesses of a human. Every time she sneezes, her gelidkinesis involuntarily comes into play and turns any liquid in the room or nearby into the jelly-like substance. On July 3, 2004, she gave birth to their daughter Isabella Justice Hartley. Justin Hartley took his 15 year old daughter Isabella as his date to the 2020 Critics' Choice Awards on Sunday night. H2O Just Add Water Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. First Appearance: The beautiful 14-year-old Isabella Justice Hartley was born on July 3, 2004, in the United States. Blonde It is unknown what happened to Bella. Love interest: They lived in Los Angeles. She has honey-blonde hair that fall straight down past her shoulders. Will follows her, and sees what she really is. Eye Color: Isabella Justice Hartley is famously known as the daughter of the actors Justin Hartley and Lindsay Hartley. Bella has a slim but curvaceous figure. 25.7k Followers, 391 Following, 16 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from isabella (@isabellahartleyyy) She tied this crystal on a brown string and has been wearing it ever since. The show never shows us Bella being affected by the full moon, unlike Emma, Cleo, Rikki and Charlotte but she might had the same problem as the trio before she moved to the Gold Coast. Isabella is the only daughter of Justin Hartley and her ex-wife, Lindsay Korman Hartley. After that, the girls ask Bella to join them, and she agrees. Indiana EvansJamie Ellen Ewing (younger) the Australian television series, H2O: Just Add Water. But deep from the inside, she but cares deeply for her friends (especially Will Benjamin, because of her feelings for him). Female Relatives She was portrayed by actress Indiana Evans and by Jamie Ellen Ewing back in her childhood. Lindsay Hartley, who was married to Justin from 2004 to 2012, and their 16-year-old, Isabella, shared their support on social media after the latest season of “Selling Sunset” featured a … In one of the episodes, she mistakenly hears Will asking Rikki to a party and she decides to go with Nate to make him jealous. Enemies: But Bella lies about Cleo and Rikki when Will asks her if they are also mermaids. Portrayed by: Mr. HartleyUnknown mother Her age is 14 years old and she currently lives with her father and is enjoying her life. Her hair also seems to have a naturally wavy texture, which you can see when she wears her hair loose, tough sometimes it gets straighter, probably due to its weight or humidity.


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