how to make a jacob's ladder

Looking forward to it! I just made two of these for my nephew and niece.

How far you can flare them depends on your power supply and size of electrodes. You can make your Jacob's Ladder as long as you like, but I tend to make mine six pieces long. A thinner board (say, 'lattice board') than what we have used is possible but makes hammering the brads in particularly hard for a child (or a clumsy adult like me).Materials:1) 1/2 x 2 inch wood board, length of 24 inches or more(I found this at Lowe's grouped under 'Molding,' not in the raw lumber aisle. Use a neon sign power inverter or an oil burner's ignition transformer for the power source. Determined to duplicate the success of the rope ladder, I ran out a few days later and bought more rope and dowels.

Just found this neat website: WonderHowTo! Pull the tops of the two wires away from each other so that they are at least 1-inch apart at the top. You can scoot the ribbon with your nail to make a bit of slack before you hammer it in. Go wild with the colors -- you can use up to 3 different colors in one Jacob's Ladder. We have a 50 megawatt solar farm about an hour to the south and I want to apply my new invention to enhance it to 58.5 megawatts. on Introduction. Make a Jacobs Ladder Toy from Chocolate!

Strip the three wires and attach them into... 2. This is very cool. Megavolt do you remember how you wired up your 110V supply. I have not tried 3/8" pipes. Reply I am going to call the pair of ribbons at top and bottom 'blue,' since that is what they are in the picture, whereas I'll call the middle one 'red. I'm going to puzzle my "math class" kids (a group of ten 3-8 yr olds) by asking them to look at a wooden one, play with it, and then construct one using the random materials I've provided (which will include heavy cardboard, staples, and ribbon, though I'll probably throw in some toilet paper tubes, glue sticks, and other random items to distract them).


It would be best to use ribbon that is double sided since it flips back and forth a lot. The solid-state transformers won't start the arc. How to do Jacobs Ladder, Step by Step, with string - YouTube And fyi. I can totally relate! You can usually find these sorts of things online, that is where mine came from. Nice. I had used steel in my one. 3) 1' long two-by-four (purchase at a hardware store, they'll probably just give it to you). I am very creative. Insert the other end of the other length into the other hole. Wrap one of the high-voltage output wires from the power inverter around the base of each of the No. totally.

If you have used 8 blocks with the dimensions I suggested earlier, the layout is 28" long. 12 years ago

It produces ozone and to a much lesser extent NO2 (poisonous). What type of tv is it? are you crazy do you know how much power that takes. Something like drywall could also work. Try asking for an old one at a neon sign shop, or just keep your eyes open for a warehouse renovation/sign replacement, often the ones removed work just fine.

If there is not enough slack, the whole creation will stick without flipping properly. How much slack per 3” piece?

Try to make the ribbons have an equal amount of slack, though. The size and length of the board and ribbon needed vary accordingly.

I figured it would be okay, but I pay attention to every detail, for better or worse. Build a base from the something nonconductive and nonflammable. A toxic gas in high quantities. I can say from personal experience the concerns are electrocution if you get hit with it long enough. I went cheap and used a coat hanger that was laying around. If you can find an old microwave oven, you can take the transformer out of that, which IIRC puts out several kV. 10 years ago

Hi, what kind of cable did you use for connecting the Neon sign transformer to the Jacob's ladder? Use sandpaper and smooth the ends off. But for Halloween, it makes them look more evil!


9 years ago If I give it a try I'll be sure to let you know. Can you take a picture of the transformer/tv?You can also use an oil burning ignition transformers to do the job. It may take a few weeks to get here.

Was looking at another place, but Jaycar are local. I am not responsible for any harm or damage you cause. Brown- Live, Blue- Neutral, Yellow/Green- Earth. I cut …

12 years ago on Step 1. The thicker the gauge and the insulation the better! In comes the sandpaper! I hope he does. It was awesome! A Jacob's Ladder passes a high voltage electrical current into two metal rods. Drill two holes approximately 0.5 inches apart and shove two dowels in the holes.


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