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OVGuide. The publisher of the Los Angeles Times at the time, Harry Chandler, wanted to promote the area and all Hollywood had to offer, so he and his partners paid for the sign to go up. Believe it or not, it was originally built in 1923 as an advertisement for a local real estate development called Hollywoodland, but because the sign grew in popularity and attracted a lot of attention, it was permanently left up. The Hollywood Sign benefited from various maintenance and restoration programs, however it was not until much deterioration had occurred that it was totally rebuilt in 1978, instigated by American Hugh Hefner, which involved replacing each of the original wooden letters with steel at a cost of around $27,700 USD each, and the costs were covered by donations from nine donors (mostly individuals) – one for each letter. In 2013, Sherwin-Williams repainted the entire Hollywood sign. The sign is now guarded by security cameras, a razor-wire fence, motion sensors, and microphones. Keep reading below. When she's not busy writing and making plans for her celebrity life after being discovered, you can find her there. The sign itself has starred in a number of movies and TV shows - like Netflix's Hollywood, where the sign played the location to actress Peg Entwistle's tragic end, which is a true story. Hefner, for example, purchased the "Y," singer Andy Williams purchased the "W," and Alice Cooper bought an "O" for Groucho Marx. When you see it, you know without a doubt you’re in Tinseltown, home of the entertainment industry and A-list celebrities, big-time movie directors, clever writers and talented producers. When you see it, you know you’ve arrived at the place where dreams come true…expect for New Year’s Day 2017 when it was altered to read “Hollyweed.” That wasn’t so original, though – four college students first did it on New Year’s Day 1976. Visit Ten Random Facts's profile on Pinterest. It was illuminated by lights that would flash in segments: "HOLLY," "WOOD," and "LAND.". The original sign was intended only to last a year and a half, but after the rise the Golden Age of Hollywood, the sign became an internationally recognized symbol and was left there. The older it becomes, the richer its history grows. The world is full of signs, but we dare say that there’s one that’s more recognizable than most. The Hollywood Sign: It's more than just nine white letters spelling out a city's name; it's one of the world's most evocative symbols – a universal metaphor for ambition, success, glamour...for this dazzling place, industry and dream we call H-O-L-L-Y-W-O-O-D . His estate ended up selling the land in 2002, and movie studios, actors, and various foundations raised over $12 million to purchase it from the investment firm and keep it as protected park land. You will find the famous ”Hollywood stars” on Hollywood Boulevard and three blocks of Vine Street in Hollywood. These eight facts will make you appreciate the sign’s vibrant history even more. 6. The Hollywood Sign fell into ruins until it’s restoration in 1978. It never happened, but he remained the land owner. The sign actually used to read the full name, but years later the ‘land’ part of the sign fell down, and it was never replaced when the sign was restored in 1949. During the early 1940s, Albert Kothe (the sign’s official caretaker) caused an accident that destroyed the letter H. Kothe, driving while intoxicated, was nearing the top of Mount Lee when he lost control of his vehicle and drove off the cliff directly behind the H. While Kothe was not injured, his 1928 Ford Model A was destroyed, as was the original 50-foot-tall illuminated letter H. There was a time when the Hollywood soon was as bright as the moon until 1949. Though there may have been a time when you could get close to the giant letters on Mount Lee, that's no longer the case. The group are known as the 'Hollywood Nine.'".

Celebrities didn't just donate, they sponsored whole letters. Publicity photo for the Hollywoodland groundbreaking, complete with plow, mules and surveyors. If you've ever wondered why there are no homes or buildings anywhere near the Hollywood sign, there's a reason for that. In 1973, the Hollywood sign was declared a historical landmark by the city's Cultural Heritage Board. Jessica recently decided to bring her passions to Twitter. It took 255 gallons of paint - in the color High Reflective White. Here are 8 facts you might not know about the Hollywood sign. It cost him $21,000 to raise the ‘HOLLYWOODLAND’ sign that was initially meant to stay on for eighteen months only.

© 2020 All Rights Reserved by Velvet Ropes, Inc. Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, California. The letters of the Hollywood Sign spell a capitalised ‘HOLLYWOOD’ in what is technically a horizontal line, although placement appears uneven due to an optical illusion when not viewed straight-on.

It was built as an advertisement for a housing development in the 1920s. From WWII to the end of the disco era, little has changed since its first debut nearly 100 years ago! Your email address will not be published. But did you know that when the sign was built, it didn't exactly say Hollywood?

The Hollywood sign became a historical landmark in 1973. In 1973, the City of Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Board gave the sign official landmark status; however, its appearance continued to decline. Originally, 4000 light bulbs highlighted the Hollywood[land] Sign, which displayed each syllable individually before presenting the entire word; and the whole sign at the time cost 21,000 USD (equal to roughly 300,000 USD in 2014).

By the late 1970’s, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce determined that the sign needed to rebuilt completely– which carried a price tag of a quarter million dollars! Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. As the century hit the halfway mark, a leaner, cleaner sign was reintroduced in its now-iconic form. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

The Hollywood sign continues to inspire aspiring actors and movie fans from all over the globe while playing a vital role in keeping the town a hotspot for tourism and moviemaking. Like us on Facebook to see similar stories, Opposing sides of landmark gay marriage case unite to oppose Trump's court pick, We’re Stealing Sophia Loren’s Easy Grocery Store Hack for Bag-Free Eyes. Incredible Blanket Puts Humans In A Deep Sleep, Melting Stress Away, built as an advertisement for a housing development, the developers handed it over to the city, started quite literally crumbling in the 1950s, security cameras, a razor-wire fence, motion sensors, and microphones, the Hollywood sign was declared a historical landmark, Sherwin-Williams repainted the entire Hollywood sign. Or that some very famous names helped refurbish the sign when it started falling apart in the 1970s? What’s more filmtastic than the Hollywood Sign? Thank God it was! ADVERTISEMENT. Required fields are marked *. . The ‘Hollywood Sign’ has also been known as the ‘Hollywoodland Sign’ in its history, due to the original letters of the sign reading ‘HOLLYWOODLAND’, which was the term used for the advertised land development; and the ‘LAND’ was removed in 1949 so Hollywood in general would be promoted. The effort to preserve the sign brought together an odd mix of celebrity sponsors: Glam-rocker Alice Cooper ‘bought’ an “O” (in honor of Groucho Marx) while singing cowboy Gene Autry sponsored an “L” and Andy Williams sponsored the “W.” A new sign was then built in 1978 using 194 tons of concrete, enamel, and steel. Harvey and Daeida Wilcox founded Hollywood in 1887 as a community for like-minded followers of the temperance movement. Over two decades, the sign started to seriously deteriorate, so the developers handed it over to the city. Email me at cris (at) tenrandomfacts (dot) com and ask for a specific topic. Sadly, she was only 24 years old.


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