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“The Heart of a Dog” is best read as a satire and best observed through the lens of the state of Russian politics at the time. Heart of a Dog is a novel written by Mikhail Bulgakov, the Russian author, in 1925 at the height of the New Economic Period in Soviet Russia. It has been reinterpreted many times, in different languages and media, all over the world—including a musical, many films, and several operas. These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Heart of a Dog by Mikhail Bulgakov. Professor Preobrazhensky finds all of this unacceptable, and he and Bormenthal plan to get rid of Sharik by returning him to his original, canine state. The Place of Bulgakov in Early Soviet Science Fiction, The Speech and Physique of “The New Soviet Man” As Portrayed in “Heart of a Dog” and in Agitprop Posters, View Wikipedia Entries for Heart of a Dog….
For its richness and value as a social satire, as well as its notable incorporation of the grotesque, the novel is widely read and studied in Eastern Europe. Afterwards, The Heart of a Dog was widely read in samizdat—that is, through secretive and unofficial channels meant to circumvent state censorship. Professor Preobrazhensky uses Sharik as the guinea pig for an experiment—in order to test the rejuvenatory properties of certain organ transplants, Preobrazhensky transplants human testes and a human pituitary gland into Sharik. Heart of a Dog is one of the best examples of Bulgakov's criticisms of life in the Soviet Union. Heart of a Dog Summary. As another example, while some think that the novel remains unfinished, others contest this claim by pointing to stylistic cues within the text. After many offenses against Professor Preobrazhensky, such as destroying the Professor's faucet and attempting to rape one of his domestic servants, Sharik (now named Poligraph Poligraphovich Sharikov) takes up work with the Soviet state, becomes friends with the superintendent of the housing committee, and even finds a trashy woman whom he intends to marry.

It also remains the subject of intense critical debate—for example, while some claim that Bulgakov aligns himself with Professor Preobrazhensky, others reject this claim. Though he had held a similar event the previous year to introduce his novel The Fatal Eggs, he was worried that … In the novel's epilogue, when officials appear to inquire about Poligraph Poligraphovich's disappearance, we see that this has, in fact, happened. After the procedure, however, Sharik is transformed into a man—specifically, an ill-mannered and coarse Bolshevik sympathizer. Copyright © 1999 - 2020 GradeSaver LLC. . Four years later, around the time that Bulgakov's works were banned by the Soviet state, the manuscript was returned to him. The novel ends with Sharik once again being obedient and looking on at Professor Preobrazhensky. Heart of a Dog Study Guide. In numerous ways, it’s structured like a dog’s journey through … Perhaps what’s most remarkable about “Heart of a Dog” is that it’s able to be about many things to many people while also not lacking in an ounce of confidence or focus at the same time.

Eventually, the novel was officially released in Russian, but this only occurred in 1987, 47 years after Bulgakov's death.

A cook finds a dog looking through trash for something to eat and scalds the animal with hot water. The Question and Answer section for Heart of a Dog is a great The story is set in Moscow and starts in 1924.

His personal diary and other works, including the novel, were confiscated because of their provocative character. Heart of a Dog essays are academic essays for citation. The dog complains about a dog's life, a well as people's attitude towards homeless animals. A modern alternative to SparkNotes and CliffsNotes, SuperSummary offers high-quality study guides that feature detailed chapter summaries and analysis of major themes, characters, quotes, and essay topics. Written when Bulgakov was 33 years old, it was first introduced to the public in March 1925 in a Moscow apartment with a gathering of approximately 50 contemporary intellectuals. When a professor named Phillip Phillippovich Preobrazhensky offers him food and takes him in, Sharik hardly expects this to be the beginning of a complex relationship. Heart of a Dog study guide contains a biography of Mikhail Bulgakov, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Heart of a Dog is a novel by Mikhail Bulgakov. Though he had held a similar event the previous year to introduce his novel The Fatal Eggs, he was worried that his sharp satire of the Soviet state could lead to his arrest or worse at the hands of the authorities. Heart of a Dog is one of the best examples of Bulgakov's criticisms of life in the Soviet Union. Written when Bulgakov was 33 years old, it was first introduced to the public in March 1925 in a Moscow apartment with a gathering of approximately 50 contemporary intellectuals. The novel “Heart of a Dog” written by Mikhail Bulgakov in 1925, is a response of the author to the surrounding reality as a result of those fundamental transformations that occurred in Russia in 1917 (Cornwell 25). The dog also talks at length about a burn wound on his left side made by a cook in the office canteen at the National Economic Council, who spilled some boiling water and scalded him.
"Heart of a Dog Study Guide". Buy Study Guide. The novel is meant to satirize both Bolshevik manners as well as the exaggerated bourgeois affect of Professor Preobrazhensky. Not affiliated with Harvard College. The novel begins with the whining of a mongrel in a Moscow gateway. GradeSaver, 12 September 2020 Web. This was a time when communism seemed like it was weakening in …

Despite these debates, however, the novel remains a favorite of Soviet-era literature, and it is a good example of Bulgakov's style and thematic interests. Sharik’s operation is meant to represent the Communist revolutions attempt to transform mankind and the narcissistic man that develops is meant to … However, soon after Sharik is introduced to the Professor's assistant Dr. Ivan Arnoldovich Bormenthal, he finds out that the professor's interest in him is more than a standard owner-pet fixation. The novel centers on the dog Sharik, who has been badly treated by humans at the story's beginning. This fear turned out to be well-founded: in attendance at the novel's debut was an informant for the Russian state, and after the reading, Bulgakov’s flat was searched. The following novel recreates the modern life of the author – the Soviet Union reality of the early 1920s. It is as much a criticism of the Soviet establishment that enables Sharik as it is of the eugenic fascinations that lead Professor Preobrazhensky to conduct the procedure in the first place.

resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Adolph, K. ed.


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