fon people
There are also accounts of female soldiers being ordered to carry out executions. While Gezo plotted his revenge against the Egba, his new female recruits were put through extensive training. Based on the phoenix ship records, enslaved Africans mostly came from the Akan people (Twi (Ashanti Akyem, etc. No Dahomean records survive to explain Gezo’s expansion, but it was probably connected to a defeat he suffered at the hands of the Yoruba in 1844. Nana Buluku engendre la déesse Mawu et son époux le dieu Lisa[11]. Fon men are allowed to have more than one wife, but if this privilege is abused, the wife is free to divorce and remarry. The income helped to support the wealth of the King whose power was absolute. The oral history of the Fon further attributes the origins of the Fon people to the intermarrying between this migrating Allada-nu Aja group from the south with the Oyo-nu inhabitants in the (Yoruba) Kingdoms of the plateau. Parmi ces personnalités figure notamment Justin Ahomadegbé, ancien Premier ministre et chef d'État. Cliquez sur une vignette pour l’agrandir. A. Tingbe-Azalou, « Rites funéraires et exhibitionnisme social en milieu fòn du Bénin ». During the height of the Dahomey Empire, the royal lineage paid annual tribute to its ancestors at a spectacular gathering known as the Annual Custom, which culminated with the sacrifice of about a hundred slaves and war captives. Fish On Next, a video game; Fon Fjord in Greenland; See also. We are excited to announce Fon WiFi passes are now accessible via the Windows Store. The bravest are presented with belts made from acacia thorns. Their last enemies were full of praise for their courage. De tels objets précieux étaient censés protéger le souverain et le soutenir dans ses entreprises guerrières, fréquentes pendant cette période. “, The First Franco-Dahomean War, which ensued in 1890, resulted in two major battles, one of which took place in heavy rain at dawn outside Cotonou, on the Bight of Benin. People; 30 stars qui ont débuté dans l’industrie pour adultes . A few, known as Reapers, are armed with gleaming three-foot-long straight razors, each wielded two-handed and capable, the priest is told, of slicing a man clean in two. A lineage, consisting of families related through male descent, usually occupies several neighbouring compounds; the eldest male member serves as the lineage head. They belong to the Kwa Language group. They are the largest ethnic group in Benin found particularly in its south region; they are also found in southwest Nigeria and Togo. In the uneasy peace that followed, BÉhanzin did his best to equip his army with more modern weapons, but the Dahomeans were still no match for the large French force that was assembled to complete the conquest two years later. We suddenly see the old woman straighten up. The Fon are said to have originated in the area of Tado, a town in Tago, at approximately the same latitude as Abomey, Benin. Aujourd'hui, ils jouent un rôle de premier plan dans la vie économique et politique du Bénin où ils occupent les postes les plus importants dans la fonction publique et les professions libérales[15]. The worship of ancestors, however, remains a major feature of Fon religion. When a man and woman marry, they will move to live near the father of the groom and inherit his property. Cliquez et découvrez en temps réel toutes les news people rédigées par la rédaction de But suddenly she stops, dazed.


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