floribama shore cast mattie
Yes, a cynic might say that. Pic credit: CMT. Mattie Breaux joins Season 3 of Floribama Shore. While the roommates attend a Pride celebration in St. Pete's, Mattie recruits them to help her pass out flyers for Hubbard's Marina, where she is working. A cynic might accuse Floribama Shore of trying to compensate for something with these story lines. Reality TV star Mattie Lynn Breaux joins the cast after stints … Mattie is making her Floribama Shore debut on the Dec. 26 episode, and she'll fit right in with the partying ways of the rest of the cast. Mattie Lynn Breaux: ... Five of us were from Louisiana, we all shared a lot of that similar background. Floribama Shore is back for a third season and all of the cast is returning as … ... Somewhere in there Mattie Lynn Breaux, who was a cast … Floribama Shore season three premieres at 8 p.m. EST on MTV—with a new cast member.


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