facebook antitrust case 2020
b) Related revenue loss to high spend verticals like travel.

I am not sure whether I have read such a far-reaching statement on the application of fundamental rights in a competition case before. It starts with a real bang: Facebook is not just any other company. Thanks to the congressional panel, the evidence is already there. 10/20/2020 08:56 AM EDT . Wu argues that the antitrust case will likely consider whether Facebook made serial acquisitions to reduce competition, a consideration not previously made by the FTC. Sure, that’s nice to have, but you pay for it even if you do not touch it.

”As we continue our investigation, we will use every investigative tool at our disposal to determine whether Facebook’s actions stifled competition and put users at risk,” New York State Attorney Letitia James said at the time.
It is a “aufgedrängte Leistungserweiterung”. “For Microsoft, with the company competing against Amazon and Alphabet in hyperscale public cloud services and productivity applications, we see elevated M&A scrutiny working in its favor,” he writes. The difference is that the court has real influence. In Washington, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google are facing investigations by the Justice Department, the Federal Trade Commission and Congress.

d) If one of our big competitors builds a constellation of high quality verticals, we are hurt badly.”. Of those 50, maybe two dozen were the kind you just don’t forget — bald, vivid illustrations of what the government hoped to prove: that Microsoft was using its monopoly power to squeeze Netscape, the upstart browser company that Microsoft viewed as a potential threat to its Windows monopoly. Amazon.com Required fields are marked *. He notes that by contrast, less than 20% of retail sales are sold via e-commerce channels, and he writes that Apple still has “a relatively small share of the global smartphone market.” Microsoft has high market share with Windows, Office, and certain other markets, he says, but that “these markets do not have as much direct consumer impact, the likely roots of antitrust scrutiny.”.

The FTC doesn't always move forward with antitrust cases that it is investigating, as in the case of the 2013 investigation into Google. Since precedent cited here is a German 2004-decision called “Der Oberhammer”. “These scholars—and the subcommittee—suggest that the U.S. move to structuralism (that governed U.S. antitrust laws until the 1970s). To order copies of

(MSFT), “by not operating in most of the problematic market segments, may benefit from scrutiny and remedies imposed on its competitors.”. The use of the forum opened for the purpose of mutual exchange and expression of opinion is of particular importance due to the large number of users and the network effects (…). “The subcommittee’s recommendations were consistent with other legal scholars that suggest the U.S. move away from consumer welfare as the guiding principle undergirding U.S. antitrust law,” Bazinet writes. In its place, socio-political goals would move to the fore (like new business formation or income inequality).”, Under that approach, the risks are deepest for Google parent Both sources of information fired our imagination, and so Daniela Seeliger and I speculated in this blog here and here on the reasoning behind the judgement. 6 GDPR and does not see a legitimacy for Facebook to use “off-Facebook-data”. Facebook Inc. intends to mount a vigorous defense against any move by the U.S. government to break up its operations in an antitrust lawsuit, according to a paper prepared by the company’s lawyers. Microsoft ended its abusive practices. This report focuses on our latest survey of 2,163 respondents and examines how their increased appetite for online commerce and digital touchless methods, such as QR codes, contactless cards and digital wallets, is poised to shape the post-pandemic economy.

And he thinks Microsoft could benefit from more scrutiny on its rivals. For non-personal use or to order multiple copies, please contact Dow Jones Reprints at 1-800-843-0008 or visit www.djreprints.com. So be it. Facebook Loses Antitrust Decision in Germany Over Data Collection. For many readers, the Bundeskartellamt decision had lacked a clear definition of the competitive harm. “Facebook and Alphabet derive most revenue from ads. Google, Facebook and Amazon were all able to emerge without having to worry about threats from Microsoft.

Wu also argues that any claim that a potential breakup would be difficult also carries no legal weight. In another email, Gates suggested that Microsoft offer Intuit “something like $1 million (U.S.) … in return for switching browsers” from Netscape to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Suffice it to say that the BGH has no doubt that the GDPR does not exclude the competencies of the Bundeskartellamt. The arguments picked by the Court at this point are the ones that really make or break the case. Facebook successfully appealed last year’s decision when a court ruled that regulators had overstepped their legal authority. They also say a word on the other market side of the platform, the advertisers, which, however, has to be assessed separately. The tech CEO's interview does not necessarily mean the agency … I particularly like Facebook’s intervention, as reported in the decision, that the stopping of “super profiles” will make it harder for Facebook to help criminal law enforcement since it will be more difficult to find criminals who post illegal content on Facebook.

If GAFA companies claim that everyone does it this way (e.g. Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening… The BGH does not buy it: “…despite the innovative power of the Internet, no replacement tendencies or relevant losses of market share by Facebook can be identified over the last seven years. Reminds you of the Microsoft-situation with the operating system coming along with other programmes like the media player? In June, the Competition Senate – after a hearing – declared that it was siding with the Bundeskartellamt in the Facebook data case. “What is the real threat if we don’t execute on verticals?”. Google and There were plenty of others just like those. for instance, don’t charge consumers anything for their most important products. Beyond that, this suit is … Now, let’s see what the Court was really thinking. Die fehlende Kausalitaetsbeweis war mein groesstes Problem mit die BKA-Entscheidung .


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