erin armstrong painting

Both projects have obviously been halted for the time being, but I’m hopeful once things start opening up again these projects will resume! Using quick and decisive gestural markings over acrylic-based images, Armstrong creates unique distorted figures and portraits in an expressive dream-like world. Mainly though, I think success comes from the work you’re producing, if people are resonating with what you’re making then things kind of fall into line. © 2020 ART SHE SAYS LLC. Everyone in the building is an artist or designer of some type. Additionally, social media has been really helpful to make connections and meet new people, since, again, I didn’t go to university for fine art so I think I missed out on some of those key friendships and networks that most create during art school. Susan Cockrill Faces.

She’s since built an impressive following for her work including clients such as Nike and Anthropologie. There’s a little place called Universal Grill across from my studio that has a great half price Wine Wednesday and really good food that me and my studio friends try to go to every week. L'art Du Portrait Selling Art Art Plastique Art … From Bau-Xi Gallery, Erin Armstrong, Trance (2020), Acrylic on Canvas, 48 × 36 in, Armstrong's figurative works are juxtapositions of graphic patterns and decisive gestural markings in a variety of media. I had been painting my whole life though, so it wasn’t like one day I just picked up a paint brush for the first time. However, there has for sure been a weird feeling in the air and it has been affecting me and my work. Her writing has been featured in publications and on blogs including Create! Paintings Famous Picasso Paintings Erin Armstrong Famous Sculptures Acrylic Painting Canvas Art Studios Artist At Work New Art Collages You’ve got to just roll with the punches since there’s a lot of rejection and it can be a pretty intense world sometimes. The following Monday I was contacted by a gallery in New York who had seen my work at the booth. Buy "Sifting July", an Acrylic Painting on Canvas, by Erin Armstrong from Canada, For sale, Price is $3310, Size is 48 x 36 x 2 in. Erin Armstrong. Her concern is not to recreate reality as it exists, but rather to evoke an atmosphere that…, From Bau-Xi Gallery, Erin Armstrong, The Poets Act (2020), Acrylic on Canvas, 60 × 60 in, Check out Erin Armstrong, Waterfalls Run Dry (2020), From Bau-Xi Gallery. I had my first group exhibit a month later and it just snowballed (with many bumps along the way) from there! It looks really sketchy and like it’s about to fall over from the outside, but it’s so awesome and has so much character inside. Alicia Puig is the CEO and co-founder of PxP Contemporary,…. All images copy right Erin Armstrong. I’m sure many artists would tell you that life isn’t actually that much different for us in terms of work since I’m alone and isolated in my studio all the time already.

Your email address will not be published. My colour palette has gotten darker, the images feel more tense and I’m painting a lot of people inside homes.

I think consistency on all those fronts is key to success. I was on a plane the next week with canvas rolled in my luggage to bring down to the gallery. At this point in her career, you’ll find artist Erin Armstrong’s loosely-rendered figurative paintings gracing the walls of international galleries and art fair booths, but that wasn’t always the case. All Rights Reserved. My studio space is in an old factory building in Toronto’s West end. I just like to make sure I have perspective. Overall, I think Toronto is a really creative city that is expanding very rapidly, the only problem with this boom is that it’s driving up the cost of studio space rent and is getting extremely expensive to live and work, which is driving some artists out to more affordable communities. Buy The Shallows, an Acrylic Painting on Canvas, by Erin Armstrong from Canada, For sale, Price is $6400, Size is 73 x 70 x 2 in. Saatchi Art is pleased to offer the painting, "Nénuphar," by Erin Armstrong, sold and originally listed for $4,550 USD. Erin Armstrong Art. I’m hoping to experiment more and try to push the work in new directions over the coming years. Followed in May by a group show in Detroit at The Library Street Collective. Erin Armstrong is an emerging figurative artist working and living in Toronto. Nov 28, 2017 - Explore Mr. Anderson's board "Erin Armstrong" on Pinterest. Available for sale from Bau-Xi Gallery, Erin Armstrong, Formation (2017), Acrylic on Canvas, 48 × 36 in, Saatchi Art Artist Erin Armstrong; Painting, "Bloom boy- On Exhibit" #art, ERIN ARMSTRONG "PATELLA" FRAMED PRINT Signed print of the original painting "Patella", by Saatchi listed, contemporary Canadian artist Erin Armstrong. I need a really long time to stop and stare at a work, so I feel rushed if I go with someone else because they usually don’t want to stop and stare as long as I do.


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