dragon quest: your story review

After all, this isn’t just the hero’s story, this is your story, and how the story truly ends for the hero is up to you. I do think that there are a lot of important spiritual ideas one can take from the ending, especially in the areas of idolatry and the worth of our material possessions. However, all of our older content can still be found at archive.rpgamer.com. Therefore, I usually make a point of not seeking out such views till I’ve consolidated my own views into a review, and I planned to do the same with Dragon Quest: Your Story. This movie is by no means perfect, or even close to perfect. Dragon Quest Your Story is rated TV-PG. Before proceeding to talk about the movie, a very heavy SPOILER ALERT is necessary. In 2019 alone, the Switch received Dragon Quest XI S Definitive Edition, Dragon Quest Builders 2, and ports of Dragon Quest …

This stands in contrast to how the Dragon Quest games play out in particular because of how the series is intentionally slow-paced and character-focused. Again, I don't even like role playing games. Overall, though this is certainly not a film everyone will enjoy, with superb animation and characters and an interesting message, I’d say it’s well worth at least giving it a chance. It avoids any awkward sexual situations or suggestive themes other than a quick reference to “Puff-puff,” the questionable fade-to-black massage that heroes can receive in-game.

I enjoyed and understood why the decisions were made, but I understand that many will disagree. RPGamer has been covering RPGs since 1998, with the current version of the site launched in 2018. By choosing to step away from this rigid structure and adapt the game not just by adapting its story but making a broader commentary on the impact of the series more broadly, you suddenly have a much more unique and compelling movie. By the end of Dragon Quest V, you know these characters so intimately that you can very easily picture how they would react in any given situation; you can only have these same emotional attachments to the movie versions of these characters if you are already familiar with them from the game. A tear very nearly came to my eye the first time they played the main overture in full. This time around, I broke this rule. The film is very brisk and fast-paced at the beginning. The first few hours are crammed into the first few minutes by way of this presentation, and for fans of the game, it will be nostalgic to hear the music and read the dialogue they remember. The twist does get a shade maudlin, but I feel it sums up a true gaming experience well. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Whether you play the Super Famicom version, the Nintendo DS remake, or the mobile port of the DS remake, if you care about spoilers at all, View TheReformedGamers’s profile on Facebook, View thereformedgamers’s profile on Instagram, View UC2mBh-2CLL6c3jZO8XCJ6Xw’s profile on YouTube, View TheReformedGamers’s profile on Twitch, Next-Gen Launch Titles Offer Something For Everyone, Sony Details Upcoming Trophy Enhancements for PS4/PS5, Thinking Biblically about Violence in Gaming.

I can to an extent understand this criticism this ending received, however. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. ©「DRAGON QUEST YOUR STORY」製作委員会; Original Game ©ARMOR PROJECT/BIRD STUDIO/SPIKE CHUNSOFT/SQUARE ENIX, Akudama Drive Episode 1 + 2 Review: Having A Dangan Time In Cyberpunk Osaka, Review: Burn the Witch (Anime) – A Damn Good Commercial, Final Fantasy XVI Might Not Be As Far Off As Expected, Review: Higurashi When They Cry Gou Episode 2 – Cat’s Out of the Bag, Review: GREAT PRETENDER – What WIT Was Made For, Review: Ikebukuro West Gate Park Episode 1 – Gang Warfare Without Gangs… Or Warfare. It’s a shame they didn’t do the story more justice. The unique aspect of this story is in how it follows the main character from birth, …

Which brings me to its ending, one which I won’t spoil but which vastly deviates from the original game in a way that I don’t think anyone had expected prior to release.

The movie feels like it has an obligation to include every one of the game’s most recognizable plot points without considering the way that it would often spend hours upon hours building up to such events, leading to many story points falling flat or lacking the impact they once had. Like I mentioned before, parts of the movie felt awkwardly paced and rushed, and a cool and interesting ending sequence doesn’t absolve these issues. Originally released in Japan in 2019, Dragon Quest: Your Story received a lot of mixed reviews, largely thanks to a twist ending that deviates from DQ5. Does it give lie to the idea that most gaming movie adaptations are garbage? The game influenced later titles in the franchise, while some of its mechanics, such as its monster-collecting concept, are ideas that influenced the creation of series such as Pokemon. This film follows the general story points of Dragon Quest V very closely, so many of the important moments from the game are shown in the film. In fact, as I spoke to Japanese fans of the game in recent games, many didn’t necessarily have an issue with the changes being made but felt like the movie they were expecting and wanting to see and the movie they ended up receiving were two very different things.

That game sucked out so many hours of my life. Updated March 3, 2020 As a series, Dragon Quest is experiencing a historic boom in popularity in the West. All else aside, Your Story is a quirky and emotional retelling of a classic JRPG story. The core of the movie’s plot is directly lifted from Dragon Quest V, which is commonly considered to be one of the most popular entries in the long-running series. To me though, this decision is something I feel benefited the movie as a whole. Dragon Quest: Your Story (Movie Review) Dragon Quest: Your Story was released in Japanese theaters on August 2nd, 2019 to huge fanfare. Review: Moriarty the Patriot Episode 1 – What If Moriarty Was The True Hero All Along? Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Deep Look, Why Did Ya Date Me?

I haven’t actually played the game the movie is attempting to adapt, however, which makes it easier for me to appreciate it of its own merit without having my memories of the original clawing at the back of my mind. But, wow, do those graphics look super cute!

It is a phenomenally personal story amidst a semi-standard “save-the-world” plotline, especially with its focus on the importance of family. It’s actually this ending that makes writing a review very difficult. In an RPG such as Dragon Quest, the story takes place not over 90 or 100 minutes, but over many, many hours.

After the initial introductions, the film slows down somewhat to catch its breath and let you get more acquainted with some of the main characters. The core of the movie’s plot is directly lifted from Dragon Quest V, which is commonly considered to be one of the most popular entries in the long-running series. Well, it… follows the game’s plot with reasonable accuracy for the first 90 minutes or so? What would have taken many hours and been given a chance to develop naturally over time, our character’s motivations fully-explored, is condensed in such a manner that it can feel rushed and unsatisfying, or at least it did for me. It is one thing to see the spells play out in the video games, but to actually see how they would play out in dramatic fashion on screen in full cinematic glory is quite the spectacle. I definitely believe Dragon Quest: Your Story is a worthwhile film to watch. The main fault of the movie, though, has to be the pacing. If you plan to play Dragon Quest V at all, please do so BEFORE watching this film. The music is pleasant and enjoyable, taken straight from the games in orchestrated fashion. While the character designs steered away from the traditional Toriyama art style, it still honors its roots with its monster designs and the general aesthetic. The distribution rights in Japan itself were on pause due to a potential lawsuit involving a decades-old novelization of the game’s story and names that were used within. The game’s multi-generational tale of the hero’s attempts to avenge his father’s death is revered, making any attempt to retell such a beloved story a risky proposition, due to the fear of angering those who hold it in such high regard. What the game represents, rather than the story it has to tell, becomes central to the movie’s conclusion and message, and I can understand why someone coming into this movie wanting to see the game’s story told in full would be annoyed as it wasn’t the reason they went to the cinema to see this movie, especially since it never actually concludes the story of Dragon Quest V after this point, either. While it may not be the best anime film to come out this year, its ending may certainly be the most memorable, and for that reason alone I’d say it’s worth checking out. And the oddness of the last 15 minutes at least fit thematically? Wow…ok. ( Log Out /  But is it any good? For example, early on, after a time skip following the death of the hero’s father, the movie takes us from a life of forced slavery, a chance for our main character to reunite with their childhood friend, a massive boss fight and a marriage proposal, all in the space of about 10 minutes. Become the hero of legend! Plot points don’t necessarily occur one after another, and can often be separated by large segments of downtime as you do side quests or level up your party or travel through the world. …this is very much a presentation by fans and for fans.

The film makes up for its pacing by delivering a story with such heart that it is hard to fault it.


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