does chanel oberlin die

She stomps away. Chanel is later seen when she approaches Chad while everyone is seen walking with candles towards the campus at night, because Dean Cathy Munsch has an announcement. Millie also says that the real friendships are the ones that are made inside of prison. Check out the hottest fashion, photos, movies and TV shows! Later on, the Chanels all gather around Denise, eager to find out if she had found proof that Grace and Zayday are the killers, however, the Chanels are all disappointed to find out that she has nothing. He declares he's going to Tiffany's to get an engagement ring for her. Chanel and #3 are seen scrubbing dirty bedpans, when they are pursued by Ingrid. Chanel is ruthless, selfish, and fashionable. Chanel Oberlin always seemed fairly safe, as did Dean Munsch, but part of the fun of the comedy-horror show is that nobody can get too comfortable. Dean Munch. Everyone except #5 and Roger goes to the basement after they hear a scream, only to discover that Hester found Sam's body. The Chanels and Grace attempt to poison Dean Munsch, but fail. Chanel then takes her newly obtained blood samples to the blood bank at C.U.R.E.

Tonight's Scream Queens went out with a bang—or rather a push and a sickening snap—as Chanel Oberlin (Emma Roberts) pushed Hester (Lea Michele) down the Kappa house's massive marble staircase. A worried Ingrid tells Cathy that Chanel shouldn't be penalized for this, but Cathy disagrees, and instead runs to the blood drive competition board to strip it of Chanel's progress, as an angered Chanel dramatically chases after her. Angered, Chanel pushes Hester down the stairs, seemingly breaking her neck. She follows the sound into a bedroom, where she hears a woman creepily whispering. Unbeknownst to Chanel, Cathy and Gigi discuss a new plan, instead of revoking the charter, they decided to allow anyone to become a pledge, which they announce at the party. Ingrid says that Agatha was Chanel's former maid, who got her head dunked in the deep fryer. ), SCOOP: We unmasked the Scream Queens killer, 1. Ingrid falls into quicksand and slowly sinks. The Chanels have a sleepover at the hospital to celebrate the addition of the newest Chanels. At night, Chanel knocks on Brock's front door. This makes #1 very grateful and the three of them share a hug. Cathy declares none of them speak what has happened, and leaves. Chanel #3 then opens #5's closet and discovers that the costume has disappeared. In the hospital, Zayday, #3, then #5 come in as Chanel walks the aisle. The Chanels are really excited to meet the person who will organize Chanel's pumpkin patch party for her Kappa Kappa Tau presidential campaign, who also organized Chanel's Sweet Sixteen. Chanel runs inside the door to escape. Chanel was the first character that the fans got introduced to by being the first one to have an official promo. Chanel says that no one cares, causing #5 to whimper in sadness and leave.

Chanel thinks Chad is trying to murder her, so she brought a stungun, but Chad convinces her it is just a walk in the park. (Did she fake her own death? (Now we know she is capable of murder! Weston. Chanel Oberlin and Chanel #5 are in the freezer arguing after Chanel #2's body is missing. The Chanels then attend Chad's will reading, and it is revealed that he left all the Radwell wealth to Cathy and the C.U.R.E. #5 tries to remind her of their time at the asylum when they were best friends and shared secrets, which infuriates Chanel as this was the most traumatic period of her life. She and her friends insult him some more before he interrupts them. This makes Chanel angry and both start fighting, with Chanel threatening to destroy her reputation. Later on, she goes to visit Hester at her asylum with the Dean, #3 and Denise Hemphill. She then storms away, accompanied by Hester, the two girls having made amends. She thanks Chanel for helping her overcome her fear, but just then, Chanel spots Brock walking by, and goes to chase after him, leaving #9 alone in the room, with her blood still flowing.

Chanel #5 still continually rants about how nobody is consoling her, as Zayday still grieves the death of Earl Grey, who was murdered earlier. After Denise Hemphill defused a bomb, and Cassidy dies, the group chase after Ingeid in the woods. She thinks that him not being able to control his hand is just an act and loves it. She mocks Chanel #5 by mentioning to everyone that she has vagina teeth and always makes her feel like the lucky whiny loser Chanel brought in. Chanel excitingly walks up to #3 and #5. (He would have never killed his Dicky Dollar bros including Boone, and believed Boone to be truly dead.)3.

She likes to insult people and does whatever she wants. The Chanels and Zayday try to kill Dean Musnch.

Chad suggests that Hester was not actually dead and that she got up and walked away after the Chanels put her there, to which Chanel gets worried. I loved it when I was bitchy.". That monster living in the sewer was traditionally used in ancient Japan to warn children of dangers lurking in rivers and lakes. She's actually killed twice: Ms. Bean and Hester.) Chanel Oberlin has blonde hair and hazel eyes. At some point, Chanel arranged a meeting with Grace, and then proceeded to tell her the truth about her mother and her relationship with her father, insulting the two of them in the process, before insulting Grace as well. They run off to save him, but find him dead on the operation table. Unbeknownst to Chanel, she brags about how she's most prepared to win, and Ingrid says that's what she is counting on. Refusing to be apprehended, Chanel attempts to ran away with Chanel #3 and Libby following but were taken away by a bunch of officer-clad male strippers sent by Denise to escort them out of the sorority house. Chanel tells #5 that she will go to the pumpkin patch as Mary Todd Lincoln, because she is most likely to end in an asylum because she is a psycho lunatic. Hester confesses that she misses being a Chanel and proposes that she rejoin the group, to which Chanel accepts and allows Hester to reclaim her old title of Chanel #6. He thinks either the pregnant lady from the previous Halloween before the massacre or her child called him. Chanel #3, one of the more loyal minions, Chanel #3 was Chanel's favorite until she became best friends with #5. #5 is Chanel's best friend, before they became besties, Chanel believed #5 was killer, claiming she was a 'psychopath'.

Hester and Jennifer tell Chanel that #5 turned her in to the police.

Next, we see Ingrid walking down the hallway, explaining via voice-over that she is actually the sister of Agatha Bean, the KKT housekeeper who's face was burnt off by Chanel. It is revealed that it was actually just Hester wearing a blonde wig in order to frame Chanel, as the video only shows her from the back. She shows her a video recording from the hardware store of "her" shopping the tools that the Red Devil previously used to murder people. The next day at night, Chanel gives some pink nunchakus to all the Kappa sisters so they can fend off the killer. Interested by this, Denise decided to tell them a couple of ghost stories, stating that they'll be so scared of the cautionary tales that they will forget about the Red Devil and Boone's ghost. She is the former president of Kappa Kappa Tau, later alongside Zayday Williams. They kiss as they turn in circles, but Chad sees Dr. Brock in the distance. Chanel feels a drop of red on her shoulder, followed by another. And since Brock's actually help her, #3 and #5 cheat on the MCats, is Brock's way of truly apologizing. 4. Chad and Denise run into the room, revealing that the killer killed Shondell and Boone (however it was revealed that Boone faked his death, with the Red Devil's help). Chanel thanks the three women for their kindness, and suggests to be "besties for life". Chanel pins the blame on Cathy, believing that she is jealous of her relationship with Brock. Chanel then notes that the killer is an idiot since they failed to kill anyone, however, Zayday assumes that the killer used this as a distraction.

#1 starts screaming that Hester told her that #5 said she was going to turn her in for killing Ms. Bean. The next morning, the Chanels are all gathered in Cathy's office. Moments later, Chanel returns to #9's room, only to find her surrounded by dozens of filled blood bags, after having all of the blood drained from her body. They explain that a soy-based diet and a regimen of dihydrotestosterone will help Catherine lose her hair naturally, rendering Zayday's procedure unnecessary. Chanel then storms out of the room, warning Hester that payback is coming. Chanel and #5 have a strained relationship that can sometimes appear antagonistic, because both disagree in a lot of things. This makes Chanel scream, as well as #5 and #3. Gigi.

They attempt to freeze her to death, but once again, fail.

The other kappas do not show up so she did not get to drown her. She then proceeds to lock the door, and tells the Chanels that she is not opening it until someone spins a ghost story. When Chanel returns to the house, she discovers that #5 is wearing her Halloween costume, Jackie Kennedy. Later, the girls are acquitted of the murder charges, but are disowned by their families. #3 was also friends with #5 before they met Chanel. Cathy is convinced someone who works in the hospital is the killer. Nobody seems to have enjoyed the tale. The girls all grab assorted kitchen utensils as weaponry, and slowly walk upstairs to the source of the noise. Brock says that they're still on for dinner. If any of you bitches die while protecting a sister, you're allowed to skip the rest of the Hell Week. Denise, feeling much more refreshed, unlocks the doors as Chanel #5 states that she is leaving the house, and proceeds to do so. The girls start dancing, ending with the slumber party that they did not get to finish the other night. Chanel then goes to the Chanels, confronting them about trying to kill her and what was taking them so long when they told her they were going to put rat poison in her Prunex.


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