division 2 angel mask not working

It's also worth remembering that Hunters will only spawn at night. If you're having trouble getting him to show up, try moving around a bit and saluting from different positions behind the flag. In the inventory screen, you can select to 'inspect' your equipment. Tom Clancy's The Division Gold Edition, and it's awesome! Show Printable Version; Email this Page… Reply to Thread Thread: Named mask Nightwatcher - 100% Pulse haste …

Interacting with the laptop will cause the map to light up an "X marks the spot" location. The Division 2 Merciless exotic rifle guide The Division 2 specializations guide

If they don't spawn, double-check that you've completed the mission in the area as it is one of the requirements. Generator Key #2 The second generator key for the Drama and Weirdo masks is situated within the Ellipse found directly below the White House. The Division 2 Liberty exotic pistol guide Currently, the best-known fix is to return to the game's main menu or close the application entirely and come back into the game. The Division 2 Nemesis exotic rifle guide. If you see a "Mike" error message this means the servers aren't able to read your profile. If you select mask, he will put it on. The Division 2 Ivory Key can be used to open a weapon box (see below) at the White House. The Division 2 gear sets guide Heh. The process to obtain these masks is very different from the rest, and while some of The Division 2's players have managed to get it to work, so far we've been unsuccessful.

There was a problem. Hopefully, a more permanent fix will be included in an upcoming patch. You'll find a large map on the wall and a laptop underneath it. Take out your high-damage sniper once more and get a headshot. We have outlined the steps that we believe to be correct below, however, should you want to try it yourself. Your character only puts on their mask when in quarantine zones/the Dark Zone. To obtain the Wraith Mask, you'll want to head to the Southwest region and, more specifically, the Interstate 395 BN road in the south-east corner. Salute here then head back to the supply room of the Flooded Levee control point and interact with the TV once more. An orange circle should show up, meaning you've completed this section and won't have to repeat it if you fail the next part. There is a mask in the game called Nightwatcher with "100% pulse haste" - but it works only with Scanner! "Delta" error messages are linked to connection issues and were also more prevalent during the public beta. Why risk it? Ubisoft is also working on a patch for this bug. Note 1: All masks must be obtained at night, with the exception of the Demon mask. SitemapAdvertisePartnershipsCareersPrivacy PolicyAd ChoiceTerms of UseReport Ad, CA Privacy/Info We CollectCA Do Not Sell My Info. Once that's been completed, you'll find the Demon Mask in the same building. Thank you for signing up to PC Gamer. Woulda been kinda cool to be able to manually toggle it on/off yourself, but I see why they didn't go that route.

The Division 2 crafting guide Face the Washington Monument and salute once more.

Along Henry Bacon Dr NW are three underground entrances situated relatively close together. Visit our corporate site. Our guide to getting The Division 2's masks, which you can only get by killing hunters. The Division 2 settings and performance If this doesn't work try restarting your modem/router and your pc to help fix the issue. The process isn't as simple as looting them from apparel caches or buying them, unfortunately: if you want to get your hands on them, you'll need to take on Hunters—the game's level 35 bosses—that are located around Washington D.C. Read on for our guide on how to find them and what you need to do to spawn the Hunters.

Please refresh the page and try again. Move to the south part of the building and use the walkie talkie on the desk then run quickly to the northern section to interact with a telephone.

This page contains information on all the known bugs and issues found in The Division 2 and how to fix them.

These are examples of some of the official error messages you may encounter, what they mean, and how to fix them. This particular side mission ends with a scripted fight which sees you getting electrocuted as the Hunter leaves through a door. On the plus side, doing so will net you the Death Mask, the Cross Mask, the Diamond Mask, and the Phantom Mask. If you managed to take out the two previous Hunters, your skills are about to get tested even further as the next four masks will require you to take on four Hunters at once.

Your UI will react with static if you've done it correctly. The Crimson Mask Hunter should appear in the middle of the courtyard. Our Division 2 Masks guide runs down locations for each of them and provides a step by step guide on how to obtain them.


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