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If presidential debates don't put the climate crises front and center, they will ignore one of the gravest threats to the health and security of the United States. "Whatever my faults are and were, loyalty to CBS News was not one of them. And I’m not singling out 60 Minutes, but 60 Minutes had been around since, maybe ’68? Want to Guess How Much Hunter Biden's Computer Repair Bill Was? All of that went out the door and I was unprepared for it. ESQUIRE: You’re almost 90, and you’re still at it. He reported from Oxford the day James Meredith was admitted as the first Black student at the University of Mississippi. And it was “Come right on in!” He was not embarrassed, and she was not embarrassed. Another thing that stands out in my mind was how controlling Donald Trump wanted to be. The Republicans play by their own set of rules and the Dems are powerless to stop them. One assessment is that she seemed “strong enough to back up Joe”; another praised her “professionalism”. The list goes on, but those are the big ones. Yesterday evening, my friend Terrie Turner told me about this post that Dan Rather put up on Facebook. https://t.co/NVHwrPTCGO. Losing an election could mean losing in a court of law. MOST OF THE EVIDENCE SUGGESTS MR BIDEN CAN COUNT ON THEM. It’s rare access to Dan Rather, who calls himself simply a reporter but is in fact the great interpreter of our time. He cannot lose, even if he has to cheat to win. But you haven’t acted as much or as decisively as you could have. Now they want us to believe that they don't approve of him again? Did all of it turn out perfectly? But so is the opposition. This is different from anything we’ve seen in this country. But it’s not an empty-headed optimism, it’s not “Oh, well, things are gonna be all right!” Things’ll be all right if we get ahold of ourselves and realize where we are. But when I say I’m at peace with myself, it’s that we reported a true story. Dan Irvin Rather Jr. was born on October 31, 1931, in Wharton County, Texas, the son of Daniel Irvin Rather Sr., a ditch digger and pipe layer, and the former Byrl Veda Page. They’ve had it. pic.twitter.com/59hFhiM1OT. Series of questions with right and wrong answers that intends to check knowledge, Dan Rather Says Republicans Are Worse Than Rats, What A Sight To See: President Trump Shares Aerial Videos Of His Rallies In Arizona.

The press was supposed to be only local friendlies, but Rather, the CBS White House correspondent at the time, was there.

If you honestly think this is truly clever and insightful, it shows you never understood some of the most important issues you were covering. The comment was likely spurred by leaked comments by Nebaraska Gov. But it ended the way it ended. ", “No, no, the answer is no.

This content is imported from Twitter. He graduated in 1950 from John H. Reagan High School in Houston. Six weeks after the death of Justice RBG, they are rushing to fill the vacancy — the epitome of hypocrisy. But they, as you say, kind of fall off the table in a day or half a day, or if it runs half a week, it’s a miracle. This obstacle can be circumvented for spending bills, when the House and Senate versions are “reconciled”.

As ever, you can reach me at jprideaux@economist.com. We are well past warning shots. It was interesting to recall, while Lexington was observing some canvassing of black North Carolinians last week, that only three months previously America had been convulsed by the biggest racial-justice protests since the 1960s. Only 8% of black voters say they will vote for Mr Trump; many of the rest are undecided and most likely to plump for Mr Biden. Former CBS anchor Dan Rather said the media needs to gather and report all the facts they can about the COVID-19 outbreaks, also known as the Wuhan coronavirus, and … And yet I was placed into that cauldron—mind you it was something I asked to cover. Dan Rather told CNN’s “Reliable Sources” that President Donald Trump is a “a combination of selfishness and stupidity.” By The Political Insider Staff October 12, 2020

CBS News had a long history of standing behind its reporting, even when the reporting was controversial, maybe especially when it was controversial, and even when the reporting had not been perfect. In his prepared remarks, Mr Esper said that the shipbuilding budget would have to grow from 11% of the navy’s spending to 13% ….. America now has 296 naval vessels. by Ruth Neuwald Falcon.In Coronavirus, Racial justice, Virtual community, Writing, Editing, Collaborating.4 Comments on No more time for silence by Dan Rather. Thank you for saying this. And to ask the more important questions of the day. Right now, all those seeking to defeat Donald Trump know winning a close election may not be enough. She added that laws can be updated by legislatures, and by constitutional amendment.

Trump is in danger of losing states that he should be winning handily. It could mean prison time and ruin. He was super cooperative, as evidenced by the “come into the bedroom, get a shot in here, that’ll get an audience.” He couldn’t help himself. Rather’s report alleged that Bush had been admitted to a special unit that allowed him to avoid service in Vietnam, and had then deserted with no repercussions, all thanks to political strings pulled by his father, who at the time was the ambassador to the United Nations and then the chairman of the Republican National Committee. You are one of few true journalists left in the media.

Failing that, what happens? “Donald Trump has himself defined the stakes of the election. In the case of women having the right to vote, that didn't happen magically. The death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (RBG) could result in the end of the ACA (Obamacare), leaving millions without healthcare insurance, the deportation of the “dreamers” (those who came to America illegally as children), Rov v. Wade (abortion rights), and the erosion of other civil rights. Universal health care and a transformative plan to decarbonise America’s economy would be out. That could make it harder to suppress their votes. THE OTHER PROBLEM IS MONEY. Source: https://www.upworthy.com/dan-rather-says-we-are-in-a-moment-of-reckoning, Brave words ! The result it has spat out — DEMOCRATS HAVE A TWO-IN-THREE CHANCE OF WINNING THE UPPER CHAMBER — SEEMED ON THE HIGH SIDE TO ME WHEN I FIRST SAW IT. What Donald Trump said today are the words of a dictator. the species …corV19-20-21, HOPE Turned Out Black Voters for Barack Obama. He hated the piece, which said: He says he’s running a presidential campaign, but basically what it is is a campaign to sell golf-club memberships and condominiums. We have a political crisis in the country, made up of the dysfunction of the Trump administration. After that, it was slow going, but there were efforts made.
RATHER: Well, this is one of the low points in American history. With journalists, there’s a tendency to say to yourself, Just stay in the middle and move with the herd. Thank you Dan.

Asked what would get her neighbours to the polls in numbers, Ms Perkins replied: “FEAR. Yet they are formidable voters. His image of himself was that he was a supersalesman. That’s one of the roles journalists perform.". But it was, one could argue, and I would argue, the most forward movement we’ve had on civil rights since Lincoln’s time. That’s what happened in the ’60s, partly because there was an opportunity in the wake of John Kennedy’s assassination, that we did have significant civil-rights legislation pass. I suspect he is doing this because he feels he needs to. At this shocking display of irreverence and jocularity, the crowd went wild with laughter. Chris Pratt Voted 'Worst Chris' in Hollywood Because of His Politics? “I’m sorry, baby,” said Ms Ellis, of Greenville Heights, to explain why she would not step outside.

Barrett obviously knows this, as an esteemed and popular law professor.

I have seen this country in deep peril, as the hungry begged for sustenance during the Great Depression, as the Nazis marched across Europe and the Japanese across Asia, as missiles were moved into Cuba, as our political leaders were murdered, as a president ran a criminal conspiracy from the Oval Office, as planes were hijacked into skyscrapers. Which he was. If you love what we do, please consider a $1/month donation to keep us live!

Survival of the most adaptable/diverse of Projections from the latest survey data suggest black turnout is on course to be nine points higher than it was in 2016. And at the very beginning, when people would ask where I was from, I would seldom say CBS, because CBS was sometimes called the Communist Broadcasting System, the Colored Broadcasting System.

The breaking news from the NYT today is that Trump has some of the best accountants and tax lawyers in the world working for him. And the polls are NOT the only things fuelling Democratic anxiety on this score. Republicans tend to ascribe it to leftist identity politics; it is more a defensive measure against a majority-white party that has often sought to repress their voting rights.

Rather speaks in short essays. Only now he’s on my screen, talking to me, wearing an olive-drab shirt with epaulets, which he could have been wearing in Kuwait or Johannesburg or the Florida panhandle during some 60 Minutes segment during the Reagan administration. These are valid concerns, which will not be fully allayed until the returns are in. That being the case, what he has to hope is that he can hire enough people who know how to do it. The two basic things were, did George W. Bush get into this so-called “champagne unit” of the Air National Guard as a way of avoiding Vietnam, through his father’s influence? ESQUIRE: The campaign is getting dirty—which doesn’t seem to be Biden’s nature. Also in this dangerous, explosive, toxic time, there are real and extremely dangerous external threats. Looking back on it, do I wish I’d been tougher? I always had it in my pack. "Who is going to check the narrative they’re creating for themselves?

ESQUIRE: These days, saying the wrong thing—something that comes off as offensive or insensitive, even inadvertently—can sink a person. This is a moment of reckoning unlike any I have seen in my lifetime. It is the same reason he sought dirt on Joe Biden, because he is deeply afraid of losing. “It scares me to think we’ve got a generation of young people watching his immorality,” said Ruby Perkins, a retired teacher, with a large “Thank you Jesus” sign outside her door. Former Vice President Biden has a lot of attributes that will stand him well in the campaign, but he is not a stand-toe-to-toe slugger.

That, just give me a chance with a potential customer and I can sell it. He cannot lose, even if he has to cheat to win. I know people get tired of hearing this, but [he shrugs] like every other journalist who’s worthy of the name, the purpose is: to gather facts, and analyze the facts, in order to get as close to the truth as is humanly possible. What Donald Trump said today are the words of a dictator. Which in turn could suggest it will not take much to stop them turning out in the numbers he needs. Afterward, Rather posted the following words of wisdom—and warning—to his nearly three million Facebook fans: There is no more time for silence.
If I were Joe Biden, I'd make a point of saying this. USA will survive but damage limitation is way The Russians have come up with a way of battling us which is new, different, doesn’t involve battleships and aircrafts and clanking tanks. pic.twitter.com/6MCq3C5ptq. He had covered the civil-rights movement and three assassinations (Kennedy, King, Kennedy).


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