comrade delta
The SWP leader at the centre of sex abuse allegations departs", "Why 'leftists revolutionaries' are not the best feminists", "Comrades at war: the decline and fall of the Socialist Workers Party", "Marxism and the Theory of Bureaucratic Collectivism", Incomes policy, legislation and shop stewards, "From the International Socialists to the SWP", "The broad party, the revolutionary party and the united front", "SWP and women: Countless zigs and zags over women’s oppression", "Hard-left violence 'hurting anti-racist organisations'", "The European Left and Its Trouble With Jews", "Hizbollah is right to fight Zionist terror", "Facts point to an unequal conflict in the Middle East", "Muslims and socialists: With friends like these", "Marxism 2003 – Rees lays it on the line", "Debate with the Restart the War Coalition", "Great opportunity to move forward in Scotland", "TUSC left coalition to stand in general election", "How did the far Left manage to slip into bed with the Jew-hating Right? Perry Anderson, New Left Review and Europe. [76] The faction agreed to disband after the party's January 2010 conference. what this means in practice may seem somewhat gross, ie some old crusty getting off with youngish women. The SWP also seeks to differentiate itself from other Trotskyist tendencies. Create a free website or blog at [55][56] In addition, the Muslim Association of Britain was accused of being a conservative Islamist body[57][58] sharing only anti-western sentiments with groups like the SWP and Respect. [92], A Disputes Committee document was discussed at the party conference in January 2013 about allegations of sexual assault and rape made by a 19-year-old female member against former SWP National Secretary Martin Smith, known as Comrade Delta. In the case of the Healyites, you can see why they go spectacularly bad. Practically everyone accepts that these things should exist and would be beneficial. With hindsight, Tony Cliff concluded that the years 1970–74 had been "the best years of my life". But a misdiagnosis of the problem sees people on the Irish left claim that if the Trots loosened up a little and did X, Y and Z, they would grow massively. Another article in The Guardian suggested that instead of actually dealing with the rape allegation, the SWP preferred to talk about its internal organisation, thereby protecting its leadership. She later wrote that "the various groups that had taken an interest in Stephen's death were tearing each other apart and were in danger of destroying our campaign which we wanted to keep focused and dignified", and Doreen and Neville Lawrence wrote to both the ANL and ARA to demand that they "stop using Stephen's name". [85][86], On 22 May 2010, around 100 SWP members disrupted negotiations between Unite and British Airways inside the Acas building, much to the disapproval of both parties. [95], On 10 March, a special conference was held[95] in which Seymour and Miéville's faction was defeated, and the central committee insisted the report about the complaint against Delta "that no rape had occurred" be accepted. The human race faces environmental destruction that could lead to extinction. But hang on. The ANL also received support from other Trotskyist groups and the Communist Party of Great Britain, who restrained their members and supporters from openly criticising the ANL. [6] In 1959, the first edition of Cliff's book on Rosa Luxemburg was published. It has a full-time apparatus to allow it to intervene effectively. This theory was summed up in the slogan "Neither Washington nor Moscow, but International Socialism". [6] Of particular importance was the Labour League of Youth; from the 33 members at the first recorded meeting, 19 were in the LLY.[7]. [7], With the Labour Party in power and many Labour members becoming disillusioned, IS started doing more work that was external to the Labour Party and ceased to practise entryism as a tactic around 1965. The SWP describes itself as a "revolutionary socialist party" and considers itself to stand in the tradition of Leon Trotsky. The ancient Greek generals knew that a small number of soldiers organised and trained to fight in a phalanx, a tight formation of spears and shields, could see off an enemy many times its size. The Socialist Workers Party (SWP) is a far-left political party in the United Kingdom. the lack of democracy in supposed alternatives to the undemocratic political mainstream. ( Log Out /  In 1965, an article in Labour Worker said: "Obviously Marxists should take those positions which give access to the direct workers’ organisations. Standard. Now the question is the violence of the SWP, arguments between the police and the SWP about who is to blame". But in the wards and GMCs the practice of buying the right to discuss politics by over-fulfilling the canvassing norms, should cease or be reduced to the minimum". Kidron would further develop the theory in his Capitalism and Theory.


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