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But what exactly was the K1 supposed to do? There was a host of Italian componentry, including the Marzocchi fork, FPS wheels and Brembo brakes. So many reviews of motorcycles nowadays include some variant of “it feels lighter once you start moving.” The K1 is not one of those bikes. It was and STILL is special, with tons of character and flash. Claiming a slippery coefficient-of-drag figure of just 0.34, at a time when 0.50 was considered good for a motorcycle with a prone rider, it was designed to make the most of the relatively humble 73.6kW (100hp) on tap. The ride position is definitely in sportstourer territory,  with a fair lean forward to the handlebars. All Rights Reserved. The new bike, despite appearances, is a much more aggressive package. The lack of comfort isn’t just while you’re stationary, either. Bottomline is that 'controversial styling' and 'automotive crossover bike or not', this machine is an amazing/unique brute; an interesting 'period' engineering study and a real neo classic ride -- whether you're into "old" BMWs, Ks, Rs or not. The handlebars were at a good sport-touring height, not too low, but the footpegs were set rather far back, more than 5 inches farther than on the sporty K100RS—very un-BMW. For our first video, Adam brings you along on his Sunday ride on a BMW K1: This is the same bike that I did a “Back in Time” Review of, as well. A visual knockout! It could have been much faster too, as, in the late 80’s when the type was first introduced, BMW were adhering to a strict 100 horse power limit to promote rider safety. In L form it carries a topbox, a slightly bigger fuel tank and, more significantly, every electronic gadget the company can throw at it. No big deal in Germany, but in the US the disparity was obvious. Most manufacturers sold full-output machines in other markets and limited them when necessary. The bodywork styling and graphics were -- and still are -- rather striking, "loud" and trick/futuristic. I bought it for $6K in late '02 and sold it for $6.5K in January of '06. Could you imagine what an M-division version could do? My experience with other BMW “sportbikes” like the R1100S led me to believe that the K1 would be relatively spacious despite its sporty pretensions, but it’s not as comfortable as I was expecting. In Reviews by AbhiJune 18, 2020Leave a Comment. K1s are somewhat isolated in the market at the moment: they’re not as valuable as early 90s exotica like a Honda RC30, Harley-Davidson VR1000, Ducati Supermono, etc. The K1 really shines at sustained 80MPH and into century territory. It's a high speed Autobahn cruiser stealth bike -- a nice open road/vista express touring GT bike on smooth straights and high speed sweepers. 2020 KTM Duke 200, What Do You Want To Know? If you wanted proof of how far motorcycles have come in the last two decades, a couple of laps of Phillip Island on both these machines would do the job. You know those stories where someone loses one of their senses and the other ones become more powerful? And BMW claimed less drag on the K1 design than on any other mass-produced motorcycle. I also own a 88 K100RS and I can tell you the K1's 4-valve engine DOES have more grunt and response than the early two valve K bikes. 55 to 60 MPG easy. [CDATA[ The effort for building a machine able to challenge japanese ones was the target for BMW. The K1 feels sparse and from another era, beside its giant sibling. Mine is the more 'subdued' Blue/Yellow ("Swiss") model. However, it’s better at tight corners (though far from ideal, thanks to its length and size) while being an absolute jet on an open road. Sales still remained slow, the K1 being just too different and expensive. This was the biggest thing to me – the BMW K1 is a weird combination of perceived exclusivity and actual practicality. The "brick" has 4 valves per cylinder, and computer controlled fuel injection. The inline, four-cylinder engine is held back by the overall weight, its powerful and torquey on paper but in use has more than enough work to do with little left over to impressive with. If you think back to 1988, the BMW range included an R80GS, three R100 variants (RS, GS, and RT), the K75S, and three K100s (RS, RT, and LT). [dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/BMW K1/”/], #mc_embed_signup{ clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; } You know, as lousy a bike as the K1 is I miss mine. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-1165795938432431"; google_ad_slot = "2850159095"; google_ad_width = 728; google_ad_height = 90; Really, it was set up for touring with a credit card and toothbrush – unless you ordered the accessory soft luggage set. I got to spend a couple of hours with a BMW K1 this week, and while that isn’t enough time for a comprehensive breakdown, I thought it’d be nice to mix it up from the usual reviews of brand new stuff and reflect on a classic. The bike is still fast, but in a smooth and controlled manner, only a glimpse at the speedo will give the game away as with the fairing keeping the wind blast off the rider, and the engine spinning away so quietly, there are few other tell tale signs as to what’s happening in the outside world. Comfort is good – the suspension is compliant and the seating is supportive. Owning a K1 today does elevate you into a rather special club, BMW didn’t churn them out by the bucket load, making any survivors today quite rare and, with few other machines making such a first impression, you are guaranteed a crowd gathering whenever one is parked up. It's just meant for YOU -- the serious performance sport tourer -- to savor alone while traveling light on some medium distance adventure. If high speed and unshakable stability are in your bag of requirements then the K1 should tick all of the boxes, bikes do not come any more stable than this all enclosed Beemer.


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