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Most of the scripts were feature length screenplays at 120 pages approximately but I found a little sliver of a script that looked different than the others. Just to make sure I feel a little off balance. Find Josh at or at Canter’s eating a Little New Yorker. Year Artist Album Title Sales . My first job was working for a behind the scenes company that did things like electronic press kits and “making ofs” that was associated with DreamWorks. At the end of the day, he was the person in a showrunner capacity who would have final say and would have final word…using Final Draft. He put a lot of trust in us to try to realize Electric City. I never knew this about you. On one hand, you have companies like Netflix and Amazon that are using robust broadband and using their installed customer bases from their legacy businesses. July 15, 2016. Josh Feldman is a producer and writer based in Los Angeles. DreamWorks had just transitioned to an all CG infrastructure. That film [Koreatown] that I made many years later, while already working in the industry, but as a kind of hobby short film, ended up being more well-received than others that I spent a lot more money on, or required tons of actors or more production. From a company that started when I was in junior high school all the way through college. Maybe you want to leave the pickles out. And I’m also working with them on some of the stories for their narrative games. DreamWorks split into different things and that was all very educational for me. “Koreatown was a short film comprised of black and white photos, mostly of me, but it ended up being a more effective story.”. I ended up performing monologues which was a great forcing function in constructing narrative with a minimum amount of resources. I think fortuitously, from a young age, I was becoming aware of the possibilities of how different forms of media can create and affect an emotional response. He is an Executive Producer, leading television development for Telltale Games. That’s my own philosophy. I would always try to recreate those things at home, in our basement. Looking for something to watch? J: I ended up writing for The Hollywood Reporter for a little bit. You can be both purposeful and clumsy. For even more, visit our Family Entertainment Guide. I want to talk about when you visit with film students at Ithaca College [where Josh got his undergrad degree]. Looking for a movie the entire family can enjoy? Josh Feldman Producer / Director / Content Innovator, Josh Feldman Television Producers in Johannesburg South Africa I think I was eager to do that — can I move back in front of my Little New Yorker now? But it wasn’t a financial pursuit. However, his role in the film was uncredited. Josh then produced a live action/video game prototype and creative strategy for Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment's hybrid game/series, Quantum Break. Writer/Producer. They’ve partnered with Lionsgate and they have some aspirations at looking at other forms of linear entertainment; looking at the nexus of gaming and television. Just to make sure I feel a little off balance.”. I, along with some of the other younger members of the office, were able to energize the pursuit of creating this thing, Electric City, working with Tom. But it’s also great to hear where their heads are. The narration was so good, you forgot you were looking at mostly still images. Joshua Feldman, Writer: This Close. But there are brilliant, incredible artisans in every facet who may specialize in one area and don’t feel the need or have the desire to want to explore the other facets. You mean professionally? I don’t want to oversell it. You want it to be exciting. A: I mean you’re doing the thing you set out to do. J: As Electric City started to come closer to fruition, more people became aware of it. It exposed me to artists that I had never heard of. How they told stories with the architecture. But I’ve come to appreciate the small things and not overlook the journey. I think the best days are ahead in terms of the gravity of the subject matter, ability to evoke themes, mood and emotion. Not appreciating the circumstances I was in; looking towards the future without realizing that living your way to the future is the only way to get there. I was able to be exposed on set, in the office — to all manner of filmmaking. which is available on his YouTube channel.. Born Name. A: Speaking of understanding, I have a couple questions about grad school. Josh Feldman is an American actor, director, and a producer known for his role as Carter Reynolds in Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups. “I applaud the willingness to embrace the technological capabilities of the platforms of tomorrow but don’t forsake the journey of moving images that got us to this point.”. And it was always the sense of control, being able to manipulate the senses with how lighting is designed and how….Thank you. A: Actual rides or puppets or what? I loved seeing movies. A: Ok, after Electric City, you got involved in Halo, which was outside of Playtone, is that right? I interned for a company called Thinkwell, which is a theme park design company so I was able to kind of live out that…. You’re still dealing with sound. Either side is an entry point for existing filmmakers to put their toe in the water. A: Yeah, go ahead and eat your Little New Yorker. Deluxe                       Producer/Co-Writer                                  200,000 worldwide. From "Veronica Mars" to Rebecca take a look back at the career of Armie Hammer on and off the screen. Few of his interests include food, sports, video games, and flying a plane as a co-pilot with his father. J: My DJ company evolved into sort of a commercial audio company, commercial installation company which I operated all through college. Josh Feldman is an award winning and multiple nominated actor. Study the medium and understand the history of filmmaking, understand Italian neo-realism, understand French New Wave, understand different evolutions and revolutions in the field, artistically. 2020 The Used Heartwork Producer/Co-Writer. I was also very interested in environmental storytelling. That’s not to say that every producer should also know how to write or that every director should also know how to act. I’ve always been interested in teaching and I’ve taught courses. 2011       Red Jumpsuit Apparatus    I am the Enemy                                  Producer/Arranger/Composer/Eng... 2011       Get Scared                          Best Kind of Mess                              Writer/Producer/Engineer/Mixer... 2011       Allstar Weekend                 All the Way                                         Producer/Mixer/Composer                      300,000 sold, 2010      Allstar Weekend                 Suddenly Yours                                   Producer/Mixer/Composer/Vocals         100,000 worldwide, 2010      Good Charlotte                   Cardiology                                          Writer                                                         Gold, 2010      Four Year Strong                Ememy of the World                           Mixer, 2010      Plain White T's                    Wonders of the Younger                    Writer                                                         Gold, 2010      Neon Trees                         Habits                                                 Writer                                                         2,000,000 singles, 2009     After Midnight Project        Let's Build Something to Break        Writer/Producer/Engineer/Mixer, 2009     Saosin                                 In Search of Solid Ground                  Writer/Producer/Engineer                       100,000 sold, 2009     Hedley                                The Show Must Go                             Writer/Producer/Engineer/Mixer             Multi-Platinum, 2008     Cute is What We Aim For   Rotation                                              Writer/Producer/Engineer/Mixer             100,000 sold, 2008     Josephine Collective         We Are the Air                                    A&R/Producer/Engineer/Mixer, 2007     The Veronicas                    Hook Me Up                                        Writer/Producer/Mixer                             2,000,000 worldwide, 2007     City Sleeps                         Not An Angel                                       A&R/Producer/Engineer/Mixer, 2006     The Matches                      Decomposer                                       Co-Producer, 2003     The Used                            Maybe Memories                               Writer/Producer/Mixer                              1,000,000 worldwide, 2000     Mest                                    Wasting Time                                     A&R/Producer/Mixer                                  500,000 worldwide, 1999      Showoff                               Showoff                                              A&R/Producer/Engineer/Mixer, JOHN FELDMANN        Wikipedia Page.


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