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However, Radford expressed that the main characters are not always fully developed.[56]. Together with our friends from around the back yard, we explore, invent, have fun, and sing. They have a daughter named Julia, and have a second daughter named Jude in All Together Now. We live in an overgrown backyard filled with fun, music, and adventure. He is always trying to speak in foreign terms. Jay seems to relate to her. [46], More than 1000 people were involved in the production of the show, including a worldwide team of writers and animators in Australia, Los Angeles and Vancouver. When Dr. Robert returned, Dr. Elle nous en dit plus sur les personnages de la série animée, représentés par une colonie d’insectes : limace, papillon, abeille… Cette vidéo nous montre des petites créatures débordant d’énergie, vivant au rythme d’une musique joyeuse et dynamique. He is best friends with Katter and Millie. [2] Johns and Wakely had previously worked together on a musical short film which Wakely wrote and directed. Additional episodes entered pre-production in 2018. She moves into a house next door to Walter. Il a fallu trois ans à celui-ci pour acquérir les droits de ces chansons[5]. She teaches the bugs to see the beauty in everything. The second season premiered in November 2016 on Netflix and 7TWO, and was followed by a 48-minute special in November 2017. [4][40][42] He said, "people in years to come will talk about the Beatles like we talk about Shakespeare. The series also received some negative comments. Crédit Photo: Beat Bugs – Extrait YouTube. Geoff the Cockroach (Peter Kelamis; singing Dave Faulkner)[22] is an opportunistic roach who acts like a sleazy business man. He stated that the message of the song "All You Need is Love" was the main idea he wanted to portray.[2][4][5]. Il intègrera de nombreux titres des Beatles, pour permettre à la jeune génération de découvrir le répertoire de ce groupe légendaire. [69] The release featured all of the songs performed by the guest artists in the first season, compiled on one soundtrack. [40] The deal reportedly cost an estimated $10 million. "Beat Bugs: The Complete Season Two" was made available on iTunes on 18 November 2016 at the same time as its Netflix premiere. He roams about the yard and, while not necessarily mean, is shown to be rather dangerous to the bugs as he tends to attack and play with them. [33] They were once identified as the Hendersons. Les premiers épisodes seront diffusés dès l’été prochain. [1] The series is centered around five young anthropomorphised insects who live in an overgrown suburban backyard and learn life lessons while having adventures. Ce groupe, qui a su marquer plusieurs générations depuis leurs premiers tubes dans les années 60, reprend donc vie pour le plaisir des enfants et des parents ! Le texte est susceptible de contenir des informations spéculatives et son contenu peut être nettement modifié au fur et à mesure de l’avancement de la série et des informations disponibles s’y rapportant.La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 26 février 2020 à 01:39. La plateforme Netflix rend ainsi hommage aux quatre célèbres musiciens, à travers Beat Bugs. He typically sells homes to the residents in the backyard, implying that he is a realtor. [52][41] Reporting for Common Sense Media, Emily Ashby said "this unique series borrows some of rock-and-roll's most recognizable lyrics to help tell its gentle stories and teach excellent life lessons", commending it as a series for parents and children to watch together. Le texte est susceptible de contenir des informations spéculatives et son contenu peut être nettement modifié au fur et à mesure de l’avancement de la série et des informations disponibles s’y rapportant. Une première bande-annonce de Beat Bugs a été dévoilée le 10 février 2016. She is named after the Beatles' secretary Freda Kelly. [2][5] It wasn't originally planned to produce Beat Bugs in Australia until Beyond Entertainment allowed Wakely to do so. The 3rd season premiered in November 2018. They live in the "Big House" at the edge of the backyard. The program f… He cares a great deal for his grandmother, Granny Bee (Nicole Oliver)[20] who was once a famous TV chef known for her honey pie. [40][42] The second season also debuted on 7TWO on 16 November 2016. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (feat. Créé par Josh Wakely, le feuilleton d’animation est actuellement en préparation. Mr. Mudwasp has also been identified as Baz.[34]. She is a very ditsy slug that shares many similarities and differences with her twin brother. Wakely acquired worldwide rights from Sony/ATV Music Publishing to a catalogue of music by the Beatlesto feature in the series. We are the Beat Bugs. Season 2. He only communicates with the bugs and provides comfort to everyone by spraying water. They always seem to be angry or annoyed at everyone, possibly because they are constantly used all the time and are treated more like objects. He gets along with Geoff the Cockroach. Robot (Peter Kelamis; singing Ev Jones)[30] is a special robot that Crick built to help his friends while Dr. Robert was on vacation. He can be playful with the bugs, but sometimes feels that they like Mr. Sun more than him. The show, running 60 minutes, was written by Sean Cercone and David Abbinanti. [46], A new compilation album, "Beat Bugs: The Best of Seasons 1 & 2" was released physically and digitally on 4 November 2016. Despite a few kinks here and there he has proven to be efficient. [5][43][47] The episodes were a given a provisional classification of C (children's) in Australia over 2014–15. Postman Bee (Brian Drummond; singing Wesley Schultz)[19] is a bee who, as his name implies, works as a postal worker. Sia All You Need Is Love. Source et légende : version québécoise (VQ) sur[6]. Mr. Mudwasp (Andrew Hansen; singing Daniel Johns),[32] a wasp, and working man who lives in a hive that he is constantly renovating. Early Wednesday morning, Netflixposted the first season of Beat Bugs, a new animated series for kids that adults might also be interested in. He stated the music of the series is "forgettable, but inoffensive", however added that the songs are incorporated into the episode narratives "with grace and skill". Sia) Sia. Select album below to view music listing Season 1. [63][64] The free-to-air broadcasting of the series moved to 7flix in 2017 to continue airing repeats. [4][40] Prior to its premiere, on 27 July 2016, the series was renewed for a second season to debut later in the year. Critics praised the concept of reimagining Beatles songs for a young audience. Beat Bugs generally received favourable reviews. [48] The first season premiered exclusively in Australia on 7TWO on 25 July 2016. [59] Beat Bugs was also nominated for five 2017 Daytime Emmy Awards in 2017,[60] and won the Emmy for Outstanding Writing in a Preschool Animated Program. Blackbird (Bethany Brown; singing Sia, Regina Spektor, and Jennifer Hudson)[31] is a bird that always has her head in the clouds, both figuratively and literally. Mr. Moonlight (Robert Alexander and Charles Demers)[29] is Mr. Sun's nighttime counterpart.


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