amc the machine for sale

The Sc/Rambler Rambler I bought was all there, but THERE was in back seat/trunk.
Yea 19 large is amazing if its true- neat car with the 4 speed, you could leave the 360 kelvinator mill, build the 390?? Tho please no smaller side windows!! With it’s Rebel name, i would have liked to have seen 1 of these on the Dukes of Hazard, but no jumps please! You should know that.”.

The concept may have been a little late to the party by 1970, but it oozes cool today. This is a solid example so you may rest assured no one in their right mind will leave that 360 in place. Notify me of new comments via email. Nice find but hardly worth current bid without the Machine 390 and shifter. Compared to a Rebel, those Chargers are pretty flimsy. Rare 1970 AMC Rebel Machine 390 One Year Only Production. Funny I was thinking of the same thing, a Rebel Machine and Hurst SCRambler.

A stock SC/Rambler was going to beat a Machine every time unless the SC/Rambler driver was incompetent.

1970 AMC Rebel MACHINE RWB Hurst 4-speed 31,000 Original Miles!! There’s no mention made of its condition or potential to run. RULES: No profanity, politics, or personal attacks.

Mind you today’s drivers would find steering those Machines without power steering a challenge.
It might be the underpad. When I worked in field service I had my head on a swivel anytime I went out. Love the period-correct orange-yellow fog lights. Still to do it right you have a lot of bodywork to do and restriping. Mount a dash tach and new shifter and you have a enhanced interior. This and the orange controls box, sompin bout hemi and thats al I know bout ’em. I owned one.

At nearly 20 grand this is top dollar for the times. The grille is the wrong style the original has a red/white and blue strip and the grille has no chrome it was all black. This one has what appears to be an after market set of second generation of stripes on it and for a change they were installed correctly but with mistakes in the actual graphics.

It built some of the best muscle machines on the road but still had to fight the “old school marm’s car” attitude. So the dealer service bays were considered extensions of the factory floor.

Bumper laws AMC dropped the project.

I personally own a 68 Rebel SST because the roof line on the 70 is ugly. Pat’s brother laid down the most beautiful paint I’ve ever seen, including pin stripes which most people don’t know about! I guess we will never see any AMC dynacorns. There is some rust in the usual places so there is no point in attempting to pretend a cheap makeover will do this car justice. The floor mounted shifter is not the correct style and the transmission tunnel has been modified to accommodate it. The “white” centre stripe was not white. chrisful..Yeah, actually saw one(well, just body shell) at the old AMC HQs on Plymouth Rd. No Machine owner ever forgets how truly comfortable to drive these cars are. But after being in your garage for a while, your garage smells like a Rebel Machine. But once you built up your arm strength to normal rather than sedentary, the steering was fine. It’s hard to determine from photos, but I’d be curious to see if a very thorough cleaning and replacement carpet and dash could give this interior a “new” feel. Meanwhile while my Dad was visiting my Uncle he spied a primer blue ’69 Rambler American—OR so we thought!

Good that the claimed original (no way to really validate that. The accepted reason the Charger was used in the Dukes of Hazard was because there were so many available to destroy. Like I said on the Rebel post, there are probably more clone “Machines”, than original ones. Oh yeah. 1970 AMC Other The Machine Additional Info: 1970 Rebel Machine. There was a old Rambler in someones back yard, and that was the first time I took a liking to them.

It was tilted on its side at one of blgs. Also, the stripes are spaced too far apart. More than Camaro i bet. I’ve liked the Machine’s since not long after. Big day for AMC fans, neat one here and as I said about the 360SC Hornet, something you don’t see everyday……unless of course you own one. There were never enough Machines to be able to readily procure them for the stunts. Cheers So keeping track of the numbers has been reduced to a letter and an internal document. Kind of funny, the ’70 Rebel featured a while back, can’t get a bid, and this at $20g’s. The wealth of information you guys bring to the table is astounding. With power steering, the car was matchless because they were so well balanced. in Detroit back in late 1970’s? Multiple AMC owner here including a pair of SC/Ramblers in A and B scheme,along with many other brands.Really nice,correct Machines go for 25-30k all the time.This one is 40 grand from that point.Worth saving of course,but not at this price . Was the Machine or SC/Rambler ever featured in any movies?

Been a long time since I had my AMC’s, but if I remember correctly, the AMX 390 had an X in the tag on the valve cover, and the Machine 390 is a Y . Mine was a bit higher mileage. There is no documentation for this but when the time left to build and the factory’s ability to build the cars are factored together you soon realize that 1,000 cars that fast was not physically attainable. A bunch of us came out of the coffee shop and looked at it. I hope this car gets restored back to its original and well-deserved glory…. Cost?/ I traded a solid 360 1970 AMX, PLUS a 1965 GTO Convertible , original tri-power, 4 spd. I’ve long respected AMC – always seeming to effectively make the most of what little they had. None of that really matters anyway. Perhaps buyers heeded AMC’s disclaimer: “If you have delusions of entering the Daytona 500 with the Machine, or challenging people at random, the Machine is not that fast. His was his first car, bought in ’77(? I remember a guy showed up in town driving one of these back in the day. Their cars were a mess after the crash landing. ‘B’ Scheme. He did move away but I didn’t ask or check the mail box for a forward address…..that was in the early 90’s and his car hadn’t been trashed – and my favorite color !

I always thought these were neat muscle cars. I've restored multiple AMC's. Then there was that robin’s egg blue 65 Impala near Norwood, North Carolina. 1970 AMC Rebel Machine No Reserve Auction !!!!

With Group 19 parts installed, the horsepower went from a modest 340 to 472. Think you can get some goodies for these like aluminum heads. It resembles the first gen nova but I know is much more rare than any nova!! They’re out there, you just have to take the road less traveled to find the real treasures! Rancho Cucamonga, California, United States, Moultonborough, New Hampshire, United States, West Hartford, Connecticut, United States, Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, United States, 1970 AMC Rebel The Machine Rebel The Machine 3784 Miles White Coupe 390ci/340hp. but wouldn’t say how much..OK At 340hp, this car had the most powerful engine that AMC ever produced (the AMX 390 only made 315hp). They all have a certain smell too that occurs in no other car. It was there for a few years–Gone now!! Mike H. Nice rides got to love the patriotic paint scheme!! (well, the eagle awd models and the pre minivan the mpv Summit – that’s more my speed). in the huge, nearly abandoned complex. I have owned 3 machines and been into AMCs since about 14 years old (40+ years.). Heck, the wheels alone are worth the current auction Probably one of the nicest original Machines out there. Not a fastback and it reminded me a little of a ’67 SS396 Chevelle. .) While the similarly attired SC/Rambler was a hit, this was kind of the answer to the question nobody asked. Great patriotic statements both cars pictured above are. The heads were done slightly different also in the early Machines. There are no after market pieces that are original and the head liner will drop and sag after the doors have been opened a few times. Neat car, but if it were me I’d prefer to have one of the 1,512 SC/Rambler’s, preferably in the ‘B’ Colour scheme. Had one RWB, in high school, my buddy had one too.

I have owned enough A MC cars to know. Stick a 401 in it or keep the 360, but it’s not worth 20K. It still looked like grandpas Rambler, a tough image to shake, if ever. You’ll definitely be unique at the local cruise though :). AMC did a lot with minimal real estate and personnel resources. Paint is in bad shape, pitting, blemishes, scuffs, dings, small rust holes as seen in pics, discolored and thin in spots.

Which is the most accurate is still a hot topic for debate but ultimately irrelevant now. In fact, when AMC attempted to send a second generation Javelin to CARS magazine for testing, straight from the factory, without going to a dealership for completion, the car fell apart to the extent that CARS magazine refused to test any more AMC products. Makes me wonder, just how many old cars with some degree of collectability (or at least interest) are out there, hiding in that neglected garage down the street or in that forlorn barn out on the county road? The reason it’s fantasy is that so few Rebel SSTs and base line Rebels were built that they are much rarer than Machines. The most exotic one was a Chrysler 300C with the factory dual-quad 392, located off US250 in Pruntytown, West Virginia. That means there are no more than a few hundred still around. It was beige. He still has his, & my Machine 390. 1970 AMC Other Rebel Additional Info: Rare 1970 AMC Rebel Machine with 30,450 original miles. Saving grace it has the Machine wheels, hood, and air cleaner flapper. All Rebels, Matadors and Ambassadors used the same tank. I guess I’ve switched allegiance on this. engine comes with it, sad that the engine is incomplete. Mine turned up untouched since ’83. So body parts typically come from 4 door sedans. Luckily the front fenders from 67 – 70 were identical except for the marker light opening and drill holes for chrome trim on the SSTs. Sure! Solid Patrol Project: 1969 Nissan Patrol 4×4, 5,646 Mile 1992 Pontiac Grand Prix Richard Petty Edition. Description for AMC Other 1970: This Machine has been restored to as close to the condition that the factory in Kenosha sent it out the door on January 22nd 1970. That’s how you know the stripe kit on this car is not original. The cars were in different classes due to weight. The interior is claimed to be original, but, as the seller suggests, needs attention. I’ve never been able to figure out what causes it. Luckily the air cleaner is there. MB If a pos shell rusted out Cuda, Charger, Camaro is worth way more what this is selling for then you don’t get it. Even today, braking and handling are still current. He was proud as punch that he’d worked the oil rigs, scrimped and saved, and bought the car with cash. CFJ. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'barnfinds_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',134,'0','0'])); Seemingly sensing a need for a performance-oriented intermediate car, AMC’s development of the Rebel Machine resulted in just one year of production. Still kicking my as for letting an Orange Machine slip away but the guy did say he wanted to keep it for his boys. © 2020 - Find your dream car, Moultonborough, New Hampshire, United States, West Hartford, Connecticut, United States, 1970 American Motors Rebel SST Machine Donor, 1970 American Motors Rebel Machine 6.4L 4SPDnumbers matching rotisiary restored, 1970 AMC Rebel The Machine Rebel The Machine 3784 Miles White Coupe 390ci/340hp.


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