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Adam asked Sage to help him get back to his family, but Sage injected him with a sedative and promised he could see his family again soon. Adam showed up drunk and announced to everybody how much he loves and appreciates his wife, staring straight at Chelsea. Still, Vic began to go by the name Adam Wilson, angered that Victor abandoned him as a child. Billy shows up, and Adam thinks Billy knows the truth, he starts to apologize to Billy, but then Billy is mad at about something else, and maintains his cover. Adam invited Chelsea and Billy in for a few drinks while standing up since he didn't have any furniture yet. Anita was flattered by him and Adam offered to buy the cupcake for her and paid in a hundred dollar bill letting her keep the change. Adam yells at Victor for abandoning him, and never being good enough for Victor. He told Adam to come work at Newman in exchange for his freedom. Adam shoves Ian against a pillar. As they call 911 to get the Jaws Of Life, the car suddenly bursts into flames and explodes in a fiery inferno. Calvin died later that night, and Nick pointed the finger at Adam while Adam accused Chelsea. Dylan questioned Adam about why Sage called him just before the accident. Ashley along with Sharon Collins are both locked up in the same mental hospital. She discovers that an order for a discontinued perfume that Skye always wore was sent to Hawaii, so Sharon went to find her. Adam and Chelsea give into passion, and make love. However, TagNGrab goes under, and Adam focuses his attention on Newman Enterprises. Adam and Chelsea teamed up with Alyssa to investigate the night Alyssa died. Bell as the son of Victor Newman (Eric Braeden ) and Hope Wilson (Signy Coleman ) and was introduced on April 24, 1995. However, it's the exact opposite. Vic thinks of Cliff as his father and is resentful that Victor would "abandon" his own child. Sage was stressed out that she told Nick they were just friends, how will he react to this? Kevin shares information about the license plate of the hit & run driver, and when Billy sees Adam's SUV, he finally puts the pieces together. Chloe then pulled a gun on Adam. Chelsea and Adam wondered if Sage had found out he was Christian's father. Adam appeared at Chelsea's door giving her a bottle of wine for her and Billy to share on Valentine's Day. Sage was angry and argued with Adam about picking out the furniture with the designer. 's body. He left town after his recovery, and he visited Hope in Kansas. He admits he wants to repair his relationship with the Adam, and offers to help him leave town before the trial. When he heard from a friend that everyone in Genoa City thought he was dead, he decided to stay in Kansas with Hope. Soon accepting Victor's offer to return to Genoa City with him and work at Newman Enterprises, Victor Jr. – now going by "Adam Wilson" – insists that it is merely a career decision and keeps his distance from Victor. Adam said he believed that was what they refer to as calling your bluff. She says she wants be with Adam, but it hurts too much. Victor and Hope found out that their baby could inherit Hope's blindness, and Victor urged Hope to have an abortion. The Young and the Restless Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Billy asked to talk to her in another room, and he stated he's wondering if she even wants to get married. Adam offered Connor some words if encouragement and when got off the phone, George said he would tell them what they want to know, admitting he had a change of heart after he heard Adam comfort his son. Hope and Victor divorce that year and she later returns to Kansas insisting that Victor stay out of his son's life. Sage and Adam return to Genoa City where they talk about Constance and Adam's plan to get revenge on Victor. Adam is deeply hurt by Sharon's exit and he finds himself drowning in his own misery when a woman named Chelsea Lawson comes into his life. Adam also started having someone try and locate Chloe alive, who was assumed to be dead, but Adam’s associate found Chloe alive and well. Chelsea talked to sage about how good Gabriel is, and Sage implied Adam has feelings for Chelsea. But when the truth is revealed Billy confronts Adam and the two are involved in a car accident. Victor sighs that Adam doesn't really know him at all. Ian rages that they finally beat Victor after "getting kicked in the teeth" constantly, and that Adam is just ready to forgive and forget. Eventually, she walks in on Adam kissing Sharon. Adam burned the letter in the fireplace. Adam went to the roof of the Athletic club, and met with Kevin. He agreed to let Chloe go if Kevin worked for him. Adam agreed, but it was obvious that he still loved Sharon. Later in jail, Adam breaks down in front of Victor. Eventually, he and Adam got into a confrontation and Simon caused the hotel to lock down. Chris Engen (2008-2009) Michael Muhney (2009-2014) Justin Hartley (2014-2016) Mark Grossman (2019-)Dane West (11 year old via flashbacks)(2020). In the end, Adam makes a deal with Constance and Sage to go back to Genoa City for a day provided Sage goes with him. Adam plays up his role as Gabriel to give Constance some final moments of peace. Montalvo died. Adam pretended to be a sad jilted Gabriel and told Chelsea that Sage is having sex with Nick Newman. Adam stuns Ian by declaring Victor is ten times the man Ian is. Chelsea became really concerned with the type of business Victor was involving Adam, and became more and more suspicious, so Adam finally told Chelsea that he was Christian's father. Connor returned to town from Summer Camp and after learning Adam was alive, demands to see him. The couple learn that Connor will need a conrea transplant to save his sight. Nick ran into Chelsea at the Athletic Club and started talking. In 1993, business tycoon Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) left his life in Genoa City behind, and he was presumed dead. Luca approached Adam with a partnership, saying they both want to be free if their fathers and run their businesses legitimately, but Adam was double crossing Luca and relaying information to Victor. After Chelsea leaves, Victor comes back and demands Adam fulfill his end of the bargain and stop the Paragon Project. Adam introduced Sage as his "girlfriend" and Chelsea mentioned they met before. However Billy overhears them and discovers Chelsea cheated on him. Nine months later, it is revealed that Adam was saved by a man named Gabriel Bingham. After Nick is taken away in an ambulance. The man gives Adam the photos and promises he will see them in person soon. She confessed that she hadn't really forgiven him and that she did frame him. Adam learned Chloe had returned to town, and immediately suspected that she had set him up. They leave town and spend a night at a hotel. Chloe visited Adam, and he accused her of setting him up. They also questioned Adam about the night he was presumed dead. Adam is cleared and Adam and Skye start a new business. Billy asked "Gabriel" why he got a job at Jabot. He convinced Ian not to go after Chelsea's clothing line, but then Ian only created more problems for Adam by relocating across the hall from him. Chelsea tells him she and Connor are still leaving. Chelsea left and Nick asked what Gabriel is to her and she stated he's her husband. Victor and Hope's romance was cut short when Hope revealed that she was engaged to her longtime friend, Cliff Wilson. Adam resisted and eventually went into hiding. Skye said she knew he'd come back. Adam was taken to the hospital, and allowed to recover from his injuries, before being transported to prison. Victor demanded that Adam return to Genoa City. She cannot overlook his involvement and leaves him. Adam asks Chelsea to make sure Connor knows it wasn't his choice to not be apart of his life, and that he will always love them both. In August 2020 Adam had flashbacks to an event that happened when he was 11 years old. Adam runs to protect his father and is shot in the back. Adam does as she asks and admits to Sage that he has grown fond of Constance. But he supposedly didn't do it alone, he had help from his "dead" ex-girlfriend, Skye Lockehart, who faked her own death because her gambling got her into trouble with the wrong people. Damage to his lungs causes complications and coma. Adam agreed with Chelsea's decision, but wanted to see Connor one last time. Adam comes to visit Chelsea at her office to discuss designs and he is happy to see she has brought Connor. Adam asks Nick to be a father to his son, and Nick encourages Adam to fight for his family. In May 2019, Mark Grossman took claim over the role, receiving his first credit as Adam on May 9. Sharon rushes in and Faith asks to go home with Sharon, so Nick reluctantly agrees. Phyllis and Sharon investigate and find that Adam met up with a man and a child shortly before his death. In 2012, Adam lost his sight due to Patty throwing poison in his face. Believing that no one could survive the freezing temperatures, Adam is declared legally dead, but Chelsea refuses to believe that Adam is dead and asked Victor to help her find out if Adam is alive or dead. Adam left town two years after his birth and was raised in Kansas by his mother, growing up without knowing that Victor is his father. Billy stated after he got out of the burning building, he realized he wants to spend his life with her. Chelsea confronted Sage when she returned to her home. © Adam attempted a heartfelt apology to everyone present, and then Chloe appeared out of nowhere. Upon arriving, Adam was treated with hostility and suspicion by his siblings and Billy. Adam pleaded with Chelsea not to turn in him, and begged her to let him be a father to Connor. After a year in the role, Engen announced his exit from The Young and the Restless because of objections over his storyline, and Michael Muhney was recast in the role. "Victor" started taunting Adam, and when the guard informed Adam that Chelsea had come to see him, Adam imagined Victor telling him that Chelsea had found a new man "Jean Pierre", and was moving to Paris with Connor. He first agrees but Jack's decision to leave Newman Enterprises and place Adam in charge results in his desire to stay in order to prevent his father from regaining control of the company. Their son, who is now known as "Vic," arrives and is shocked by his mother's dying admission that Victor is his father. Once back in Kansas, Hope revealed to Victor that she was a virgin. Adam knows that Victor is just doing this to gain control of Connor. When Chelsea leaves, Adam picks up Connor, gives him a his toy car back, and gives him a kiss. Adam hires a maintenance man to plant a camera over Connor's crib, so he can watch Chelsea and Connor. Actress History: Signy Coleman (1993-1997; contract, 2000, 2002, 02/2008, 08/2010, 12/2010& 02/2012; recurring), Beth Toussaint (07/2006-08/2006; recurring) Chloe hits Mariah over the head with a glass bottle and flees. Adam heads to his old penthouse to see Connor, and Sage calls Adam to tell him to come home because Constance is dying. A homeless man claimed that Adam had escaped from the wreckage with his clothes on fire and had taken a shower to clean himself up. In 2009, a pregnant Ashley begins hearing a baby crying on the ranch, and begins finding objects seemingly left for her by Victor's ex-wife, Sabrina Costelana Newman, who was pregnant at the time of her death.


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