1964 studebaker truck

Any products which have been  damaged or modified by the customer will  be considered to be non-returnable. Note that this product is not intended for T-Cab type "Dodge" boxes. { Today, such bodies made of fiberglass and composites are still gaining acceptance, with the steel service body remaining the norm. [Previous 5 Sites | Front fenders, hood, deck lid, and sculptured roof panel sported new sheet metal, and the result was a handsome, crisply styled car, bearing little resemblance to the earlier models. An additional restock fee will be assessed on any returns that must be re-worked by us in order to be resalable. $99.99. 1963 Studebaker Transtar Starmaster Pickup The 1963-model 8E-series trucks went into production on August 31, 1962, after the Studebaker truck plant had been shut... More Add to Favorites More Email alerts available. Our die stamped C-Cab rear valance panel is an exceptional representation of the most common valance used by Studebaker. 1" roll-up which will get you above the typical step-tread rust line. Orders that are to be shipped to foreign countries, Alaska or Hawaii will require a special shipping quote and are not to be placed on-line. { Designed at a time when Studebaker's truck line had not seen major upgrading in over 10 years, the company, which had endured years of declining sales, was forced to use a number of existing components. Our panel overlaps at the center which was typical of the Studebaker box floor. Next | We have very good quality rear fenders available for your Stude pickup. Driver side with license plate bracket as shown.

} The top edge is left unfolded to allow flexibility in fitting. "); TURNER A 10% restock/transaction fee will be deducted from any standard refund. Studebaker Truck C Studebaker Truck C Cab Door Access Cover Set Left Right 1949 1964. We will also provide you with further ordering information at that time.

Any vehicles made after 1964 were built in Hamilton and not in South Bend. alert("Please enter at most 256 characters in the \"UserTel\" field. The only modification that we have done is to eliminate the dirt catching holes in the inboard face of the panel.

Foreign can be placed on-line if we are to ship your order to an address anywhere in the USA. Driver side with license plate bracket as shown.

Other manufacturers took until the late 1960s and early 1970s to follow the Champ's lead.

One window could be opened until it was flush with the other.

theForm.UserTel.focus(); The inside edge has an approx.
THANK YOU! We will then provide you with a shipping quote according to your shipping preference if you have one. Our Floor Panels are 22" wide and extend from the firewall seam to the cab corner in length. This table attempts to document the existence of all Studebaker truck models from 1930 to the end of production in 1964.

www.ClassicEnt.com For your fastest service. alert("Please enter a value for the \"UserTel\" field.


*Special Shipping Surcharge applies.

All other curvatures are formed as necessary for ease of fitment. Our spare tire well is a very good reproduction of the original and can be added to any standard passenger side C-cab Stude R&E series truck rear fender or any Stude box T-cab Champ rear fender. Alert me by email if a price drops or a special offer is available. This helped with ventilation and access to the front of the cargo bed without leaving the cab of the truck.

Our detailed representation of the conical upward indent in the forward middle of the panel, which was original to the Stude floor, is necessary for proper fit floor clearance and an authentic appearance. "); Contour formed front fender patch of exceptional quality in properly gauged steel. If left unchecked, it can be extensive and very costly to repair, if it is repairable at all.

If your order does not arrive within 20 days of order placement, give us a call and we will check the status of your order or furnish you with a tracking number at that time.
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In such cases our standard shipping charges will apply. Top credit card security is strictly maintained by us. 1963 Studebaker Transtar Starmaster Pickup The 1963-model 8E-series trucks went into production on August 31, 1962, after the Studebaker truck plant had been shut... More Add to Favorites More


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